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Warframe: Tenno Cruiser

By SBigham
Uploaded with permission from Digital Extremes.
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© 2014 - 2021 SBigham
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And so there Codename: Railjack begins
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Oh this was wayyyy before Railjack was a thing - this was an early orbiter concept.
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if u have  blueprint views of this marvellous concept, i can do it in 3d :D
(need Top view,Front,Rear,Sides,Bottom)
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Sadly this was the only view of it I did. Its also a bit broken visually as the 3d artist who was to make it ingame had a really hard time figuring out my drawing!
Very cool!  Has sort of an old sailing ship vibe to it -- the curved body, the raised bit in the back, the prow shape on the front, and the antennae bits almost look like rigging.  Or maybe I've just been thinking about pirates too much.
Yeah i hope that they'll add something like that in the future as our "little dojo" thing :D
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actually i think it has been replaced by the relays xD
altho it's possible that the Following.
as everyone knows , after u went to a Mission in let's say, in Saturn,
After the mission u'll be outside Saturn right?
if that's so
after quiting th relay, we can be dispalyed outside the relay, and Tenno Cruisers can be on the background*(Outside our Liset) :D
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Oh man I've no idea anymore!
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you did a great work up there. c'mon~ you must got something
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Nice design, also it looks like a gun
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im playing warframe as i am looking at the nice work
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Is this a precursor to the Relays, or is this still being worked on? Either way, love it!
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It was actually an early version of the ship that the Liset docked with and would serve as more of a personal home base between missions.  This iteration got scrapped and I believe a new one should be getting released soonish (maybe).  I think you might be able to catch a glimpse of them in the skybox of the Relay stations actually...
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YOU'RE SOOOO WELCOME!!!!:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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O.O it looks awsome! is that like the hull of the Dojo someday possibly or what
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It was announced on the livestream as being a meeting ship for clan members and such to hang out and choose missions from I believe.  I'm not too sure if its supposed to actually contain the dojo elements...
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hmm ok. didnt know. but i like the concept designs. thanks for sharing them
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