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Rick and Morty

I love Rick and Morty. It's become one of my favorite animated shows.
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Hello, I'm a producer and i'm ready to post a new electro trap/pop song that makes me think of Rick, I love the way you drew it, it's exactly that cover I wish to use.

Can I use it and I write your artiste name on the video and I promote your deviant art in the comment !

(I know DubstepGutter already did a video but Is that matter ?)



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Sure. I'm fine with that. :D

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That's pretty cool. The song does have a mad scientist feel to it. Good work! :D

:D Thx a lot ! Your style make it feels more !!!

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Hi, would it be possible to send a high resolution version of this image to me. Its for use on my arcade control panel.

Love it. Im gonna post it on instagram if you don’t mind (I’ll link it with it’s source

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Sure, I'm fine with that. Thanks! :D

I really love this one !

A 3D artist student where I´m working at made a 3D version of this art.

Would it be alright if we´d share that on our Social Media?

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Sure, I'm fine with that. If you don't mind, send me a link. I'd like to see it. :D

Thank you very much !

Here is the link to the video

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That's awesome! He did a great job! I particularly like the slimy texture on the creatures. :D

Hi, my son got me to paint this for him. I hope that’s ok, I thought it was a scene off the show 😅 I’m happy to post or send so you can see how it turned out. Thanks

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I've got no problem with that, and yeah, I'd love to see it. :D

Hey, great art! I took the liberty to make your art in 3D, but i haven't used it for anything but school exercise. If you like, i can post it here?

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Sure, I'm cool with that. :D

Love this, hope you don't mind if I use as Desktop wallpaper too!

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I don't mind at all. Thanks! :D

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