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[EDIT] Due to the stupid high number of art thieves, aka douche bags, taking this image and butchering it for skins on the web, phones, t-shirts, and other shit, I'm watermarking this image up the ass. Sorry everyone that a few had to ruin this image for the rest, but I'm damn tired of getting notes about this image being used without my consent.

Art thieves, skinners, and tube makers, fuck you. If I ever meet one of you in person I'll disembowel you myself. Thank you.

"With your permission,
She'll take your eternal life.
With a loving kiss,
She'll take your hopes and dreams.
With a gracious smile,
She'll accept your heart and soul."



WEEEEEEEE!!! Finally something original and new from me ^__^;; So, after holding my 'poll' in my scraps gallery I decided to finish the demon chick since it seemed most popular :3 So...hope you all like her...because I sure do ^_^;

And much thanks to ~One-Vox for helping me out on this one :3

But well...I don't have much else to say about her now c__c maybe we will see her again?? The world may never know :D GO RED!!!

Inked and Colored: Photoshop CS
Character (c) Me
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A bit late maybe, but this is when I ran into the image, so here goes:

It's a shame we have all these people thinking they can use the picture for their own gains, but the milk's already spilled on this one - even 11'ish (?) years later it literally takes less than 1 minute to find an unwatermarked image by using googles reverse image search, so you've not made it harder for people to abuse the pic, you're just making it harder to like (I was surprised at how much better the original looks).

Wise up and do it ahead of time next time if the only way you will enforce your rights is watermarking and remember: Rules that are not enforced are only rules in name.
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Karalovely|Hobbyist Artist
Oh Demon Shimmer!!
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Sorry to hear you've got so many problems with people stealing your art and using it for whatever else. It's such a shame because I would have saved and cherished this one for sure :) it's really beautiful.. wish I could draw like that, meh! :P But I'm glad you didn't put restrictions on the "Soul Fire" one.. cuz I LOVE that more than most "fire elementals", "fire goddess", "fire demoness", and so on results that I've been searching for. She reminds me of a villain in the Rosario+Vampire anime (last episode of the first series if you're curious), and I loved that too. Got a thing for fire. :P

Hope you'll draw more like these.. I just love your technique. Maybe cuz I'm just envious of it lol, but yeah. Envy is the most sincere form of admiration so be happy with that. :P
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A shame about all the thieves. This particular work really was a supreme triumph. Well, that and your Dragon of the Crimson Moon, which I is still the most unapologizingly dragonly dragon I've ever seen.
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CWBs|Student Traditional Artist
well that must suck about the thieves but even with the watermarks its still a beautiful picture
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drakokatze|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It's so sad that this image had to be covered up by watermarks. Thieves make me so angry - especially ones stupid enough to try and make money off your art. Real assholes. Luckily, you were able to watermark this in a nice way and it doesn't detract from the art. This is such a cool (hot?) picture. Keep showing us your amazing work, I know its discouraging when people abuse it, but hang in there. <3
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dunno if you know.. scroll down, using your drawing.
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Soviet-cupcake|Hobbyist General Artist
even with the watermarks its still very cool
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awesome work!
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AngelMorrigan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Was nose'ing around the internet and found this... [link] I thought you oughta know if you didn't. Lovely piece, liked it for a long time.
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This is incredibly cool. Curse the watermark! :D If you ever need help disemboweling, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand.
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I'm sad that you had to watermark this, because it really is absolutely fantastic, and I love your eye for demonic characters.

I don't know if you'd be interested, but I'm actually holding a contest for characters basically like this, and I'd love to see what you could do. :)
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Lovely colors, little sister! It grabbed my eyes. Congratz!!! =D
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SuperSmurgger|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's AMAZING !!! Totaly incredible, especiallyu the shading and the "fire hair" ! :D
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Xeronik|Hobbyist Writer
good job, sorry that people art theft you though :/ :hug:
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NickMaster64|Hobbyist Digital Artist
uber sexy
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MalikaZentefis|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg!!I love Her Hair!!So Nicee!!!
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Russockshitha|Hobbyist General Artist
I like the expression and pose in this piece, and the chunk missing out of her one horn is a nice touch.

I totally understand your choice of watermarking the image. It is always a pity to have to mark up the image that way, but if it is the only way to keep it safe, it must be done.
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This is amazingly awesome! I love it :D
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weenylem|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This picture would sure be an awesome thing to have as my iTouch background
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