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Leela BE

By SB-24
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Amy... [link]

Leela belongs to Futurama & Comedy Central.
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Just big enough! I thank you!
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Leela: Girls you've gotten bigger
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She is so sexy!
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That is hillarios. Leela with breast implants LOLOLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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She looks so good :love:
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alrighty then, this is definatly normal...yeah, ill go with that...
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I love Leela too. This is great! Could you do Meg Griffin too? Please?
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I did and they were deleted. They're in my Yahoo group now.
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Could you tell me what your yahoo group is so I can see it?
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Links on my front page, and in my journal.
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I found your yahoo group and found Meg. I LOVE IT!!!!!
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Glad you do! :)
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That's a great bit of BE.
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Your picture of Leela has slightly smaller, slightly more realistic looking boobs.
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leela is definitly hotter than amy. awesome pic!
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I second Wendel2007. Please do a sequel?
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leelas the only 1 with lips, boobs and a butt

so leela baby!
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I guess she equals it out with her lack of eye lol! Thanks for the comment!
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actualy, i think her eye is kinda sexy!
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I do too! They did an episode where she had two eyes, but I thought she looked WAY better with one.
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i totaly agree! she tooked to much like amy in that episode.
i still dont understand why she dosent just decide to love fry, sure hes a slob, but they like eachother! and besides, he needs her. it would be good for him.
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