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Oh this Akutagawa's outfit also in my collection
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If I am the biggest fangirl for anything... it's Butler uniforms.

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ichio higuchi wants to know your location

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Boi i think i found a Mike-
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dats hot babe :)
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ur getting arrested for being arrested
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are u my dadi-cop? ;D
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my favorite akutagawa fanart, just perfect
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Wow, this is amazing!
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Never thought I'd see the man in black out of his comfort clothes XD
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:rofl: Great piece! 
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Why are your works always so breath-taking? :iconasdfghplz:

Stop doing this to me or I might suffocate one day! Joke aside, this is absolutely amazing.
Your skills are such a feast to the eyes. I freaking love your art style and the way you works with colors.
Not that Season 2 is finally out we learn more about Dazai and Akutagawa. I was really happy to see new fanart from you. ♥
I really like the idea of this and I must say that you did a fantastic job on the perspective and lights.
It does remind me a little on Black Butler and Sebastian and I really like this concept.
At some parts the lines are sketchy but the overall picture is really clean.

Keep this up. <33
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The white hair tips are soooo cute!!!! X3
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reminds me of black butler, I Like it. 
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Is that Akutagawa Ryunosuke from Bungou Stray Dogs???

My eyes could be wrong though hahaha nice art by the wayyyyy</small<
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This kinda reminds me of the anime Black Butler! Btw it's a cool photo
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This is really lovely, I adore your art style!
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