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Dark Academia Theo adoptable


Arrow Pointing Rightend (dd/mm) 06/04 at 16:00 UTC… - watch your local time 

All characters:……………


|deco| psionic bullet 2 SB:
 50 USD

|deco| psionic bullet 2 AB:  95 USD

|deco| psionic bullet 2 MI:  +5 USD

Arrow Pointing RightPayment plan* available: 50 USD first payment (in 24 hours) + 25 USD monthly

Kawaii thing 9x10 (*if you do not owe enough founds to make a full payment you may use the 'payment plan' opportunity and make the purchase with small instalments)

If payment will not be received character will be reopened for sale again with no refund.

Thank you for understanding. 

Auction Steps:

1. you assign your price in the comments (price only please)

2. The character goes to the one whose comment and price are the last.

3. Checkout time 06/04 16.00 UTC

4. I will contact you via private message

5. If there is no answer from you, and payment will not be received within 24 hours, the character will be reopened for sale again. Thank you for understanding.

You will get:

1. Separated files with full body and icons. 

Kawaii thing 9x10

You can do:

1. change the details of the character according to your desire.

2. give the character any name (the names of the archetypes given by me are conditional and do not play any role)

3. You can create any story for the character (the name of the adopt set given by me is conditional and does not play any role)

You cannot do:

1. you cannot re-sell a character for the higher price you paid (only the same you paid or lower)

2. link another artist


After the purchase, the character becomes yours completely. You can do whatever you want with it. The only limitation is the resale price. However, if the character was subsequently modified beyond recognition, and only minor details of the original design are preserved, you can resell the character as the original for any price.

Lots of love! If you have any questions please contact me with DM.
Also, twitter  ---  Instagram  --- and tumblr  DM are available for questions.

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Cute outfit design! I really love the floofy hair. :D

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Looking fancy with that little bow tie. Very nice design and details.

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um sb ?

since their account is deactivated I think it doesnt count

sayuuhiro's avatar

Oh I see. Haha yes. Strange situation^-^

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it is very strange x . x I wasn't sure if I should out bid or start a new bid

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Np. Anyway boy is yours. Please check up your DA inbox in a couple of minutes

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RaeHei's avatar

yes the person who made the bid deleted their account for some reason

their name get crossed out when the account is gone

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