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Brazilian Cyber Slums

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Just some old school cyberpunk-ish background I had the chance to work on. Roughly inspired from Brazil.  It wil be used for a card game mat. 
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So a distopian place where few people rule everything using technology?
That's today's Brazil.
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If our slums really become like that one day, it will be truly remarkable kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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Wow, you're awsome man :)
Good job
I loved your style
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Looks very nice, but a bit too clean in my mind.

'Course, I think things aren't dystopic enough most of the time anyhow.
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Reminds me of Glasgow Scotland. Cool image. I love the depth that all the layered elements give. :D
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Wow. Truly amazing how you captured the dystopic feeling of this scene. Truly amazing. :D :D :D
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Holy, epic-ally magnificent! These Brazilian Cyber Slums are stunning and The Spaceships look incredible! The buildings, skyscrapers, architecture, city lights, atmosphere, textures, neon signs, sky, stars, birds, composition, concept, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Wow thanks! Giving me a nice little boost this morning.  
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I really like this. As a Brazilian I can say that you perfectly represented the inequality that probably will exist for much more decades, with the big buildings representing the riches and with the slum dwellings representing the majority, the poor people. This is a scene that probably will exist someday.
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Thanks.  Brazilians have good spirit though. They won't take this kind of bullshit much longer.  So let us just hope this scene will remain Fiction. 
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Yeah, we already protested many  times, but it doesn't work because of the vandalism and disorganization. Many people benefit themselves with it and steal shops, sell drugs and those things. This can only be changed with education, but to get education we need to stop corruption, and to stop corruption we need education... It seems to be a vicious circle.
But you're right, we need to have hope! ^w^/
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Idk if education stops corruption, the spirit of greed affects anyone that would give into it
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I really like it! If I stare intently at my PC screen, I almost feel like I'm there (though I've never been to Brazil, and I've never been to the future).
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Well sounds like you found a cheap way to travel, lucky you! 
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I really like this illustration! As most futuristic landscape I see hehe
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Well that stuff never gets old. Thank you!
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This is freaking awesome!
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You're very welcome m'am. 
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