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Big Man

Oil, ink and so on. Let me know what you think... despite my geometrical handicap, I think the 'stang turned out pretty well. Hope you enjoy.

"Me and my fucking gun
Nothing can stop me now"
"Big Man with a Gun - Nine Inch Nails
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i want to know oil for what and wich tipe of papper you use please :)
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Looks really awesome, great work on the character design!
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Thank you. I've been looking into the past works in my mind and found him again. He's going to be making his debut in a story called "Red Handed" in SHORTS+GOGGLES Issue 1 on soon.

Glad you like.
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Turned out awesome man. Love it.
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Thank you! I'm considering a second one of this character, and perhaps a mini comic too.
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I wanna' see it! Well, If you do make one that is. It would be nice to see.
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ha, I saw "big man" and thought "trent?" and yes! excellent work, I love everything you've put here. its got a real power to it. reminds me a lot of the dark Judge Dredd comics i read as a kid, excellent!
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:lol: Well Trent V. 2007 would have to be bald with 600 lbs of muscle in his arms alone... Maybe this should be a new piece? ;)

Thank you! I've been meaning to do a possible followup to this one.. I feel there's still more to say about that hardcase and his Mach 1 Mustang. Thanks again :)
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Perfect work! Intense shadows!
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I vote for this one!!!!!
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:clap: looks great to meeeeeeeeeeeee :excited:
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This is amazing. You're so very talented.
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Coming in a little late in the game, but I simply had to comment.

This is a beautiful piece, really striking. You have an amazing talent.
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I appreciate comments on all my works :D It's a nice suprise to see them on older works, tells me there's a validity perhaps in them. Also that someone is nice enough, and interested enough to look through the gallery instead of just the main page. Much appreciated, glad you did. Thanks! :hug"
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My pleasure. -Smiles-
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Very nice style here!
Great job :)
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Yummy. I wanna do him. :hump: Him and the Stallion of Persia. At the same time.


Very nice. Love the muscle definition and the wrinkles in the clothes.
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Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it :D
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thats hot. i love the style. it rocks, well done!
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Very nice, its got great style
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:jawdrop: hehe, woops. ;)
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