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Let You Go
One more breath—
One more, long,
Drawn out drag
Of oxygen
To spill into my lungs
And caress my blood veins
To nourish this body
Which is trying so hard to
Condemn me
To a tragic death of a poor
Little girl—
But who am I trying to fool?
They say I was called to die,
And yes,
I do believe I was.
And who knew I was clinging
So damn hard
To the important things,
That really,
Just aren’t that important
At all—
But I want them to be,
To be the crux of my life,
The Saul to my God,
The David to lead me
To a temple of praise.
But I am a temple of praise
Already built and fortified
And purified
And all those other “—ified”
Words that I am,
Though I feel sick in
My own skin
When I think about the death
I have already died,
But like a zombie I hold
Onto the scraps of life
And tell myself that
Because it is love
It is okay to hold on.
Disregarding the fact
That real love died
For the greater good,
Two thousand years
Before my pygmy
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 2 0
They told me the world was ending,
As the church bells clanged
From a stark grey tower against
A stark grey sky--
Twenty-six in all, a herald rather than
A carol--
Which is odd for this time of year,
When I'm supposed to be full of
Good Christmas Cheer.
But instead I feel dead inside,
Redefining terms like "end" and "nigh"
Considering all the options I conclude,
We've been dead an awful long time.
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 1 0
I am warm as only sunshine can make me
Beneath jewel encrusted skin
Spangled thus so that I reflect
And refract
The sky like imitation starlightó
Only better
Because I flash many colors crying out
"There is some one in here!
She is alive and
She is beautiful."
Just ask the starlight,
And you will see.
But I am cold to the touch,
Nestled asleep within a bone cage
Of twenty-four stoic soldiers
Enshrouding my heart and lungs,
Protecting me from the wayward
But the Starlight doesn't know,
And she heralds a light not her own
As if the mottled gem-lights
Could heal everythingó
Could bring catharsis
To a close.
But communication doesn't work this way,
Despite all of my alluring charms,
And twisting sky-scapes with enchanted
Frost-light, I am all but a shadow,
A distant apparition of
A girl.
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 2
The Bride to Be by SayaStarshine The Bride to Be :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 4
Dialogue between a Deer and a Girl
It is dark as night, though the sun is high in the sky. It burns blue, searing the life from all things. Where humidity once saturated the air dust now lingers, thick and choking. It hangs still in the air, daring a breeze to come startle it away. It has been like this for days. There is no relief from the blue sun, only a turquoise moon to reflect the evanescent fire.
The girl has been sitting so still the deer thinks she must be a statue. The doe has seen the girl for thirty-nine days now. She just appeared there one day. Each day the doe creeps a bit closer, but she is afraid to come too close. But the girl never moves, so she must not be real. Surely, no human could sit so still, or last so long.
The doe hesitates, then pushes through the prickly arms of long-dead sage and myrtle. She is panting, but also patient. The blue sun has come before, and she is used to it by now. It will come and it will go, and it will be good. The doe approaches the dry streambed and sniffs. She sneezes
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 1 2
:Lightning XIII-2: by SayaStarshine :Lightning XIII-2: :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 4 0 Lightning XIII-2 by SayaStarshine Lightning XIII-2 :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 5 0
South Wind
I woke this morning, and lo I find no words.
An echo in my heart means this captive's far from home.
I look to the west, and I see what isn't there,
And all long the while the south wind always blows.
I set before me a journey of mystique,
A path nigh invisible, a secret never told.
I stand and wait, feel my breath be carried 'way.
And all long the while the south wind always blows.
I pause and listen to hear a second voice,
A shadow on the breeze to know I'm not alone.
But silence I greet just like the days before,
And all long the while the south wind always blows.
When one day I will hear another song,
Then I will know that I have made it home.
But until I hear those words, I wander ever still,
Searching for the south wind that always I feel blow.
Don't stop to mourn me, don't stop to see,
For I know the path I walk is set in stone before me.
I cannot miss a step, though I cannot see the way,
As I journey towards the south wind that speaks its heart to me.
An ocean or a grave, or a
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 0
Late Nights
I just have to endure the long nights,
Wait until the darkness eats me.
Maybe when I wake up, I'll wake up.
And I'll be done with this.
I want to take my nails
And shred you from my mind,
Rip you so deep I won't even bleed,
Just find a chasm to throw you in to.
Can I tell you I failed again,
And that I don't know what else to do
But wait for the grace that's promised me,
And hope to God it doesn't burn you. (Or me.)
I wasn't promised life,
Nor happiness nor satisfaction.
Just mercy and grace, joy and perfection,
And that is enough for me.
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 1
Some nights, sleep eludes me.
And I am left wide awake in bed,
Watching darkness swallow the night,
While I hunger to be like the dead.
Sometimes I weave a story,
Or bury my head in a tale,
Until my eyelids grow heavy
And my breathing becomes stale.
But tonight is a sleepless night,
And my brain has come undone,
With no more thoughts to occupy
All my memories having been spun.
I count the minutes—tick away,
On an artificial clock.
But no sheep, nor sand, nor story
Can undo insomnia's lock.
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 0
Trainer WIP by SayaStarshine Trainer WIP :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 2 3
Concrete Grave
My bones lie in a concrete grave,
Where the world settled to ash around me.
Where the dust invaded my esophagus
And my eyes swallowed up the darkness.
For once I stood at the top of the world,
Though humbled I fell to the bottom.
To the symphony of fire consuming cement,
A harmony of screams to echo the effect.
So here I lie, my body broken,
And contorted with my flesh erased.
But I am not lonely, there are many here,
Our lives taken by an ancient threat.
Some here are bitter, but I don't see why,
For our fates we cannot rewrite.
Instead I hope my blood will say
All of the lessons this world must take.
:iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 0 0
Goshen by SayaStarshine Goshen :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 2 1 Peppered by SayaStarshine Peppered :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 2 1 Dead Hearts by SayaStarshine Dead Hearts :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 4 1 Things I Shouldn't Buy by SayaStarshine Things I Shouldn't Buy :iconsayastarshine:SayaStarshine 1 7


Since I am currently in the middle of a facebook fast, I can't update my status about my exciting news. So I have to put it here.

I've been incubating chicken eggs, and they are starting to hatch! This is incredible, I didn't think they would! Right now you can hear the chicks peeping and see the eggs wiggling. They are starting to crack, too. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!
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