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DotFA - Wolf With Red Roses

Done in 07' for White Wolf's Exalted: Dreams of the First Age
RP Book.
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I'm a guy, and i would still want to jump 'im.
Featured on TV Tropes! =D
I'd be insanely bitter too if I was turned from this into a fugly goat/wolf mutant. Awesome work!
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Actually according to his Stats he's only SLIGHTLY less pretty than this. He just stays in DBT all the time.
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If you only knew how many times I've looked at this piece in the Exalted book... it's a wonder I havn't drooled the poor book apart. My gosh you are fantastic!
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~blinkblink. WHISTLE~ If *this* is what he used to look like, no wonder his Wyld mutations pissed him off so much.
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I can't say enough awesome things about this piece. Simply lovely.
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You are awesome. ^_^ These are very beautiful... I don't recall seeing much/any grayscale work from you in the past, so these are very beautiful surprises. ^_^
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MEATLOAF! Approved.
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'On a hot summer night; would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?'
'I Bet you say that to all the boys.'
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Haha! So I'm not the only one thinking that! XD
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Nice. It's so amazing
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Stunning details and great lines as always! I have some troble in figuring out if this is a male or a female, mainly because of the eye-lashes...
Oh I would pay for such lashes!
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Very inspiring art for the RP book. Makes me want to play Exalted again just looking at the illustrations. =P
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REALLY good shading and the expression is awesome. :)
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May I ask what you mean by "RP book?"
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Stands for Roleplaying book :)
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I suspected as much, although I don't understand the concept of a roleplaying are they used?
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They are used as game books for table top role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and the like :)
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Ah. I don't know how table top roleplaying games work so I'm still kind of mystified, but it sounds cool! ^_^ Great job on these sketches.
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Thats fantastic! Amazing work! :D
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