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Dead Like Him

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Published: December 26, 2005
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This is a Christmas gift I did for one of my best friends, commemorating the times we've spent together watching imho, one of the most awesome television shows in quite some time, Dead Like Me. Rube is undead. Merry Christmas, and fuck Showtime for canceling it. If you haven't seen it and would find an irreverent comedy about grim reapers the blast that I do, the first and second (final) seasons are available on DVD... I swear I'm not working for MGM.... :D

PS: A few memorable quotes from Rube
"What you're feeling right now -all the rage and frustration binding everything from your head to your digestive tract- that's my life with you."
"Ah, fuck that bullshit, they can blow me. "
(When asked if he cares about George: "Sure. You make my face look like this and concerned words come out. "
"Stealing candy from children. Challenging. "
"I do not say this phrase lightly, in this hallowed place. This is fucking inedible."

[It's not so bad, being dead like me]
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wickedwizard1991Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love how it's made of post it notes,this show was great.
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EerenProfessional Digital Artist
Great! I adore Rube!!! He's great!
And your work is awesome!
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mollz89Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really hate that he wasn't in the Dead Like Me movie. he was the daddy of the group :'(
I didn't like having a different Daisy either...
TheCrazedPoet's avatar
TheCrazedPoetStudent General Artist
cooles i love rube hes the best ><
londonfire's avatar
Good work. I wish it wasn't cancelled. Greatest show ever.
ScabbedAngel's avatar
This June or July they're coming out with a new DLM movie :)

Although Mandy Pakatin isn't going to be a part of it, which is a bummer. :(
londonfire's avatar
Really? that's so awesome.
that sucks though, he should be in it.
vincentvw's avatar
Awesome piece you did. Shame they canceled the show indeed! It is great.
ScabbedAngel's avatar
*I wake up in a rage every day thinking about it ;) Glad you liked it!
ShinjiTakamine's avatar
Wow, I just recently watched the two box sets with my friend and I have to say I'm obsessed. <3 Rube is my favorite character. *lol*

I love the post it note effect. Nice touch.
ScabbedAngel's avatar
Thank you :D

I am quite enraged that showtime canceled the show. At least we have the dvds, eh?
ShinjiTakamine's avatar
No problem.

Yeah...that's right though, my friend and myself...we were pissed when we found that out. .__. Why is it that they like to cancel all the good shows? But yeah. DVD's. *lol*
wolvychick's avatar
aww rube...i love rube. rube is great. me an' my sis scream 'RUBE' at the tv whenever criminal minds is on. anyway, great picature.
ScabbedAngel's avatar
Mine too... well whenever we're watching DLM anyway... ;) Glad you like it, thank you :D
ofxmyximmortalxsoul's avatar
This is fucking awesome.
sussure's avatar
sussureHobbyist General Artist
i've always prefered mason, and his british accent !!!
ScabbedAngel's avatar
:( But Rube is so badass! :D
sussure's avatar
sussureHobbyist General Artist
yeap but mason he's drunk most of the time that makes him cute!!!
BrideMorbida's avatar
Whoa, we actually got this show in Sweden... :0
Well, used to.
I remember wanting to see this show whenever I saw this picture just to see what it was like, and looking back I've realised I actually have. XD

I loved the brittish guy... XD But I can't remember his name. ^^'

An awesome fanart by the way :D
ScabbedAngel's avatar
'Twas Mason. I was so pissed they canceled it. :lol: I'm glad I'm free advertising. Heh :D
FIDoAlmighty's avatar
Well, I thought I sent a comment earlier, but apparently DA crapped out. Any way, I love this bit of fanart not only am I a Dead Like Me fan, but Rube was my favorite character. So, good job. I really like it.
bandaidsandbikes's avatar
mason and rube are probly tied for me.. cuz mason made me lmao too
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