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The crime in my minicity is reaching its highest peak. People are throwing stuff in the windows, its a riot im telling you. Only YOU can prevent such chaos by clicking the following link;


edit: switch the link for population. Cime rate is now at 0%!!

...oh also btw...drew a picture of an eldred space deckhand, repairing an engine room.

-Evil robot games
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I want to see more of this.
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A Darrien crewmember from ,Traveller' RPG game?
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Great picture, it reminds me of playing a repair focused engineer in the Alternity tabletop RPG.
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SteamHead1880Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what a fantastic setting, a real behind the scenes pic. I love it!
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the coloring on this, also great use of perspective...
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Love the expression on the mechanic's face. Sheer concentration makes me smile.
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Joey1058Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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thelastmushroomStudent Traditional Artist
I love grungy sci-fi stuff like this and tough girls :D This is really beautiful!!!
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wookwhoHobbyist Digital Artist
im just throwing this out there but she looks like a lombax like ratchet if you actually know what im talking about.
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darth-biomechProfessional Digital Artist
She is so cute...
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aiowa-globetrotterStudent Writer
Absolutely fantastic :dance:
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LOL. I know you.

I stumbled upon this while looking for source images for the insides of Turikasuul ships.
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lol!!! Statically, its pretty impressive.
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DrOfDemonologyProfessional Writer
This is really incredible work. Not only for your wonderful art style, and the amazing amount of detail, but the lighting is really well done. Also love the character, she looks awesome :D
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cool pic - i like the green tones you've used : ).
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I wish I was better at drawing space stuff and tech images like this.
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WIshing is not enough ;) grab some tech-related pictures as visual reference, and draw as much as you can, till it gets natural.
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Good idea! Do you know of any good reference I could use?
I unwisely started a space web comic a few weeks ago, I'm getting close to the space battles.
I'd be greatful for any help. :D
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Well, before your throwing some spacehip on a comic, make sure you design them first, apart. You could start by drawing profiles, making sure the sihouette look good, and then work out one quarter view. You sould'nt use NASA stuff as reference for that , tough. You'll have to look up for few sci-fi related ships, not to be copied off from but to be inspired.
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Thanks, I'll look up some scifi ships and do as you suggested. ^^ thanks for the help
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radu-jmProfessional General Artist ++++! another awesome one!!!
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very nice
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Amazing! I'm trying really hard to create more pieces with characters interacting with their environments, so this piece is definitely an inspiration.
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thnaks alot. Your quite an inspiration yourself. Luv the realism you put into the characters, and yet remaining stylistic.
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