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April 26, 2019
Peaceful pond by SayukiHikaru
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Peaceful pond


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Something different this time.

Even though I currently live in one of germany's biggest cities, there are some wild animals in my local area as well.
During the last weeks a lot of frogs and toads started to migrate to their spawning waters to find a mate and lay their spawn.
You have to know that I I have a weak spot for those animals. I think they are adorable and cute and in my opinion it's sad that a lot of people don't care about them.

Last Monday I came back from the cinema (it was already after 11PM) and noticed that one little toad was lying on the street. It was hit by a car and its guts were clearly visible...
Yes, that may sound strange, but I think it's really sad, when a living being gets killed and its remainings are treated like junk, therefore I decided to wrap the corpse in a big leaf and bring it to the roadside, so that it won't be damaged any further. In the moment I lifted the animal, it started to move. It was still alive, although it was terrible hurt and weakly tried to push me away with his little feet.
I was shocked and my eyes immediately started to fill with tears, when I realized what I had to do...
I couldn't leave it like this.... The poor toad was lethal hurt and surely suffered a lot, because of its terrible wounds.... I understand that I had to deliver it from its pain, but...damn...I felt so terrible after it was done...
At night time I had problems to fall asleep, since I started so cry again and again and I wasn't able to sleep through the night as well.
I feel bad, although I did what was best for the wounded animal, but still...
You can call me childish if you want, but it helped me to draw this picture in tribute to the toad and imagine that it's soul is at a better place now.

Please don't use/steal/copy this picture. Thanks.
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I hope the frog's soul is at peace now. Nicely done perspective.