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Oh wow, havn't been there for a long time. I would be honest, the main reason was uncomfortable and long submission procecc but wow... DA did a great upgreat. I think I will use it as I did it before. Really comfortable now. I am super happy with new fatures

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Welcome back and Happy New year to you <3

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Nice to see someone like the new version. Most people I've seen do not like the new version of DA. I have to say I didn't care at first, but I guess it's grown on me. I do like some of the new features like being able to add pictures to text submissions.

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I liked that submitting illustration became extra fast also I like app. I guess now I will be able to chack it more properly. And will stop to be so silent bot artist. hahaha

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Yeah. I guess they ironed out some of the bugs as I know when Eclipse was first brought in, it ran pretty slow. Deleting things from my inbox used to take a while.

I have read a few people saying that they had issues when submitting some deviations such as long comics and images of certain sizes. Since I mainly submit written works, I wouldn't really know about that personally.

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Welcome back! It's great to see you pop back up! ♥

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Welcome back! Nice to see your work again!

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I'm glad you're back, I really missed seeing your artwork around! You're 100% one of my favorite artists so i'm glad the new features didn't chase you away and you enjoy them instead! ^V^ Welcome back!~

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Ty. Yes. I like how simple interface became👍
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