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Just in case you wanted to know where I've been posting, Twitter has been a decent place so far. It's more consistent too, since it's been more risky on what's allowed to be posted on DA regarding the art I make.
Spoilers, of course. Haven't written about an episode in a while, so I'll briefly talk about today's. "From Badge to Worse" involves Courtney needing a "Make A New Friend" badge, and it appears that she's friends with everyone in daycare, except for Gwen. 

Vlcsnap-2019-02-09-14h55m19s717 by SB99stuff

With All-Stars and their attempt at making Gwen and Courtney friends failed, this episode to me felt like the writer for this episode wanted to handle Gwen and Courtney's relationship better. That's not to say this episode will fix anything in the long run, but it was moreso a nice several minutes of these two characters interacting, and that's what I really wanted, anyway.

Some may be disappointed by the ending where Gwen realizes that Courtney was being her friend to get a badge, but with Gwen saying "Well played.", it seemed more like Gwen was somewhat impressed about what Courtney got her to do. And compared to how All-Stars handled those two, this episode is NOWHERE as frustrating. 

Overall, a decent episode. Not something amazing by any means, but it was nice to see two favorite characters of mine interact again. Even in a spinoff.
Going into a bit of obscurity today. I've been rewatching Corneil and Bernie lately, and I found this particular character cute. Nonetheless, it feels nice to get nostalgic once in a while.
Bro Raven Chub
Since it's been a while posting some TTG here. Raven is showing off her full pudgy gut today. Raven's outfit is from the episode Bro-pocalypse.


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