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November 22, 2011
hulk by *warlordwardog

Compliments of the suggester: "What really blew me away about this art is the simple gesture of the little girl. Hulk is a character that's pure emotion, and to see his unadulterated rage countered by a small child's unconditional friendliness speaks volumes and leaves the viewer just imagining what will happen next"
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by JZLobo
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A quick picture of hulk I had whipped up.
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Proof that Hulk is not a savage beast.

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"Big green man stop being mean?"
"Hulk... will stop! And Hulk is sorry!"
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A magnificent job
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Wow!! Compliments!! : D
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WOW, you just got a mention from Lou Ferrigno on Facebook for this amazing work! Congrats!!
SBraithwaite's avatar
wow thanks for telling me
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Amazing. Do you do superhero requests?
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It's a beautiful picture. 
awesome great work 
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His work is fantastic! Congratulations!
i want to make a draw (3d effect) , from hulk breaking my wall (to put on my suplemment store) , you can do it ? and price? 
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Thanos: You can offer no amusement for me. I have no use for you.

Officer Carlie Cooper: Please! I have two little kids back home!

Thanos: Then it is unfortunate that they shall be raised without a mother.

*Thanos vaporizes Officer Carlie Cooper, leaving nothing but a charred skeleton behind*

Bruce Banner: How dare you...HOW DARE YOU! Casually murdering a defenseless woman just because he can't put up much a of fight against you! Is this all just a game to you? Do you think human lives are just toys to you? YOU...DIGUSTING...BASTARD!

*Bruce Banner screams as he transforms into the Hulk*


Thanos: Finally, a real challenge!

*Hulk runs towards Thanos, and they start trading blows*

*Hulk kicks and punches Thanos, and Thanos kicks and punches Hulk*

*Hulk grabs a lamppost and smashes it against Thanos*

*Thanos sends an energy beam at Hulk. Hulk is kocked back, but quickly gets back up*

*Hulk grabs Thanos, and throws Thanos against the wall of a building*

*Thanos uses telekinesis to smash Hulk around*

*Hulk uses a sonic clap on Thanos*

Thanos: Well, this certainly has been amusing, but I think it's fair to give others the chance to entertain me....

*Thanos waves his hand, and Hulk is turned back into Bruce Banner*

*Bruce Banner runs away*
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Excuse me, this clip is your fandom or it is really exists in comic book ? thx
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The feels bro. THE FEELS. I think I've fainted. 
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I saw this in a game or episode, do you know what it's from? I forget :P
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wooooow! he looks amazing!! Loved how emotive is this work of u :clap:
Goodday I need hulk commission
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Very very nice!!!
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Hulk, the monstrous hero
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