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All my Self-Sonas

I decided to have 3 separate Self-Sonas, because of the fact that I am a pretty well balanced ambivert. The ambivert one is the one I'll be using the most, the other two are mostly for specific situations in their world. And yes, all their color palettes look exactly the same, but the palettes are just there for my future personal use of the characters. Below are the reasoning behind their designs. Feel free to give me any crit you may have!

When I'm around other people, I tend to be a lot more confident and reckless, which is why I gave Extrovert Mack (EM) some bandages and patches, as if they're getting scratched up often. I also gave them a big zipped up hoodie because I interact with people the most when I'm out of the house, and would have to protect myself from the weather(althought they are wearing shorts but that's just for a fun silhouette and cuteness). I also gave them tennis shoes so they could run around and be active easily.

Introvert Mack (IM) is always tired, always drawing, and/or always on their phone. Basically, just me when I'm not with friend or anyone besides my close family. I gave them a t-shirt and jeans, nothing special because they don't go outside and wouldn't have to dress up for anyone. I wasn't sure about the color of the t-shirt, as yellow is usually a happy color, but I decided to keep it yellow to make all of the sona's designs more concise and show that they're all technically the same person.

Good ol regular Mack. I tried to give them a combination of the clothing design of the other two. For example, instead of just having a hooide or a t-shirt, they have an unzipped hoodie with a t-shirt underneath. They also have the same socks as IM, but they're more visible. I gave them only one bandage compared to EM's two, so show that I can still be a little reckless but it's more of me being clumsy than overconfident.
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