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Mr. Enter and PIEGUYRULZ

By SB99stuff
Just something I thought about drawing for some reason. Both guys review episodes of animated shows, especially Spongebob Squarepants, and recently they collabed in a video. Enjoy.

For those interested, :iconmrenter:
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DanTEHMan2001's avatar
His more recent reviews like "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" are good in my opinion, BUT...
He deserves better.
J-555ART's avatar
Why does everyone hate Mr. Enter?
spongeboi57's avatar
Cause he ruined spongebob
J-555ART's avatar
No. Nickelodeon did. 

Seasons 1-4 is better than seasons 5-9 CHANGE MY MIND [Springboob Emote] Springboob Squirepin 
spongeboi57's avatar
A lot of people hate him Also because he whines/complains too much about freaking CARTOONS
J-555ART's avatar
FastFlame3549's avatar
PIEGUYZRULZ, get away from that awful bearded man.
J-555ART's avatar
stop the Enter hate
FastFlame3549's avatar
Why should I? It's just my opinion.
J-555ART's avatar
Yeah but what did Mr. Enter ever do to you
FastFlame3549's avatar
To me, he made those rancid scorecards which ruined cartoons for many of us.
J-555ART's avatar
how is he ruining cartoons? Viacom ain't listening to him
BlueMaxJrBirdsTAFFan's avatar
I see Spongebob's shadow.
0Jmpc64's avatar
MrEnter Used this in His Truth or Square Video
Femme-Fatale2's avatar
They both look pretty good.
NicholasTheBlueGWR's avatar
I only stick to Enter's Animated Atrocities on ScumBob (as PieGuy describes bad SpongeBob episodes), Toddler Titans and Johnny Test (even though that show is a dead horse at this point).
SirRedKnight's avatar
Mrenter is always grouchy while Pieguy is completely calm. Except when he rants on Dan Schneider's show where he does something so illogical. Look at his "Christmas Danger" and "Peach Pie" review and you'll see what I mean.
ThatRealSpongeBobFan's avatar
I think Mr. Enter has a negative outlook on life. I see him as a curmudgeon to cartoons everywhere.
PIEGUYRULZ looks horrified at the asspie standing before him!
ilovededede's avatar
You do realize MrEnter actually used this picture in his Truth or Square collab with PieGuy?
ilovededede's avatar
Were you okay with that? I'm not sure if you gave him permission or not.
SB99stuff's avatar
I was cool with it.
krookyjj's avatar
Mister Enter kinda looks like Lincoln in this picture.
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