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The Road of Trials

I can't have a gallery full of Journey fan art without this scene. [link]
Here's how i made this [link].

EDIT: Added more shadows and improved the lighting.
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Dururun...dundundundururun *the music*
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Beyond gorgeous! ♥♥
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That was one of the most breathtaking scenes that stuck with me when I watched the playthrough on YouTube (I don't have a PlayStation :(). Beautiful fanart for it! :)
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Especially the music. It was the first time a game able to made my jaw hung low in years
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This was my favorite scene in Journey, along with walking into paradise.
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Wow. Just wow. I've done some fan arts of Journey in watercolors, but this is another level.
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wonderful ! I love this scene !! :)
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how did you get that golden spray of sparkles? so smooth right on track :)
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I'm gonna try and do a thing showing how i made the whole piece, I'll try and explain the sparkling sand as best i can. :D
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yay :iconjoyplz: Im looking very forward to seeing it ^^ Thanks friend
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Really love the colours in this one...... Captures the scene beautifully :)
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would you mind if I used this for wallpaper? :'3
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I don't mind at all, go right ahead! :D
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So close with this one.. You forgot that when he is sliding, he leaves an impression in the sand.
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Hmm, I'll have to work on that. Thanks! :D
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Keep up the good work :3
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It's one of the most beautiful parts of the game. ;u;
Lovely art! ♥
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