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Cyan was not The Impostor

Hey there! I got some more Among Us fanart, the fandom is so fun! I've seen a lot of memes about the little extras you can get, like the dog or in this drawing, the mini crewmates that people have started labeled their children! I thought that doing a scene with the child and the "parent" would be interesting and fun, so here it is!!
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I dunno what’s going on, but this is good!

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Haha, thanks! This is fanart for the game "Among Us"where the players try to find the impostor, while the impostor tries to kill the other players. In the game, you can purchase little characters to walk next to you while playing. They add nothing to the game and are basically accessories, but some of them look like little kids and they actually react when a character dies or is thrown out, so I decided to illustrate it! Sorry if that's confusing

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No I understand it! Among us kind of sounds like a game on ROBLOX

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Haha yeah, kind of!