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Bill cipher in... otome game???

By sayuttan
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Bill Cipher from Gravity falls.

Witch one you would choose??? XD 
Stay with Bill even knowing the world will burn into ashes, or Ask what the hell he is doing and never see again Bill-Senpai again? XDDD

This is what happen when you let a girl who is too lazy to do college homework and playing dandelion, Bill Cipher mixed together.
By the way, did you like this clothes? More... Formal than before? 
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what did you do is my answer and also i burn 3 thing all ready (not going to say)

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Yes sure....but first I need my cawfee, the show will be amazing

Yes I know how to spell coffee, "cawfee" is just from a meme

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its already burning bill its 2020 facts

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yes if i can get some tea, it will be quite a show

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and i completely agree with Christine29

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i love watching the world burn!! (not a threat lol) ^.^ on video games anyway.... -little evil laugh-

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"Come With Me, And You'll Be, In A World Of Total Devestation!"

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I will choose WHAT DID YOU DO?????

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Of fucking course I would say yes, its freaking Bill Cipher, my hotty

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>yes. only if he likes chamomile with lavender to . . . and only if i can keep my dog

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> yes, if i get tea and cookies *^*
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Yes, as long as I get back by tea time XD
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I see this as an absolute win
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Yes as long as I get to burn down a zoo while riding a llama.
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I would say yes
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I would say yes.
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how dare you...                          not pick yes BonBon is Triggered 
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Is there the option of throwing holy water? or a dream catcher?

okay if there's no
So, if I go with him, I will not have another option, then ...

-yes I guess
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Knowing me I will stay with Bill because I am a lovestruck fangirl. XD Shame upon me.
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yes... I guess...

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If only this was a real game. D:
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