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I've finally gotten the all clear to post some of my work from the past year with Digital Extremes!  A few are from a cancelled Halo DLC map pack which was going to involve a bunch of remakes.  Then there was a small contribution I got to make to the Halo 4: Champions Bundle with the Promethean Spartan armor.  Lastly there's some of my more recent stuff for Warframe which has been revealed in their biweekly twitch-cast.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, otherwise enjoy!
Hello everyone.  Just trying to gauge interest to see if people want me to start posting my life paintings that I regularly do (2-3 times a week usually).  Most people seem to dig my more fan art related, sci-fi and the creature stuff... Just curious!

Also for anyone who's interested I now post quite regularly to a tumblr feed located here:
There's lots of nudity on it so you've been warned!

So a year has passed and I'm taking a break from the games industry as I start to rework my portfolio.  Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to show any of the work I did over the past year which is too bad... some I was pretty fond of...Now that I'm gloriously unemployed though - it's time to get drawing what I want again!

I'm looking to completely redo my portfolio so I'll be updating the site a bunch hopefully over the next few months.  Thanks for stickin' around everyone!
Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates - A new job has been keeping very busy.  I may start posting some of my more traditional experimentations and some new concept stuff as I have time - stay tuned!
Have moved into Vancouver - alot closer to work - meaning less transit time and tons more time to do art.  More stuff coming soon!
Thanks for all the kind words and favs guys.  Been a bit busy/distracted the past couple months but here's a bunch of new stuff I've been pluggin' away on.  More stuff is in the works...

Also I've uploaded a few images which were requested as prints - If anyone would want high res versions of other stuff uploaded into prints just make a request and I'll get on it. Cheers.
Hey guys, years ago I used to be here, and have decided to re-return.  I graduated from the Alberta College of art and Design a year ago and have been spending my time attempting to improve my wares before applying myself to applications within the industry.