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May 24, 2008
~Saykee used various mediums including cocoa and tea to create Old Paper Texture, a pack of five awesome textures that should be in everyone's stockpile.
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Old Paper Texture

Sorry for the large file size! D; I wanted you guys to get huge ones so that you can make huge pictures :) :heart:

Hellu there and thanks for viewing! :'D
I was bored this morning so I thought,
"Hey, why not destroy some white boring-looking papers lying around?"
I must have been inspired by this funny tutorial:
that I saw a couple of days ago.
So anyway, I started to crumple a paper and drowned it in tea, hang it out to dry, and then made some "coffee" marks all over it.
I didn't use coffee though, I don't drink it and was to lazy to make it, so I used cocoa blended with water instead. Worked okay :)
The kitchen got rather messy, it got spots all over it when making that last paper xD
But it sure was a whole lot of fun! :lol:
I felt like sharing, so here you go~ and yup, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask! :3

Program: My hands, tea, cocoa, water and sun~

Uhm...I guess this counts as a texture > flat...? I'm not sure :confused:
Oh well you found it anyway xD

Enjoy! <3

I got my first DD! :wow: :heart:
Thank you bleedsopretty! :glomp: :worship:

Edit 2:
Thanks for all the favorites and comments :happycry: :heart:
I love you guys <33
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Awesome! thank you!