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.:TLoS:. The Dark Master

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I'm addicted to making TLoS-inspired model sheets and I wholly and completely blame :iconkittin12376: for it
Behold, The Dark Master, AKA Piss Grandpa, and how I imagined he'd look if he were Krome-styled
He's got elements of DotD Mally, the statues in the Well of Souls, plus some of my own additions
Plus bonus Spyro for scale

Art © Me
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Character © Activision

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oliveyeenHobbyist General Artist
wOAH okay! i'm a bit late to this bUT GOD DANG!!!
malefor has always been a huge fave for his design!!!! and you did his design so great! looking at this looks like what krome studio wanted his model to look like!
this is really good!!
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sparoudoradoHobbyist Traditional Artist
This Is awesome!!! You did the Krome Style Amazing! I Been wondering How Malefor woud hace look in ir ir they Keep the Style un Dawn of the dragón, This serves a inspiration For me! Also I love your art!
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MiguelofKingHobbyist Writer
Good Work, SaziArtStudios ^^
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Tank-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist
I forgot how jacked Malefor actually is xD
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sapphire3690Student Digital Artist
I noticed his eyes are green here, which only the glowing green statues have while at the Well of Souls. 

Makes me wish we could’ve seen Krome’s take on DOTD. At least we saw their version of Malefor.
SaziArtStudios's avatar
SaziArtStudiosProfessional Digital Artist
I wish we could have too, it sucks it just didn't work out :c
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vipermoon878Hobbyist Digital Artist
makes me wonder if mally was originally going to be spyro's father in the krome style
SaziArtStudios's avatar
SaziArtStudiosProfessional Digital Artist
I think they were going to leave it ambiguous between Ignitus and Malefor, or at least something to that effect
My memory might be wrong about that, I'll have to do some digging to make sure
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vipermoon878Hobbyist Digital Artist
ilike both ideas tho mallifor more tho becuse hes purple 
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I wish they had stuck with the graphics engine they had used for ANB and TEN instead of outsourcing it.
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thedigiartist2 Digital Artist

Very Detail on Malefor The Darkmaster Dragon and Spyro is so small compared to him.

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Spyro and him kind of look alike here. Hmmmmmmmmmm........
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DraconetStudent General Artist
Huh, his Krome version looks very much different to the ELB version
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