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Let's Be More Animals
Something made a while ago. And yes, I have been catching up with the show. Those recent crossovers were nice.
So, what are your thoughts on "Total Dramarama" so far? The first ten episodes were released for this month.
Here's my thoughts on the second episode of "Total Dramarama". This will contain some spoilers, and for those who have seen the episode, I'm sure you'll know what I'll talk about.

This episode involves Jude and Izzy daring each other to drink Chef's "Rainbow Juice", and that leaves them super-hyper. I liked this episode more than "Venthalla". Part of that is due to seeing Courtney in charge and sticking to the rules, which fits her original character. Some scenes with her and Duncan were pretty cute too, showing that she still keep him in line. Also, you get some interesting references, such as a crayon-styled flashback that involves a toddler Nikki from 6teen. What's even stranger, involves a scene where Courtney and Duncan needs to buy replacement Rainbow Juice, and you see MacArthur from The Ridonculous Race working at a store. And no, she's not a toddler. So, if the show didn't convince you enough that it takes place in an Alternate Universe, this episode should convince you now, because there's no way to make sense into this world by adding continuity from the original series.

Also, it looks like the show will focus on a few toddlers at a time, which could imply not every character visits the daycare every day. In this episode, Leshawna and Gwen didn't make an appearance, but Jude and Izzy has more of a role, and Harold has more speaking lines. So, there's no telling who each episode will have. That said, I did like this episode too. I can certainly say this is a show I can stick with for a while. 

The series will air on September 1st, but I will catch any episode that hits online. You can try looking this particular episode up on YouTube or other cartoon-watching sites.

Also, just in case you were curious about the references:

Vlcsnap-2018-08-13-12h17m04s987 by SB99stuff

Vlcsnap-2018-08-13-11h37m36s479 by SB99stuff


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ToonPodPodcast Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Student
You should draw Stella Shortman eas. Either on here or on tumblr
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mentalmente estoy en su basura todo lo que el usuario puede hacer y ahora Vete al vacío los pinches
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Nice gallery ♥
QueenMackDrama Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018
Hi! I was wondering! Since ZOOM will celebrate it's 20th anniversary next year, can you make Shing Ying, Emily, Taylor, and Noreen in bikinis? Thanks!
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