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Ninja Llama: Llamas are awesome! (978)
Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)
Just in case you wanted to know where I've been posting, Twitter has been a decent place so far. It's more consistent too, since it's been more risky on what's allowed to be posted on DA regarding the art I make.
Total Dramarama - From Badge to Worse
Spoilers, of course. Haven't written about an episode in a while, so I'll briefly talk about today's. "From Badge to Worse" involves Courtney needing a "Make A New Friend" badge, and it appears that she's friends with everyone in daycare, except for Gwen. With All-Stars and their attempt at making Gwen and Courtney friends failed, this episode to me felt like the writer for this episode wanted to handle Gwen and Courtney's relationship better. That's not to say this episode will fix anything in the long run, but it was moreso a nice several minutes of these two characters interacting, and that's what I really wanted, anyway. Some may be dis
So, what are your thoughts on "Total Dramarama" so far? The first ten episodes were released for this month.


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I know this may sound odd and maybe even controversial to ask you this question, but how come most of the fans who drew the Loud House are primarily males, and yet when you compare the fans who are in toon more into Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Undertale, Cuphead and even freakin Rick and Morty and Borderlands. The fanarts is mostly drawn by female and diverse artists. 

Don't get me wrong, I see so many men are into My Little Pony, Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil for example and I can tolerate that, and there's nothing wrong here. However when it comes to the Loud House especially with the fandom, something telling me it shouldn't deserve to be praised, and this is gonna be deep just to warn you. 

Like honestly I tried my best to praise the show, I really do, but the more I watch, especially in the first, second, and even the third (fucking!!) season, the more I despised toward the show itself, especially with these characters and lesson of the story. The show contains a male protag dealing with bland cliche unlikable sisters with no personality. The show itself is too offensive, immature and just like downright unfunny potty and fart humour. I guess most younger male audiences would understand this kind of joke. However, if you add more pretty looking but yet totally cliche female characters, the show can also attract a slightly older male audience, making the whole fandom more masculine then anyother fandoms. Which it got me so furious about the lack of diversity this fandom gets. Again this is just my speculation. Sure, they are female and LGBTQ who participate in the fandom but there just a small minority. All the rest are just being Boi's looking and create for more "explicit" reasons. 
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hey SB99, look at the animation i made
Zachary In Love With Luan Loud by zachgamer4427  
want to collaborate and make a loud house parody with me in it?
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DEEcat98Student Digital Artist
Ever heard of Harvey Street Kids/Harvey Girls Forever? It's a Netflix Original by Dreamworks and it looks like a show that you might like enough to do fanart of if you do watch it.
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Hey SB99stuff i have a request for you if that is oh ok with you?
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What do you think of my custom game logo?
SBSP + SG Save the Bikini Bottom by SantinoCalderon