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Animated Atrocities (Version 2)

So, I decided to do this because for two reasons. I felt like it, and looking back at my first fan-made intro, it could have been done MUCH better. So I hope you enjoy this one! :)…

For :iconmrenter: of course, though I made this just for fun.
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Ugh I cannot stand him! Worst Reviewer Ever! I even made a rant on his fanbase on a wiki. I cannot post it on DeviantArt because I might get reported and the fact that DA is mostly full of them.
Kitty-cat-Fox's avatar
He is quite an ugly piece of shit 
He doesn't deserve to ever see an "Admirable Animation".
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Remember a time when people treated all cartoons like they were created equal?
Remember a time when they were showing something amazing to you as a kid from 2001-early 2014?
Remember a time when the nostalgic cartoon people weren't too much different but had charm and were friendly and funny?
Remember when most cartoons were diverse in opinions on them?
Remember a time when Youtube's copyright problems were less strict and the full episodes/ movies on youtube were in KissCartoon-like video quality and not botted?
Remember when everything in media had more charm?
Remember when cartoons had charm in their annoyance and weren't trying so hard to be relevant and cool?
Remember a time when People didn't take cartoons too seriously like now?
Well Mr. Enter sure doesn't
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I hate this guy because he forces his opinions on to us.
WriterDawson's avatar
...he doesn't force you to follow his opinion.

I used to watch his videos and I remember him saying "If you like these cartoons/movies/etc, then that's fine." in almost every video.
If you don't like his opinion, that's fine, bro.
WDGHK's avatar
You have some serious issues buddy.
erikatheraindeer's avatar
I seriously wish he used this. 
PencilFromCydonia's avatar
Didn't he do so? Or was that a reuploader?

(I think that was for either 'My Top 11 Screw-ups' or 'Top 11 Things I'll Never Review')
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
This guy is an asshole.
M-102's avatar
Agree. And I used to like this guy.
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
Yeah. Nostalgia Critic, he is not. All MrEnter does is bitch and complain.
WriterDawson's avatar
....not to rain on your opinion here, but that's kind of his job for the atrocities.
Same thing with AVGN, it's his job to shit on crappy videogames.
(AVGN is still better than Enter, though.)
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
Well, he is called The Angry Video Game Nerd for a reason.

About MrEnter, he seriously needs to lighten up with his attitude, which I doubt will happen anytime soon. In fact, when I was looking at the reviews for his Animated Atrocities on IMDB, they were mostly negative, and I don't blame those people, especially the one who said he's the "Worst YouTube Critic Ever".
WriterDawson's avatar
I usually don't trust IMDB's ratings, some of them are just plain retarded and false(looking at you, Interstellar page, because that movie was boring as all hell.) , but I won't take the animated atrocities ratings for granted.
FastFlame3549's avatar
WriterDawson You're dang right AVGN is better than MrEnter!
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
I've never been on Interstellar, and I should probably be grateful I never was.
M-102's avatar
Yup. Cause NC is funny. And it's more noticeable in his later videos, we tried to tell him to do more Admirable Animations but he doesn't do them. 
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
Yeah. MrEnter is basically the cartoon version of Irate Gamer, due to the fact that he doesn't look up the facts. One example was that he stated that Rocky and Bullwinkle were made by Hanna-Barbera. That show was not made by that company. Rocky and Bullwinkle was made by Jay Ward Productions.
TheManiac109's avatar
When'd he say that?
Japanese-Anime-Gamer's avatar
I found out about it in this video. Don't know what video it was from, but that's where I learned it from. You'll see at the 4:06…
TheManiac109's avatar
I thought you said it was an Enter video? What the fuck?
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