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Walkthrough.1 [Semi Clear Ice / Crystal Shard]

Please favorite or credit if you use, that would make me very happy and grateful.
Also if you use this to make art please post it in the comment section bellow I'd love to see.
1: Basic shape + Inner cloudyness
2: Outer edge lines
3: Inner edge lines
4: Facet shading
5: Add base color
6: Softening of lines
7: Add color to lines
8: Blur lines
9: Add lighting
10: Erase lines to give ice a better more natural shape
11: Add carve lines
12: Add ripple and carve lines
13: Fix lighting + add shine
14: Erase for better shape in greater finer detail.
15: Final touches
Hope this helps!
First real step by step. Ice style from my Crystal shard Material study.
Material Study.1 [Crystal Shards] by Syker-SaxonSurokov Material Study.2 [Woods.1] by Syker-SaxonSurokov
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Thanks so much for making this, it helped me out a lot! It's also amazing how a tutorial can still remain so helpful over 6 whole years :0

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Tutorial Fun challenge

im trying out a bunch of tutorials

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Excellent tutorial; I've certainly learned a couple of techniques. Thank you for taking the time to write this! :nod:
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Looks very helpful!
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I've been scrambling DA for weeks, looking for a crystal tutorial that can work on my miniscule mind
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This is my favorite comment I've ever gotten so far.
Did the tutorial help? I'm going to make another one soon enough, probably next month.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
It works pretty well
Aquamarine by ZanarNaryon
But I can't get the dark facet shading to look right
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Thank god this exists. Even though I'm a traditional artist, I can definitely use this in some way. Thank ye' for making this.
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This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this :D!
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Just what I was looking for! Thanks!
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This is super helpful! I've actually been thinking I'd love to see how people can draw crystals!
Lightning-in-my-Hand's avatar
Great tutorial!

We have to cook, Jesse!
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Yeah science b*tch!
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Nice clear step by step. I've never tried a crystal but they look fun to test out.
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Thank you for this ^w^

Really nice lighting and shading you've got there ;D
Crystals and Ice Shards are always really hard to do because of all the angles and the light reflections but you got the crystalline effect really well.

I'll use this one day XD
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Thank u so much for this... helped me greatly <3
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Glad to be of help!
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This is really cool, and I definitely plan on using this tutorial in the future. Thank you!
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it looks not only really cool for myself its a good way to learn how others work and i must say: like it really *_* would be nice if there is cooming more
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