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By Sazazezer
I've decided to start being more proud of what I'm working on.

It's a subtle change but one which i think will help me a lot. I'm not going to be obnoxiously proud, deciding I'm better than everyone else, or even humbly proud, where i sit in silence marveling at my work once I've finished creating it.

I'm just going to be a bit more proud of my work in social situations.

Maybe proud isn't the right word. I've decided I'm just going to be  bit more talkative about it.

I'm usually not talkative at all when it comes to the stuff i write or draw. I'm not a hundred percent sure of why that is. I figure it's at least one part not wanting to sound obnoxious at something I've done (only to get a snort of derision when someone actually looks at my pathetic scribbles) and definitely at least one part not wanting to include spoilers in the subject (Dude, you have to read my work. Person A kills Person B with a Person C!). I also get a little put off describing details of what I've done to people I sort of know but worry that they think it was weird ('And then they met the Watermelon god'). This last one luckily isn't everyone, but i get too many people in my life who respond to my more open thought with 'Dude... you're just weird'.

But regardless of why i don't chat about my life passions to the people around me, not doing so leads to very boring questions when people ask me how my week was.

'Oh i did some drawing... then i did some writing...  then i went to work. That's about it really. Oh i also went to the gym.'

Just some drawing and just some writing is a very bizarre way to refer to what i view as the two greatest passions of my life. It's like I'm trying to make them boring and mundane. I'm sure maybe some people will understand them better that way, but fuck those people.

So no more raid generalizations and summaries of that which i intend to be my life's work. No more complete failure to elaborate what i work on. I'm making it part of my conversation diet to people. I can see the advantages of doing so immediately and you're so now going to hear those advantages.

It's marketing!

I've been saying 'you gotta read my work sometime' to people for years. How many people have read my book that i know of? One! I can't say i blame people for not ripping it out of my hands and rushing home to consume it by the fire. I probably phrase it in such a way that it sounds like a pointless chore, an exercise in futility where afterwards they're left with the awkward moment of telling me 'Yeah. It's pretty good' and then quickly changing subjects. My main fear of telling people about my work in the hopes of reading it really is spoilers. I want to tell them in detail, and i worry in doing so will ruin the point of them looking at it at all, like those cinema trailers that give away every last nuance of the plot. But surely them looking with some idea of the plot is better than me potentially force feeding them some unknown factor.

It''ll make me write more.

Some of you will remember a scene in Family Guy, where Stewie asks Brian how his book is going and then mocks him unmercifully about it. Brian talks about working on his books all the time, and it usually sounds like he isn't getting round to writing anything at all or putting it off.

I do this far too much. What with work taking up my time and then the urge to rest fitted in with a dozen other tasks that need doing, the consumer lifestyle any drone on a forty hour workweek lives on screws it up.

But if i chat about it, during my regulated social hours that i self-assign myself during designated free time periods, it will (hopefully) lead to others wanting to hear more about it, which, as above, will lead them to want to read it, but also want people to hear more about it, meaning that i best get writing - lest i disappoint!

It'll make more sense.

People call me weird, and that's okay. I love it nowadays. It sure as hell beats being normal. Being normal is the fear response, refusing to do anything more that what is socially acceptable in case it all goes wrong. What people don't usually say is that something i do doesn't make sense, and this is also good.

It's good because i hear them say it to other people, the more normal people, and i usually take it as a sign that, although what i do be weird and unusual, they can't fault me for it. And i can use this aspect to double check my work.

Because people do like their complaining, and they do it best when something is obviously wrong. So if i say in my work that i have person A do a triple backwards somersault, yet earlier i was talking about his crippling injury that's left him in a wheelchair, and for some reason i haven't noticed, i can rely on other people pointing out my stupidity for me.

It also allows me to make it more concrete in my head. Writing down ideas is a fine way to get thoughts out into the real world, but communicating those ideas to others is a better way to ensure their concrete and not containing big holes.

So yeah... time to start telling people what Person A did to Person C the other other day.
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