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Hannibal - Creativity

By Sayael
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Will Graham from the Hannibal TV Series... I really like this show so far. It is so beautiful and marcabre. And I love how the characters are portraied... especially the two main characters Hannibal and Will.
Poor Will...

Anyways... I'm trying to get myself into practicing more. More Portraits... more colors. More experiments and trying to work on Commissions inbetween.
This here took me around 4 hours I think. I need to get myself to spend a lil more on my work.

Anyways~! Check out Hannibal. It is worth the time. But don't watch it if you have a weak stomache. XD



Edit: WIP here [link]
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truely awesome :D
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I like this cause while he has his antlers and thus should be in a beast mode, you have a somber expression as if maybe he has some regret over how things are going.  or maybe a reflection of how he cannot seem to help what he's becoming and that maybe he wishes he could.  
Beautiful! An I agree with you on Hannibal, I love the show! even if it is a little dark! 
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Oh my gOODNESS this is so grotesque, awesome, amazing, and positively brilliant!! And the antlers are so well-created anD just like thank you for constructing this gorgeous piece of art!! <33 ; u ;
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I uh ... it's my pleasure~? *haha*
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This is so good omg
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wow - this is amazing - love the red - it really stands out
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this is beautiful
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really love the Hannibal TV Series and love this will you've portraied!bloody and weak..he is such a poor guy but we love it um~~~!!!:D
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This is awesome! And I agree, Hannibal is a great TV show. It is one of the most intelligent shows I've ever seen.
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Oh wow, that's really good!<3
blanktip's avatar
The deer sequenceeeeeeeeeees.
ShiroIri's avatar
This is so amazing! Its so dark and stunning!
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This is a beautiful piece :) youre doing well with these
Dragonangelx002's avatar
this is panning out to be an epic series
Sayael's avatar
I do hope so! It has alot of potential :heart:
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