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'Light of Anra'Anna'

“The return to Sanity and Peace is not to be seen in the image of just one man, no matter how whole a Being that may be…when there are enough ‘whole beings’ acting as a Whole Being in unison, then Love will be born again as the child of that collective Being of Light…we are all cells of that Being, if we choose to be…there are already more than enough of you, you just need to care to be Light, to shine Love, and be One…......” {Anra’Anna}

{see the ‘angel’ in this?...many forms; many levels; many mediums; many ways to glow, and show our Love in Action… Peace to you}

Any kinda symbolic language ya wanna use to be it, do it; do it right, do it Light… here’s one man’s contribution….
Have a listen to this very fine classic tune by the amazing Roy Buchanan…when I was a senior in high school (70/71),I saw him at a tiny little music club in downtown Washington, DC (US) called ‘My Mother’s Place’...absolutely amazing…more music than I knew what to do with then, but now I have an idea…

The Messiah Will Come Again written and performed by Roy Buchanan...[link]

just a smile, just a glance
the prince of darkness
he just walked past
there’s been a lot of evil
there’ve been a lot of sayin’
but this time I’m gonna tell it my way:

There was a town
Strange, lonely little town, they called ‘The World’
a lovely, lovely little town
‘Till one day a stranger appeared
And their hearts rejoiced, and the sad little town was happy again
But there were some that doubted; they disbelieved, so they mocked him
And the stranger, he went away
Now the sad little town that was sad yesterday
is a lot sadder today…

I walked in a lot of places that he never should have been
But I know that the Messiah, he will come again…

{and then, amazing guitar….}


Apophysis 2.08 – 6000×8000px

thanks for the look and listen, my friends! Peace, all…
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BEAUTIFUL! I always appreciate 'Light work' I am drawn in by the flow of energy and the inward motion of your most creative image.
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Beautiful Scott!!!
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Great Roy
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This is a beautiful piece ... I hate that thing in the middle. It takes away from it. You can watermark them with your own image on bottom or hidden. I wish dA would make new ones and let you choose them if you desire to use them.
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yeah, i totally agree...just started adding that tonite, gonna remove it from all, really craps out the image...have had some stuff stolen...check back in a couple minutes for a better view of this, I want this one clean...
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Honey they will steal it if it haa a watermark or not.
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yeah, so I hear! Haven't seen one yet that doesn't crap out the image...oh well...
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Unless you are willing to hire a hit man to watch your art .. then leave it on there. Oh man!! LOL
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