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Random Space Platform Structure

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i dunno whats this, but is so cool :D
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Totally envy people like you who can spawn awesome mechanicals like this
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I would too if they could actually "spawn" it. Im just making it look easy.  Thanks buddy!
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let see a platform raiser a engineering bot a smaller platform raiser a signal outpost and a teleporter
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totally enjoyable. I wish I could work doing this kind of stuff dude!
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Gracias senior. 
Pretty sure there's tons of game producers wishing you work that kind of stuff of them too!
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I hope so! anyway, you'r work is stunning. I'm in love with it for so many time. I wish I could reach your level man. I am wondering how many time did you spent in each of this concepts?
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Maybe  4 hours per concept. I sink alot of time in the concept phase. But rendering isometrics is pretty smooth. You can re-use lots of texture and parts since the perspective is universal.  No es tan impresionante!
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is the skills, the profesionality, the concepts itself, and the final result what amazes me. You think it's not so impressive, but seen from my point of view, it is. Thnks for sharing the times, it really helps me to figure out some tings. I guess you are working at a studio, or company. This is exactly what I would like to do.

Actually I started working for an ios games canadian company. So, I think I'm about to work in an isometric game. I want to do backgrounds + props. They hired me to do characters and machines, but I also want to do other stuff.

Thanks for the information. I really admire your work. This tinny concepts are just awesome.
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