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Friendship Games Part 4


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Friendship Games Part 4


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The Timeless #1: The Third Millennium Introduction

THE TIMELESS #1: THE THIRD MILLENNIUM Introduction "Mister Carlisle, could you tell us what it was like back then?" An eager child asks. Alec sets down his tablet after reading a news article. The date on the article says "November 22, 8175". He smiles as he puts down the tablet and nods. "Sure. It wasn't the best time for the United States, but we had been through worse." Alec answers, leaning back in his recliner. The year was 2016, the people of the United States had enough of the petty squabbling between their Republican and Democratic leaders as well as the stranglehold their lobbyists had on the country and the people expressed their

The Timeless 1

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SKC 1: The Cadamian War: Part 1

The Shadow Killer Chronicles Episode 1: The Cadamian War Written by: Scott Bloom The Shadow Killer Chronicles is the story of a man who works with a government agency and a group of scientists to put an end to a war that's been raging longer than our universe has existed. All places and people are fictional. The entire scenario is also fictional. If part of this is true, then I would be shocked. Initial Comments: Hi, my name is Scott Bloom. First, I'd like to thank everyone who supported me before I began this project. My parents, without them, I wouldn't exist; my brother, without him, I wouldn't be who I am today; and my cousins, some t

The Cadamian War

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Character Profile: Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson “Well, that was fun.” Age: Late twenties Born: London, England Current Residence: Seattle, Washington Employer: Universal Security Organization (USO) Role: Head Field Agent Coordinator Marital Status: Single Car: 1962 Ford Thunderbird Fighting Capabilities: Highly skilled with pistols, limited hand to hand Favorite Sport/Team: N/A Favorite Snack: Ice Cream Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Gin and Tonic Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Tea Favorite Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy Favorite Lunch: Hamburger with fries Favorite Dinner: Fried Chicken Favorite Bands: Kansas, Frank Sinatra

SKC Character Profiles

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Absolute Zer0 Universe Timeline Written by Scott Bloom Note: The Timeline will be amended after a new title in the universe is released. All modern dates are in Common Era, not Anno Domini BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO: The sole resident of the Point of Origin, Ouroboros, creates a pocket dimension dubbed the "Dark Realm" and creates Leopold Gentoo to maintain the dimension and to conduct experiments that could be beneficial to any future life forms. Leopold's primary method of communicating with Ouroboros would be at a temple in the center of the realm. FIFTEEN BILLION YEARS AGO Leopold Gentoo, with the aid of Ouroboros, creates three beings: C

Absolute Zer0

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MLP MST3K - 201

MLP MST3K Season 2

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MLP MST3K - 301

MLP MST3K Season 3

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MLP MST3K - Season 4 Opening

MLP MST3K Season 4

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MLP MST3K - 501

MLP MST3K Season 5

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MLP - Equestria Girls Movie - Part 1 MST3K


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Transformers Prime MST3K - 101

Transformers Prime MST3K

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Transformers Prime MST3K - 209

Transformers Prime MST3K Season 2

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Transformers Prime MST3K - 301

Transformers Prime MST3K Season 3 and Movie

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MST3K - Castlevania: Hymn of Blood Part 5

Misc. MST3K

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R.D. Reads Derpy's Guide to Being Derpy - Volume 3

Rainbow Dash Reads

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The Misadventures of Leon and Ryan: TiE Promo 1

Trouble in Equestria Promos

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SimCity Classic 1080p

VMWare Desktops

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Pay Table WIP

MLP Slot Game Mock-ups

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LEGO Digital Designer - Mario Model

LEGO Digital Designer

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First Time Drawing

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Noteworthy Faceset

RPG Maker VX Ace Facesets

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MLP RPG Maker Charset 1 - Adults

RPG Maker VX Ace Charsets - dshou Style

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RPG Maker VX Ace MLP Character Generator WIP 1


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