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Kaean Ship

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I have little knowledge about this ship's purpose except that the creative director wanted it to look like a robot hand's.
I like to think that it could hold onto small asteroids.

Done for the world of Carpe Chaos. An online graphic novel.
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NOW THAT looks like  a mining ship :D Kudos to you good sir.

Getting a ship that looks rugged, and plausible is a nice trick :)
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very cool much much
Nod Nod Nod Nod Nod 
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looks like a hermit crab
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Wicked desin here! :D
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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Id love to see that one as an endboss in the next starfoxgame!^^
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Great design and workmanship :D
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Cool Design! looks amazing, Love it :D
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Good design. I like the really hard functionality of it.
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A cheap but efficient tug, suitable for hard working. You can take a lot of iridium with this :)
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thanks ! it's a good job !
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Yep, yep, thats a Fav alright. I have always enjoyed the more industrial side of sci-fi design. Warships are cool and all, but ships like this just have such a style. Of course that is largely due to your own skill in this case, but my point stands.

That said, you will let us know when said web comic comes on line riggghhhttt?
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ohh yah. Ill make a shiny Journal just for the occasion.
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The power core certainly sits in an odd configuration.
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Hmm, looks like a ship that attaches itself to an asteroid and then hollows it out for minerals :)
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big fat motherfucking Kaean fucker!!! :D

Love it!
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looks amazing, your previous kaean design is incredible too. what kind of a game is this? i hope it would be a fps, or some kind of space simulator. flying those things looks like such a blast.
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not for a game at all actually. Its for a huge webcomic that will be online relatively soon.
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thats a shame, hopefully one day this comic will be made into a full feature game. it definitely has better design (as far as ive seen) than most current games.
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crab-bot! i want to do battle with it!
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Looks totally sweet as always
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