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~ a note for my viewing friends... I truly appreciate your views and faves! If you 'fave and run' (as I often do), please consider this your 'THANK YOU!' (I try to thank all, but sometimes don't make it...);
I know if you fave it, you like it...and I appreciate it! I do try to answer all comments/critiques...
who has enough time?...
:thumb74999496::thumb91318608: dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Fave and Run Stamp by 1footonthedawn
:thumb58016716: It's Okay to Fav and Run by TricksyPicksy Thanks for visitin by k-nelo Thank you for the favs Stamp by violetsteel
also, no need to respond to my comments left, but it's always appreciated!

Thanx again, my friends! S. :earth: :floating:


If anyone should happen to be interested in posters/prints, mousepads, mugs, skateboards, shoes (Keds), cards, etc. with my art, please visit one of my other sites linked here... Also a nice 2009 Fractal Art Calendar...maybe check 'em out... Serious Fun Studios - fractal art images & products* Fractal Art Prints & Products by SBricker @ Zazzle… fractal art by SBricker @ RedBubble (NEW - in process...)


check out this master musician, Roby Deaton, and his amazing work...… "Pikes Peak Tribute (Sound and Sight)"- a full length video of a concert performance of
'The Sentinel' from his CD "Colorado Elysium"...Nice! MYSTICIMAGES ~ main website with samples of all his CDs' tracks


it's Cindy the dog!...
Cindy the dog 01 by SBricker Cindy the dog 02 by SBricker I smell lawn rats... by SBricker
'Cool Breeze'-Cindy the dog by SBricker 'Electric Eyes' by SBricker Cindy at Cove Creek' by SBricker
'Happy Dog...' by SBricker 'Cindy Goes to Maine' by SBricker Food Now? -Cindy the dog- by SBricker
This page is happy dog approved! Click for a bigger smile from Cindy!
Paw prints on your heart by Vhazza Artists for Animals Stamp by ArtistsforAnimals
(it's amazing the quality of furry friends one can find in shelters...)

The Animal Rescue Site

:heart: a simple click through will help furry friends in need...
it's easy, quick, and no bull***t involved...:heart:


ZIP Code List click for a Google map of the last 100 visitors


howdy friends! I have been wondering what is the optimal compromise of displayed size of devs to get the max viewing size, while showing the entire (or most) of the work w/o scrolling...what is your screen size?
(there is supposed to be a poll showing, if I got this right...)

I'm Starving Buy My Prints by tynana:thumb63772001: Cheshire Cat II by renatalmar
:thumb79693964: Stamp Maintenance 1 by MyStamps 'I support what I want' by Feniiku
Churchill Quote by holls I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2
Life by TheArtistDarklady Love is all you need by TheArtistDarklady

Mature Content

STFU Stamp by urnightmare
Rock Concert Movement 237 by NinthTaboo
Openminded Stamp by ChaoticGoddess:thumb70741242: Stamp : Be nice or shut up by Crysthal:thumb86604639:
Sunny Stamp by bandit4edu -Tag Free Zone-1 by KenSaunders Evil Monkey Stamp by lockjavv:thumb82825496:

Error by TheArtistDarklady can't fix stupid by barefootphotos:thumb69335441: No Badges Stamp by NinthTaboo
Make Art by Felix-the-Great stamp for peace by kailor:thumb33157081: Think Free by AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub
Question Authority Stamp by BuckNut Love Not War by Jenna-Rose::thumb95761301:
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I completely understand Scott, I am always miles behind, and often have to do collective thanking in my journal.
God knows how people with kids and jobs do it, I am retired and spend hours and hours and hours here on DA almost every day, and I STILL can never keep up :phew: :):) :heart:
SBricker's avatar
pretty damn addictive, isn't, who needs sleep!?
this journal posting was actually a mistake; intended to just add a few new stamps and accidentally posted it instead (a 'senior moment'?...D'Oh!!)
even falling behind on viewing/commenting on devs...(even yours, jeeze...)
have been thinking about starting to post journals & features, know nothing about CSS & can't even get some stamps to post...having horrible bug probs with v.6- lost main page thumbs/gallery tab for a couple days; reappeared when I posted new image; & a bunch of other probs with mess center,comments/responses in journal not showing, etc...
not sure I could take the frustration...aaaaaaggggg!
and I don't even have too many must be absolutely inundated!
all that being said, I always really appreciate your kind comments!!, S :hug:
Thelma1's avatar
Heehee, it definitely is, and I'm always saying I wish we didn't have to waste time eating and sleeping :laughing:
Umm, can't say I've ever done a journal by mistake....yet, but there's always time :giggle::giggle:

I've just been catching up on a few of my devs, but I find I have to fave and run on almost every one these days, I can only find time to comment every now and then :( And I have around 1200 messages, haha, its a losing battle.
I've often thought about doing features, but I never seem to find enough time, I don't know how others do it, I really don't :phew:

Ooh, and don't talk to me about DA bugs, this site has been a bloody nightmare the last few days. My whole print shop kept disappearing, just when I was trying to fill it with new stuff :rage: absolutely NOTHING was working right, and I know some people's galleries had disappeared too. As much as I love this place, it drives me crazy when it's messed up :frustrated:
It's hard enough keeping up without the site going bad too.
Ah yes, I seem to be permanently overwhelmed, as I have over a thousand watchers, and I watch almost a thousand too :omg:

I've never been bothered about the CSS thingy by the way, maybe cuz I've seen too many that look poor, and some are hard to read too :shrug: You can still do features though, but you probably know that :)
Oh dear, it's 3-30 AM now, so I suppose I'd better go to bed in a minute, before I fall asleep over my keyboard haha :hug: :heart:
Oh and thanks for any recent faves and comments, just thought I'd add that while I'm talking to you :D :D
SBricker's avatar
whoa...a thousand watchers! that'll teach ya for being so good...heheh
sounds like my probs were sall compared to yours (rarely check my prints gall)

when you read this, either good morning; or good night...S. :floating:
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Wow, it's a hello and good 'evening' from me !! I slept in REALLY late today, then I had visitors, and now it's time to get my dinner and there's a programme I want to watch on TV....ahhh, so my day has almost gone already :(:(
Eeek, I'm sure someone stole a few of todays hours from me haha :laughing: :laughing:
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it's becomming more a like JOB sometimes....and that's no fun! ;)
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Its so hard to keep up!!! Some of the people I watch have been "carpet bombing " this week and on the same day as each other Aiiiieeee
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heheh...this is one of those oops! kinda things...meant to just update with a few new stamps...posted it instead...senior moment? Been thinking of doing features of people that have been nice enough to give me exposure (and others, of course), but how do people with a job find the time....? I have NO knowledge of CSS

got a response from the 'help desk' (ha!) that basically said 'we already know about that issue'; directed me to an entry that said the same...NO help...

you're right, just TOO huge...maybe if the split off the porn, 'fan art', anthro and the my space type stuff, etc.; ... uh oh...think I've hit the 'old fart' stage...
davincipoppalag's avatar
Hahahah yea... lol You don't need CSS for features.. just copy the thumb numbers and post in the journal
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