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what is this comment section
:icontardguitarplz: MAN! I am good at this!!
:icondramaticspainplz: AHA!!
:iconseriousguitarplz: BROTHER!!! You have returned!
:icondramaticspainplz:Yes! And I've come to defeat you!
:icontardguitarplz: NOT as long as im alive! I am thee! Best 
:icondramaticspainplz: Oh yea?!? Well I!! Have beaten Death at this
:iconseriousguitarplz: WHAT!?!
:iconjefftardguitarplz: Sup cashniggas!!
:icontardguitarplz:Be quiet Jeff as you can see I am winning
:icondramaticspainplz: Not for looooong
:iconbelgiumuhhplz: is goin on here?
:icontulioplz: omg this again?
:iconbrbintensemomentplz: brb i have to piss 
:iconbelgiumuhhplz: ummm..hows he gonna....when hes playin the...
:icontulioplz: i ask myself that question everytime.....
:icondramaticspainplz:I AM WINNIIIIING!!!!!
:iconsaysplz: NO YOUR NOOOOOT!!!!
:iconbelgiumuhhplz: this is too weird im outta here
:icontulioplz: yea I'm with ya here
:iconjefftardguitarplz: hheheheheeehehehehe

Hope you enjoy my many crazy comments across the world of PLZ accs, its fun on a bun brought to you by Master-Otkau-Dark 

olay :iconmiguelplz:

:icondfdfplz::iconmushroomcloudplz:                :icontophatplz:
:iconoldschoolownedplz::iconbedplz::iconbloodburstplz::iconmileena2plz: :iconthinksplz::iconkitanaplz::iconsantahatplz:
                          :iconabsplz::iconinpantiesplz::iconpointingplz:     :iconpartyhatplz:
                            :iconoceanoffearplz:   :iconandrewdickman::iconanimeboobsplz::iconnosebleedgrinplz:                                        :iconportalplz:warp pipe right:iconsmallrunningbodyplz:      :iconhalfnakedplz: :iconfapplz::iconjellylegsplz:      :iconweegeewalkplz::iconthewarppipe::iconportal2plz:
:icontrollface::iconsayingplz:bitchs be like
:iconmandolinplz::iconsayingplz:shut up hoe i play better than you
:iconmiguelplz::iconsayingplz:no you dont im still gonna kick yo ass at this 
:iconjefftardguitarplz::iconsayingplz:y'all still suck
:icontulioplz::iconsayingplz:"y'all" are still weirdos
:iconlazyinviteplz::iconsayingplz:mmm sexy momma cmer
:icondragonshock2::iconsayingplz:uhh i'll pass on that 
:icontrollface::iconsayingplz:HA!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
:iconbrbintensemomentplz::iconsayingplz:brb i gotta take a piss
:icontulioplz::iconsayingplz:still!! how are you gonna.....when your playin the...
:iconmiguelplz::iconsayingplz:im back. still gonna kick your ass
:iconmandolinplz::iconsayingplz:bitch plz im death
:iconseriousguitarplz::iconsayingplz:OH REALLY
You are now cursed
You must send this to infinity + infinity + 1 people in less than 1000 years ago or you will get extra spicy diarrhea that will burn a hole in your underwear then you will be grounded until you turn 400, this i snot a joke, read on:

CASE ONE: Dickbutt received this trollspam and thought nothing of it, later that night Dickbutt ate at Jimmy's Gimme's ChimiChongs with his asian foster parents and he got teh spicy diarrhea so bad that his Ultimate Spiderman underwear had become Ultimate Splatterman undies

CASE TWO: Whoever started this chainmail shit needs to be punished with a bad dragon dildo jackhammer for his supreme faggotry

CASE FOUR: Chainmails are fucking gay as shit

CASE FIVE: You're probably wondering about Case Three, well [REDACTED]

CASE SIX: Mary (I know that's the most obvious name but I don't wanna waste my time thinking of a name for a chain letter) only sent this chainfail to infinity + infinity people but forgot the + 1, Mary later got knocked up at the age of 11 by her pediatrician (now you know what the "ped" stands for) and gave birth to a baby that looks like this…

CASE SEVEN: That video was Case Three, don't be Case Three! Send this to Infinity + Infinity + 1 people and don't forget the + 1!

Sorry for bust'n a curse on yo azz, my best friend double dog dared me into doing it and he said if I didn't curse you he would tell on me for putting the class hamster in my OW! it just scratched my rectum
What tf 😂😂😂😂 omg