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Bomberman - Smashified [TEST]

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So, this is my first time testing out the Shape + Pen Tool, alongside using textures. Such as using the denim-like textures and the polyester for Bomberman. I know this is not the best, but I'm still new to using Photoshop for art. Opinions and critiques would be very helpful!
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So I'll start by saying you've got a pretty good grasp on imitating texture, and you seem to understand where things like wrinkles belong on a design like this. You also seem to be able to replicate the shading on various individual parts of the subject, so that's definitely a good start!

Being able to replicate shading is an important skill, but you'll be held back until you have a good understanding of lighting. Being able to interpret how a subject is lit is a huge part of creating convincingly 3D forms.

The tendency is to shade various shapes closest to the outermost edges of a shape, which is commonly referred to as "pillow" shading. This gives off the impression that the light source is directly in front of the subject—almost like somebody took a photo with the flash on. This isn't as aesthetically pleasing as a light source that's off to the side and more above the subject, which is a more natural context that we're accustomed to seeing out in real life.

I would suggest, if possible, to set up your own lighting references in a controlled environment to get a good idea of how light illuminates a subject. A great way to do this is with a desk lamp and some modeling clay. Even just making a REALLY rough simulation of your subject under a controlled light source can give you a good idea of whether a face on a 3D form should be lit or shaded.

Eventually, you won't need reference to know how to light your subjects, but just having the experience of imitating a real-life subject is extremely helpful.

Hopefully that helps a little bit. =) I'm hoping to start putting together some help videos for people who are looking to improve!
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Funny thing was, the textures were the hardest part!
And as of the lighting, I was a bit rushed and sloppy for placement. The upper-body mostly shared a top right for being the source of light. But when it got to the torso and shoes, it was centered within Bomberman. Alongside that, I was lazy with the pink balls and copy'd-pasted them into their respective locations.

I've used to draw all the time with pillow shading, and it was meh. I've gotten a lot better (since I've used that shading style as a kid) with my shading, style, sleekness, etc. 

I never really thought about using clay for making a model and using said model for lighting reference. Mostly because I don't have the porper materials to make a small clay figure LOL. 

But for real dude, thank you so much! I'm also attempting to do the menu screen and character selection. Obviously, Adobe After Effects and Premiere is a lot more complex and useful compared to Sony Vegas Pro 12, but I've made some great stuff with it. And thank god I used Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool SAI for art!

Thank you so much, dude! :D
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