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Draw this again - Ten years later...

By Sazazezer
I like to think I've improved at least a little since i started to learn how to draw...

Earlier this year i discovered one of the first images i ever drew, sitting in a scanned images folder on my old hard drive. It was there i realised, the piece having been created in 2004 when i was at the tender age of twenty, that this meant i had been into doing art for around ten years (on and off, i think there was a two year period where i barely drew anything). In celebration i opted to do this little piece to see how much i had improved.

Before the 2004 piece i hadn't really been much of an artist and it's clear from the picture alone i didn't have much talent. Even so I've apparently persisted on and off over the last decade to reach a stage i'm at least somewhat happy with.

The characters are made up characters from an old story i had written based off the Naruto anime. In the 2014 version i was determined to maintain as many elements as possible from the original piece and just worked off it from there. This did kind of limit my approach as it meant including a boring green field and generally keeping the characters expressionless. Another interesting little hitch came up in the fact that Sayuki (the one without the giant Wok) is meant to be from Kumogakure/ The Village of Clouds, which at the time i drew this actually hadn't come into the story yet. As such, she's not in the standard uniform of that village, even tough he's meant to be a strict professional. Ah well, it's not exactly like Naruto conforms to the dress code of his village. Danjuro (the guy with the Wok) is from Kirigakure/ The Village of the Mist and so is sort of out of uniform as well, but he's not exactly the type to care.

Possibly the weirdest thing about this is recalling my thoughts at the time. I remember thinking that there was no point in trying to get good at drawing because it was too late. As if i had reached some kind of time limit at the age of twenty for learning new stuff and that was it. Luckily it seems i'm just too stupid to stop. I've certainly got a long way to go in terms of improvement though. Maybe i'll do another piece in 2024...

EDIT: didn't realise there was a meme about this already.
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