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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 27, 2010, 3:04 PM
  • Listening to: Depeche Mode - Come Back (live)
  • Reading: God loves me - David Safier
  • Watching: DM live in Paris 19.01.10
  • Playing: with my curly hair
  • Eating: melon
  • Drinking: Orangina - Rouge (mjam mjam)
Hey guys,

actually I´m still down after a 6 days trip to 3 Depeche Mode concerts in France.
The first was in Lievin (17/01/10) but I did not take my cam in. Security was toooo strict lol
So I was enjoying a georgous and amazing concert. Depeche Mode were in a great mood. Talking a lot and interacting with the audience. When we were singing "ohohohohohooooo" after "Home" Dave came back on stage to the front and started to conduct us. Little later Christian started to play his drums and with that we all created a little "song"... Just awesome... Martin was playing "Insight", "Home" and "One Caress" :love: In total a wonderful emotional concert :D
In the morning at January 19th we started to go to Paris and arrived at 1 p.m. at P.O.P.B. (Palais Omnisport Paris Bercy). About 75-100 fans were already waiting to come in. It was so damn cold (3°C feeling like -5°C) and me I was wearing a skirt to hide my cam. How? You really want to know? Ok I´ll let you know.
I was putting it into my trousers under my skirt. So I was wearing it all day long between my legs :lmao:
Walking like a dumb lol Imagine me now running with this... Impossible. The first thing I did was going to the toilet and taking it out. I came back to my friends and yeah... we have been in the 3rd row right in front of Martin. So coool!
A pitty same setlist like in Lievin but awesome again. I would say much better than in Lievin.
In total I was so crazy of taking pictures... lol Over 2.000 I was taking but I was using powershot. So at the end I filtered out about 150 really cool pictures. Often same pose of Martin or Dave but who cares. Ah and I need to tell you about sweet Andy. The way he was dancing during the concerts was so cute and sweet. To watch him dance was becoming to be a running gag between my friends and me. I´m still so amused about that *g*. After this wonderful concert night we were out of order. Completely tired so we went to the hotel. Formule 1. Well I did only hear good things about that but well what we experienced wasn´t that cool.
First we were booking a non-smoking room. It was a smokers-room. Ok... something which you can accept somehow if there have not been the other little things *g*
Outside -5°C and no heating *freeze* and only light blankets. Thank you Formule 1 :laugh:
But we had so much fun there in joking around even in the morning and in the cold cold room ^^
This day we have been doing a little tour on the Champs-Elysees through the fnac store. Getting to know that only one day before Dave was in there to buy something... Damn we have been to late.... Well ok.... The same night this day I was forgetting everything during another great and awesome concert. This time we have been at the tribune but there was a lot of addicition in the air lol So great. The audience was in a very good mood. I had my cam with me again but this time to take some videos.
All in all it was a great trip and since that I´m depressed and down but in love with all my pictures I did and I still can hear Dave and Martin sing "Freelove", "Come Back" and "Dressed in Black" at the second night only for me (for sure) gg
I want it again! NOW! But I need to wait till Februrary 26th and 27th to enjoy the last 2 concerts of their whole tour... I´m IMPATIENT!!!!

So thanks for reading and sorry for some mistakes I made...
Just enjoy my pictures now...
Best wishes

DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 2 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 21 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 13 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 7 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 1 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 4 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 9 by SawSomething DM Paris POPB 19.01.2010 - 10 by SawSomething

P.S.: The support act "Nitzer Ebb" was very cool as well. I will upload some pictures soon as well ;)


Depeche Mode Live

Depeche Mode by p0m Depeche Mode III by nunophoto :thumb73511243: Depeche Mode I by nunophoto Depeche Mode - Dave - 3 by MrSyn Depeche Mode - Dave - 1 by MrSyn Depeche Mode vol.1 by endraum Depeche Mode II by p0m Depeche Mode - Dave - 2 by MrSyn depeche mode, Tel-Aviv - 01 by Brazilero2002 Depeche Mode IV by p0m :thumb73512247: Depeche Mode: Come Back by Zombieroom Depeche Mode: Martin by Zombieroom :thumb29436114: :thumb29435530:

Depeche Mode stamp. by SiostraNocy dave gahan stamp by peterdawes Martin Gore stamp by CrazzzyKitty :thumb87962441: I Love Eyes Stamp by Sugargrl14 I love Maine Coons by WishmasterAlchemist :thumb60398770: :thumb49669716: Death Note Stamp by Moliski The Joker -Animated Stamp- by DrXtreme :starbucks: by falexx Nom Nom by Mr-Stamp France Beating Heart Stamp by l8



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accantis Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow... thank you sooo much! :)
fantastic pics!!
Brazilero2002 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010
good shots from the concert !
BetweenAsleepAndWake Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconflowerplz:Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful shots. :tighthug: It reminds me of when I had the chance to see them on the Angel tour, a couple of years ago.
...Great memories !:love:
sweetpainter Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
fantastic :)
ViolaLucien Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, a great report :boogie: Oh, I know Formule 1 as well. Years ago I drove to Paris and I stayed there :lol: The photos are amazing, especially the one with Mart and the exploding lights in the background *.*
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