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Dumbing of Age fanart - Crowd goes Wild

By Sazazezer
I appear to be imagining the song 'Looks like we made it' playing in the background. I don't think it's appropriate.

I have no idea if this is how the characters would react, or if Walky even got out the room alive at this point (Crocodiles are everywhere after all) but i spent far too long drawing this and dammit i'm a gonna post it on the Internet.

For those who have no idea, it's sort of an aftermath to Walky performs a Sex from the Dumbing of Age webcomic made by :iconitswalky: ~itswalky. This is a link (PNSFW).

Don't examine it too closely. It's full of random flaws.
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Dangit, I wanted to see what Dina would have done.
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Most likely grab everyone's faces.

All at once.
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Ha. I get that joke!