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Hi Guys :)

First of all thank to all those who have supported me or who continue to support me,

by your comments, your fav, or your watch and also by your commission request

I'm going to open 5 slot for character presentation commissions like this :


so with a transparent background full body colored,

And I will Donate the money received to UNICEF

I dont indicate a price, so the persons who will ask me for a slot will be free to give what they want (of course, guys, not 1$ the money isn't for me :D )

it will be the same conditions as when I make normal commissions, just that you would establish the price to pay :)

so 5 free slots:

- 95Darkrai 23 $

- pyHunter29 20 $

- intheweebcloset 20 $

- Brave-King-Shishio 25 $

- typicalfires 25 $

extra :D - lyannapelon 35 $

thanks ^^

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give

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when will you be open again?

ManoftheNorth93's avatar

ah...I guess I missed it then?

KEYBLADEkid01's avatar
Is it possible I get a slot?
sbel02's avatar

thanks for the interest ^^ but the slots are already full

KEYBLADEkid01's avatar
No problem. Thanks
intheweebcloset's avatar

Would it be possible for me to join one of the slots?

WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar

Seems like you most likely got the 5th and last one.

typicalfires's avatar
I'd like to fill in a slot too if one is available!
sbel02's avatar

yep ^^

send me a note of what you will like ^^

typicalfires's avatar
I've been trapped at work but I'll send you a note shortly!
Brave-King-Shishio's avatar

Oooh... I would definitely be interested in a slot for this if possible; especially if it's going towards UNICEF! Bless you for ocming up with this!

sbel02's avatar

Hi ^^

send me a note of what you will like

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I've been interested in a commission from you, and doing it for charity only sweetens the deal. But a question: for this, will you accept orders for fanart as well as OCs?

sbel02's avatar

as you want ^^ OC fanart no problem ;)

SpyHunter29's avatar

Thank you, I'll Note you for more information, okay?

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what is uniceff?

95Darkrai's avatar
I don’t mind a slot
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