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It seems that I tend to do some of my best pencil drawings when I'm either in school or at work now-a-days. This is a pencil drawing of my demon race known as the Es'va'en. I've been using them a lot recently for my Mael'Kai race *half-dragons* as their most dangerous foe ;3 I sketched this out as just a doodle originally while in class yesterday and as the day progressed it became a full-blown drawing, rendered and all. I finished it today while sitting around at work ;3 Not much else to say about it then that ^_^ to see some other Es'va'en's I have created, look towards the links below :D
:bulletred: 01 Large Size
:bulletred: 02 Medium Size
:bulletred: 03 Small Size

Drawing: .5 lead mechanical pencil
Colors/Text: Photosho CS

Es'va'en (c) Me
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Wow, so elaborate!
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Truly bizzare. very nice. Are you sure this isn't Michael Jackson without makeup? Dang, it's tough making money arting. Who likes having real jobs?
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awesome! i love grotesque teeth-filled blood beasts!!! i give this one a hell-yes + 1 to awesomeness! definitely a :+fav: im gonna go check out your other ones now
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He/she/it has a surprising amount of horrid beauty for a demon. I like the monotone approach, the numerous variations in line thickness, the subtle shading, the gory details... The creature design itself seems highly original with the multi-eyed, gaping, eye sockets and the grossly exaggerated lower jaw. You even did great with the framing and font choice. That glow to the "Es'Va'En" is especially attractive. What we have here is a case of a beautiful nightmare, I think. :) :+fav:
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wow, it's so hot. Great drawing! And I thought I drew good, psh. Amazing!
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Thanks a lot :D
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wow. wish I could do that with pencil, or anything for that matter. I think i need to draw some more. I like the bitchin teeth. stand out. first thing I noticed was the teeth. after i zoomed in... i LOVE they eyes. I want eyes like that. how cool would that be!?
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Hehe, thanks a lot :D
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I love that the original hatch-work of the drawing was maintained: a truely frightening creature! The color use also helps give it the appearance of an ancient image done of the beast, where perhaps the artist died just after completing: maybe got to close to the Es'va'en. :) Beautiful work!
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Hehe, that's an interesting thought to the image ^__^d And I'm glad you like it!
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*gulp* ok now I think I'm going to have nightmares about this bad boy .....great job on both the mood and the style
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Holy CRAP. :jawdrop:

GORGEOUS! The details and everything else! Simply amazing... I envy your drawing skills so.

(I love it's eye..hole...thing. And the ickle arm coming out of the head! So cute!)
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Hehe, thanks a lot :D
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WOW!!! The detail is AMAZING!! (My hand is cramping up at just the thought of it...) I love this, so much. I don't know how you do it. *three cheers for YOOOOUUUU*
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:jawdrop: I don't think I've ever used that emoticon before, but I'm just stunned by all the detail!! I love it!
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wow!! Very nice detail!!
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Just.. Just wow. This is awesome, such intricate detail. The colours and the different shading styles you've used looks so haphazzard, but that just makes it all the more dramatic. Incredible! :+fav:
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