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PKMN - Satoshi+Pikachu

By Sayael
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One of the sketches that i will probably never finish *orz*

Sketchend this a while ago when I felt the urge to draw my teeny-love XD; Yes, I was a geek... Ash / Satoshi was/is one of my favourite characters from Pokemon... <3 One day I will draw a proper FanArt!


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Pikachu is so cute!
RitzNinja's avatar
Uh woah! Hot! When did Ash become 18?!
XxResonance's avatar
*jaw drops*
I'm never going to be able to watch pokemon normally again
lonewolf567's avatar
that is how pokemon should be drawn
Authentic-cheese's avatar
Congratulations! You're Ash evolved into a sexy!

BlackDiamond13's avatar
Shootingshadow's avatar
There's no fu**** way he's 10 in this pic. XD
Nice job
Yumikarp's avatar
Nah. I still think he's ten. A hot looking ten year kiddo. ♥
ongaku-shojo's avatar
Bbbbbb...BEAUTIFUL!! :heart: LAHV LAHV LAHV!!!
Kittengrl39's avatar
Okay, this is exactly why Ash needs to get older. Seriously, I might get back into Pokemon if they aged him up from freaking ten.
nedoiko's avatar
totally exellent!
cl0ck-hEart's avatar
i wish they would look like this in TV too Q//////Q
Haiku-san's avatar
wow... ten year old Satoshi/Ash just grew up! O_o
peahead4563's avatar
wow you make aten year old look hott
Fenris-Nocturnal's avatar
really amazing pic and picachu is so cute ^^
Maisbored's avatar
i wish ash actually looked like that maybe then i wouldnt lose interest in pokemon :P
Ashchethem's avatar
Oooh, sexy Satoshi. ;) Pikachu looks so cute! :giggle:
Argus1002's avatar
This is reary, reary, REARY good.
ninisybico's avatar
Ash looks hawt
Mahou-Koneko's avatar
*blinks* Wow... where did the old Ash/Satoshi go? Not that I'm complaining - he looks awesome in your style :) Pikchu is too cute!!
yourmaide's avatar
Satoshi is cool-looking guy :)
MissJussi's avatar
wow! this is great! u suold finnish it!!
Blythe-drinks-tea's avatar
awwwwwwwwwww! so cutee!! <3
i lava pocket monsters tooooo! heehee ^-^
AylaSilverkin's avatar
They both look so awesome. And yay you call him his original name. In my opinion Satoshi sounds better, but that's just me. Awesome work!
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