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I reopen the commissions and update the journal, the old one dating from 2014 :D

so as usual

What I can draw:

-Fanart Anime/manga style, Original Characters , Characters design

What I don't draw (except maybe some exception if I like the concept :p ):

-hentai (accept some nude), Gore, Big battle, Furry

For the prices:

  • Bust : 17€ + 8€ by additional characters OR 23$ + 11$ by additional characters

  • Full body: 24€ +14€ by additional characters OR 26$ +15$ by additional characters

  • Background: 10€ for add backround or 12$ for add background

My prices are in Euro and US dollars

Here some examples:

Bust :


Full Body:


If you are interested Send me a note titled, 'Commission', explain what you want, and if you have info, picture reference, description about the character ect write them in the note

Remember that I would start drawing when I received the payment :)

Thanks ^^

Slots :

- Rossking93

- SpyHunter29

- Demonknight2000

- Ablox


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Checking in to see if there will be any openings in the future.

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Will there be openings in 2021?

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Dang I missed the slot. I guess I wait for the next one cause you have amazing work sbel02

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I sent a note and haven’t seen a reply back yet :(

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Will definitely want a slot.

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Sent a note, thank you.

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