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The Demise of Mary Conner - Scene 1
“Are you really convinced that Mary would be capable of killing herself?” Robert’s voice was tight.
“Wh… what?” Celine felt her heart stop as her eyes flew up to meet his.
Looking at her apologetically, he stepped closer and softly placed his hands on her shoulders.  “I’m so sorry for bringing this up.  I’m sure you’ve been through enough pain already but … I’ve been thinking this through and none of it makes sense.”
“I don’t …” she pulled away and started walking, her eyes set on the sidewalk. “I don’t want to talk about it Robert.  She’s gone.” She blinked repeatedly as she tried to fight of the tears.  “Let’s leave it at that.”
“Celine, wait.” Robert hurried to her side, slipped his hands into his coat pockets, and sighed heavily.  They walked in silence, passed Patty’s Deli, crossed the road and en
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ID by saykha ID :iconsaykha:saykha 2 3 The Father's Hand by saykha The Father's Hand :iconsaykha:saykha 24 9
“I wonder if it’ll be painful when I hit the ground”, Jacob thought as he stared down from his position on the bridge.  “It should be quick though … it’ll have to do.
He was looking down at the ground far below.  He closed his swollen eyes as he leaned forward, clinging to the rails behind him with his hands.  “If I let go now, I’ll just fall … I’ll fall and all of this will go away.”  He was shivering, but he wasn't afraid to die.  It was living that terrified him.  Life became unbearable after the invasion.
He felt the tugging of the wind on his clothes and he opened his eyes.  He was hanging from the edge of a bridge, overlooking the city.  The bridge was quite high, connecting two hills.  A small stream was moving somberly far below the bridge.  From his perch he had a good broad view of the desolated city a couple of miles away.
Almost not
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The sun rose the day you were born
and Earth and Heaven cheered with Me,
knowing a great daughter has been born,
a soldier of great destiny.
And in life she will rise with hope,
and at times she'll be cast down.
But she will find Me on her knees,
and so her strength, in Me, is found.
So fear not my love,
I am with you.
You have more strength than you think.
You have the power deep in you,
to make cities crumble
and mountains sink.
For life might seem to cast you down
you will rise unscathed and stronger,
until that day I strike them down
and I uplift you like a tower.
And all will tell you in that day
We never knew that God could do this
But you were faithful and your feet stayed,
My hand carried you through it.
So when the sun turns to black
and the night starts to fall,
Do not fear, do not relent
Remember who you are.
:iconsaykha:saykha 7 7
The Mirror
Seduced were her hands,
as her fingers traced the delectable edge
of the shimmering shattered glass.
In remembrance she smelled
the beauty of her own reflection,
as she had endeared upon her radiance
in a time when she had kept the mirror whole.
how it still sang out to her,
these shattered shards of memories past.
Until her remembrance whispered
why she broke the mirror long ago.
Trapped was her heart
in the confines of that frame.
Blinded, she saw none but herself.
Until one day she saw a shimmering light
and it gave light to her corruption and filth.
In horror she pulled her hands to herself,
knowing the mirror will make her forget.
That she saw a light that was virtuous and true.
She must chase it
until in her hands it is set.
:iconsaykha:saykha 7 1
So Many Stripes by saykha So Many Stripes :iconsaykha:saykha 12 3
Excerpt: Grandpa
"Heroes never live long", my grandpa always used to say, "When you offer your heart to the masses, it gets consumed very quickly. There isn't much to show in the end ... not much of the hero, anyway." He always used to look so somber when he said it, like he had suffered a terribly deep loss once, under the name a hero.
I always wanted to ask him what happened, but I never could. You can see in a person's eyes which questions would topple them over the edge, into utter despair.
:iconsaykha:saykha 1 2
Through the Ash
If you look closely, through the darkened ash, you could see the silhouette of beasts with wings on their backs. The battle had left the air thick with dust and death, making it almost impossible to see anything.  Strange ... how the faint glimpse of the winged creatures terrified me more than the sound of the person choking on their last breath next to me.
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It itches ... by saykha It itches ... :iconsaykha:saykha 13 1 Cherry Blossom Tree - Craft by saykha Cherry Blossom Tree - Craft :iconsaykha:saykha 1 3 Worthy is the Lamb by saykha Worthy is the Lamb :iconsaykha:saykha 16 3 Nose by saykha Nose :iconsaykha:saykha 7 2 For the Love of Music by saykha For the Love of Music :iconsaykha:saykha 4 4 Winter by saykha Winter :iconsaykha:saykha 2 5
Testimony: God saves a man from hi-jackers
The day God hi-jacked the hi-jackers
An article published in Christian Living Today Magazine
Gauteng-based evangelists, Des and Ros Sinclair have overcome many near-death experiences through their faith in God. Al Gibson captures their extraordinary lives and ministry in the book Life On the Line. Here is a short extract:
Ros and Des Sinclair have experienced God’s supernatural protection many times, and have seen how the Lord can intervene to change people’s hearts and bring about reconciliation between different races, but little did they expect what God would do to show them some light at the end of the tunnel when it came to combating crime in their own lives.
White man, you deserve to die
On 8 May 2002 Des was driving to Soshenguve Township north of Pretoria, where he was scheduled to preach at a high school. It was 6:30am when he was held up by four armed men.
“Get out of the car or we’ll kill you!” one man said, leaning through
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Reflection by sandara Reflection :iconsandara:sandara 6,234 265 With Time by yuumei With Time :iconyuumei:yuumei 7,416 91 Dance with the Wind by yuumei Dance with the Wind :iconyuumei:yuumei 7,874 150 :Ethereal: by RezShirmeen :Ethereal: :iconrezshirmeen:RezShirmeen 682 16 Come to me all who are weary by PrisonerOnEarth Come to me all who are weary :iconprisoneronearth:PrisonerOnEarth 173 36 Pink and Chocolate Journal Skin by artbymba Pink and Chocolate Journal Skin :iconartbymba:artbymba 152 19
dear person I used to love,
it's me again, you probably remember, I mean
you cut me deep - or I you - and we tend to
memorise how we got our scars the easiest.
why do you reckon that is?
why do I -
no, wait.
this is not about that, not about my memories
or it kinda is, really, but it's not about sword fights
and broken hearts and burned-out bridges and
the feeling of love slipping through your fingers
like sand and digging my toes in at the beach to
try and hold on harder than you ever did and the way
we used to laugh together,
it's about how, and this has nothing to do with you,
but lately I've been sad, and really, it has nothing
to do with you, or anything, it's been a while, don't
worry, it's fine, it's been a whole damn while.
I've been feeling sad, you know, and I've been thinking
of rebuilding bridges that have long since been carried
off to the sea in the form of charred remains and I've
never looked back, and I don't want to now, either,
not really, I don't,
but sadness is a companion that makes it just
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 8 12
He is my Savior by oooangelicartooo He is my Savior :iconoooangelicartooo:oooangelicartooo 97 85 The Bird by CG-Zander The Bird :iconcg-zander:CG-Zander 730 31
said the stars to the ocean
it is ok.
to feel the pressure under the surface
suffocating your insides
to break yourself on the rocks
losing pools of your self every time
to be littered with the wrecks
of those long forgotten
to throw yourself on shore after shore after shore
only to retreat again and again and again
said the stars to the ocean
it is ok.
we will meet you at the horizon
where the earth kisses the sky
said the stars to the ocean
it is ok.
and although we may not always be with you
you carry our reflection safe in your heart
:icontheblackwolfboy:TheBlackWolfBoy 74 53
Winter night walk. by PascalCampion Winter night walk. :iconpascalcampion:PascalCampion 1,063 43 Pisces by hgjart Pisces :iconhgjart:hgjart 1,035 26 Storm Camp 2018 by Truth-lover3712 Storm Camp 2018 :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 7 25 reminiscence by pancake-waddle reminiscence :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 1,055 26 dpgl: snowfall by pancake-waddle dpgl: snowfall :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 409 6 Yeshua by Haleviyah Yeshua :iconhaleviyah:Haleviyah 48 11

Does anyone know of a good website where I can make an animated avatar? 

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We have all done this. During our online evangelism we will sometimes totally lose our audience, or confuse them, by speaking what most people call “Christianese”. What is Christianese, you ask? Christianese is terms, words and phrases that only a Christian will understand.

I’ve witnessed online conversations that went like this:

Christian Evangelist: “You know that Jesus’ redemptive power can save you.”

Unwitting Totally Not Saved Person: “I don’t know what you mean.

Christian Evangelist: “Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross so that you can be saved and freed from a life of sin.

Unwitting Totally Not Saved Person (now feeling slightly judged): “Listen, I have my problems like everyone else. No one’s perfect.

Christian Evangelist: “We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. If you give your life to Jesus you will be saved.

Unwitting Totally Not Saved Person: “I’ve had enough of this. Please stop bothering me.”

Now, this might seem like a full out rejection of God from the Christian’s point of view, but if you really look deeper you’ll see that the person being evangelized too has no idea what the Christian is saying.  The Christian is using so much "Christianese" in the above mentioned conversation that the "Unwitting Totally Not Saved Person" isn't getting what is being said at all.  Most unsaved people don’t even know what “being saved” means, or what entails “giving your life to God.” They also don’t understand that just being a good person is not enough and that we all need “salvation” (which is a term they might also not really understand in a Christian context). You see, we as Christians don’t realise just how incomprehensible we are to people who’ve never been to church, never read the Bible, and who don’t really understand exactly who Jesus is or why He came to Earth and died for us. You see, we speak in such a way sometimes, that the outside world fail to understand us - or they totally misunderstand us.  Let me use my own experience as an example:

When I first started going to church, I still hadn’t give my life to God. I was 19 and still very new to everything. I remember when I took my first communion the Pastor told us all to “drink the blood of Jesus, poured out for us”. So there I was, “shooter glass” in hand (that was my state of mind at the time), looking very confused and apprehensively at the grape juice in it. “What is wrong with these people?”, I thought, “Are they vampires or something?”. Very unsaved, and with a serious lack of knowledge in the area, I thought the Christians in the room with me were a bit, well, crazy. Over time I started to understand what the analogy of Jesus’ blood meant and the purpose of communion, but not on that day (or a couple of weeks after that really). I had to learn what it meant through teachings and sermons I heard - at church. Your unsaved reader most probably doesn’t go to church where they can learn these things. Keep this in mind when you’re doing online evangelism and use thorough, explanatory ways to evangelize.

For example, when you want to tell someone that “Jesus can save them”, explain to them what this means. Instead of just telling them that Jesus saves, explain it in its entirety. Tell them that we all messed up, and that we are all very imperfect yes - that’s the reason we need Jesus. You see, we’ve messed up so badly that, no matter how good of a person we are, we are still selfish, greedy, liars, cheaters, and in pretty bad shape. We are the reason the world is in such a bad state with all its crime, abuse and dysfunction. That’s why God sent us Jesus. He didn’t want to lose us, so He sent someone to take the fall for us, and to carry all our mistakes on His back. Jesus did that for us. If you accept Jesus (you might have to explain to them in detail how to accept Jesus too) He takes all of that away from you – He takes your blame so that you’ll go to Heaven when you die and be with Him forever. That’s who Jesus is, and that’s why it’s important to accept Him. Apply this way of explaining Christianity when you evangelize and make sure that, even if you're speaking to someone who has never heard the name “Jesus”, that this person will still get who He is and what He did for us when you’re done with your conversation with them.

If you do this your online conversations with non-believers will go in a very different direction than just using short, Christianese ways of explaining things. As a rule of thumb, I always ask myself the following question when talking to a non-believer: “Will this person, who doesn’t read the Bible or go to Church, understand what I’m saying now?” If you do this, the message that you're trying to portray, will come across clearer and you'll have a very good chance of really reaching that person with the Gospel.

If you guys have any questions on this topic, please let me know :hug:  Happy Evangelizing!


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This made me laugh :D


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