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Old commissionm 2013 - Cardcaptor Sakura by SavyIsJoshoArts Old commissionm 2013 - Cardcaptor Sakura :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 24 9 Asuna Christmas Cosplay from my Artwork by SavyIsJoshoArts Asuna Christmas Cosplay from my Artwork :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 28 3 SIJA DeviantID 2019 drawn by Endless-Rainfall by SavyIsJoshoArts SIJA DeviantID 2019 drawn by Endless-Rainfall :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 13 3 Open Rails - NSW 3801 and Fleet Illawarra by SavyIsJoshoArts Open Rails - NSW 3801 and Fleet Illawarra :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 3 1 DeviantID_2019 by SavyIsJoshoArts DeviantID_2019 :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 11 7 Xmas-Gift: JayFoxFire by SavyIsJoshoArts Xmas-Gift: JayFoxFire :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 23 7 Xmas-Gift: Leohightower by SavyIsJoshoArts Xmas-Gift: Leohightower :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 15 14 Xmas-Gift: Hurricane360 by SavyIsJoshoArts Xmas-Gift: Hurricane360 :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 8 5 T-Shirt Design: SIJA Return to Society ALTERNATIVE by SavyIsJoshoArts T-Shirt Design: SIJA Return to Society ALTERNATIVE :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 4 2 T-Shirt Design: SIJA Return to Society by SavyIsJoshoArts T-Shirt Design: SIJA Return to Society :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 4 5 Time to get ROWDY!!!!!! by SavyIsJoshoArts Time to get ROWDY!!!!!! :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 57 40 SAO: Asada Shino Yakata by SavyIsJoshoArts SAO: Asada Shino Yakata :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 90 35 SAO: Isamu x Sinon Spring Kiss by SavyIsJoshoArts SAO: Isamu x Sinon Spring Kiss :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 45 20 The SHIELD Fan Button by SavyIsJoshoArts The SHIELD Fan Button :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 6 0 SAO-OS: Isamu the Sniperman. by SavyIsJoshoArts SAO-OS: Isamu the Sniperman. :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 36 12 SAO: Beach Fun - IsamuxSinon by SavyIsJoshoArts SAO: Beach Fun - IsamuxSinon :iconsavyisjoshoarts:SavyIsJoshoArts 55 18
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:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: = NOT YET STARTED
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: = SKETCHING
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: = LINEARTING
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: = COLOURING
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: = BACKGROUND COLOURING
:star::star::star::star::star: = FINISHED

NOTE: If your inboxing me, Be advised, If your inboxing me with one word messages, or messages regarding 'ideas' to try and score something off me for free, All of them will be UNANSWERED and IGNORED. Not trying to sound selfish, But inbox messages like them to me is considered SPAMMING. Please do not do that.

if you are inboxing me for commissions, Please make sure you put in the subject 'Commission' that way I know you are inboxing me for a commission.. :)

Any inbox messages contain insults, trolling or attacks towards me will not just be flagged, but it will be reported.

Don't question these rule, otherwise I'm flagging them as spam. PERIOD!

My inbox are for IMPORTANT things only and I will only reply if it's important, Otherwise, It's just wasting my precious time.

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Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?
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What Undertale Character Are you?
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 photo 12642996_493534837495433_8451191984751278576_n.jpg

Name: Josho
Country: Australia
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland.


DO's and DON'T's

DO: Feel free to comment, fav and inbox me for general chat as you free to. :) Humourous remarks is VERY A-OK. But do keep it tasteful. ;)
Or you can send me badges. :D Incase you ask what one in particular.. Llamas are OK, But cakes are better. :D

DO: Feel free to comment on my artworks here. One simple rule though is this. PLEASE KEEP IT PEACEFUL AND REASONABLE and FAIR.

DON'T: pester me to comment or fav stuff, I'll fav and comment on stuff WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT in my own will.

DON'T: Inbox me 'Ideas' if your not commissioning me, it'[s just wasting my time or one word messages or commenting asking these following subjects

Q: Why have you blocked my friend? can you unblock him/her? or Can't you be friends?
A: I make it VERY well clear that there some people I don't talk to on here who I do not want to associate or get into unwanted conflicts with not made by me that i had to remove from my life in the past. So please reframe/avoid asking me this at all cost and respect my decision. That includes people passing on messages from the people I blocked. if you've been ask to pass on a message to me by someone I've got on my blocklist. It will go unanswered and that comment WILL be hidden. Repeat this warning, i'll flag it as spam. keep going on that same topic the third time, then you're blocked from interacting on my profile.
Fail to respect my decision or keep hassiling me on this SPECIFIC RULE especially. i will with no hesitation either unwatch you, flagg the comments or notes as spam, depending on the situation, may be place on a temporarely block from making interaction with me until further notice.

Q: Why won't you do requests? Art trades? Collabs? etc.
A: Simple, I don't do stuff for anyone for free when i get asked ESPECIALLY If I don't hardly know you at all. I will not be made to do stuff that I'm not comfortable on doing. I'm not a machine. I do have a life off the internet. Even If I do draw stuff for close friends. It's mostly out of my own will without them asking me. Don't ask or get depressed/guiltripping me about that. Will not tolerate that behaviour.

Q: Can you donate some points to me please.
A: AGAIN.. I don't do stuff for free. If you want points that bad. Pay for it yourself. Any comments asking for that, will be flagged as spam.
Same with Complaining or guilt tripping me in any circumstances. I will not tolerate it on here. Like I said, I do not want any unwanted controversy. -

If you are somehow have been blocked from interacting on my dA profile for a very good reason given and you try to use an alternative account and dare to
block-evade me.
ANY accounts you made will not only be blocked PERMANENTLY, But I will have you reported to the DeviantArt HelpDesk for Harassment.

Didn't think I would put up this STRICT rule in regards to using any of my OC's But just so EVERYONE knows, And I HIGHLY suggest you acknowledge this as I take this rule VERY seriously. Only people who can draw my OC's is if you are either a VERY close friend of mine or very good friends that I know you for a while who I FULLY trust. The close friends I do get along Very well, You are OK to use my OC's just as long you ask me first to use them for a commission or your drawing them on your own will.

However I do have rules when using my characters. Please do NOT draw them for your personal fetishes, That is something I DO NOT like ever. If I do see you use my characters for your fetish likings that I don't approve I will ask you to please remove it.

Here are the fetishes I do NOT allow
and others not listed that I don't like.

If you have been asked to do a commission or a artwork that DOES involved the use of my OC's, Please ask me first by note, let me know who it is that has asked you. Depending who the person is, Don't be suprised If I do decline you for using it if it's for someone I don't like or I don't talk to anymore who I don't get along with.

Which now comes to the next rule below.

ANYONE ELSE who I don't know or do know but are NOT on my good side are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use my OC's at ANY cost. Including those who wrongfully use my OC WITHOUT my permission/consultant. I can BY right will ask anyone who did NOT ask my permission to use any of my OC's to have it taken down. (I will Note in a nice way to ask to take it off.)

Please do NOT question or judge my decision about this new rule by comments or note, it'll be unanswered or hidden without an answer.

:police::new:USING MY ARTWORK MATERIAL :new::police:

Anyone on here who has uploaded or submitted ANY of my artwork pieces that I have put in a lot of effort into WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.
I will file in a DMCA Take-Down notice against you, no questions asked.


If you do like my work, fav it instead, DO NOT submit it to your gallery, this site is NOT Photobucket or tumblr for that matter.

Fail to acknowledge stated above will come to the following actions:
- Flagged as spam.
- Hidden the comments

REPEAT this same offense, I WILL temporarely/permanently BLOCK you from commenting to my profile. do I make myself clear?

Stick to these guideline rules, and everything will be good. Okay? =)

Best friend on dA:

:iconendless-rainfall: :iconblackvegetable:

ARTISTS and Good friends :heart:

:iconsinonfangroup: SinonFanGroup
:iconpokemonoc-club: pokemonoc-club
:icongirls-in-swimsuits: Girls-In-Swimsuits


Australian English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Irish language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Trades closed by KillboxGraphics For now.
Requests closed by KillboxGraphics PERMANENTLY! DON'T ASK!
Comms closed by KillboxGraphics Closed until further notice..
Collabs closed by KillboxGraphics FOR NOW! Close friends only.

Programs I use



Sonic X by SuperheroGeek13 Stamp - AsunaxKirito by Chelimka STAMP: ANTI Kirito x Lisbeth by SavyIsJoshoArts (Request) Anti Pokeshipping Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
ContestShipping Hater Stamp by BrainyxBat STAMP: Isamu x Sinon by SavyIsJoshoArts Sinon Stamp by StampsAndIconsPLZ Sinon stamp (FTU) by xXGemmyLiciousXx
Sinon stamp SAO by Pablobellas RQ - SAO - Sinon Stamp by TVnGames Chara stamp - Asada Shino-Sinon (SAO II) by EmiRukiway


Like the last status regarding that fool The-Sakura-Samurai . I got Legit proof to show that I DID confront him despite he's going around saying I never did. When I made it well clear that I want NOTHING to do with him anymore as clearly said here that I'm moving on and said my peace and him, He did NOT acknowledge how serious I was and thinks it's a joke to him despite he swore he would listen and accept it. Sorry guys, But "HE IS A HUGE LIAR!" He's still running his mouth after I made it clear I'm finished with him. And moving on, All he did was dragging my name in over and over and over. I'm surprised E.D. (Encyclopedia Dramatica) didn't make an article about him on this as that would grab their attention.

Yes some I may have sounded harsh and all. But understand this people, He's the one that was constantly harassing me and cyber-bullying me over the same stupid thing from 2015 he would NOT leave it be, Not the other way around. AND FYI, I never ONCE said I wished he was dead for good as he claimed it, If he reckons I have, Show us the proof NOW Publicly, otherwise stop fabricating this up.

 Sure I may have name called him and do regret it now, However understand is to why that is, It's his constant harassment and cyber-stalking that lead me to treating him harshly with his numerous amount of harassmen. To you Nic. I demand YOU to show your SO-CALL proof PUBLICLY to show I said those thing. Legit post that proof for everyone to see (UN PHOTOSHOPPED) . I can tell you, without a doubt you won't and therefor there's NO proof of that of me saying it as I never wish death on anyone, Not even my ex partners I had or someone I hate IRL. That's not me to say that. Again, He's a narcissist for saying I did when I NEVER did.

Anyways, That's why I reacted. He also purposely twisted my words up on his 1st reply thinking I wasn't proud to met my reallife friend which is untrue. He purposely twisted those words up and fabricated it up as it clearly shows here. It's only him I wish I never met. So that makes him a narcissist bigot.

Even so, He also hinted there he DID Block-Evade me to get to me. (read for yourself.) Mind you I won't be suprised if he did make another account to block-evade me again.

Thanks for reading.

Proof I have confronted The-Sakura-Samurai by SavyIsJoshoArts
...First I'm trying to recover from a loss of my family member.... Now this moron by the name of :iconthe-sakura-samurai: decides to call me out and calling me a hypocrite for filing a DMCA Take-Down on an artwork that is RIGHTFULLY mine and not his. Wow. Talk about WRONG TIMING after the bad term of events I had this past days.... What a ungrateful heartless arsehole.

If he dares to re-upload it, I'll again file the DMCA Take-Down again, will do so numerous time he does it, even if he is risking to be kicked off. SO BE IT!

Anyways, sure
Just because he DID commission me back in 2013. Doesn't give him the right to have it on his gallery despite I did clearly say I didn't want it uploaded here back in 2013. But nope. He ignored it and did so without my OK to do so before I even answered back then. It was only recently I was able to find my ORIGINAL file dated in 2013 and filed the claim. I'm not going to do things on his terms since all this time he was doing this crap on his terms... 

BTW. This is the same douchebag who I DID confront by Note after telling him to stop his nonsense and leave me alone cause of his obsession and harassment he created, Yes even him creating accounts listed below he used to block-evade me.

The ones he used to block-evade me are listed below:

and his last one I can confirm which he used to troll.

He can deny all he wants. I know it's him all along.

 I told him I want to move on and want nothing to do with him anymore. But he chose to ignore my wishes and thinks my reason wasn't good enough. So that's another LIE from him guys... If you want proof, Note me, I'll be happy to screenshot the notes onto and show you all I have been noting him to stop, despite this little shit going around saying I never did when that is a HUGE lie on his part. I got the proof to back myself up.

Nothing but lies from this scumbag.

Sorry to my genuine followers for this.
But This person has chosen the VERY WRONG TIME to start things with me while recovering from a family loss. I seriously don't need this crap right now,  let alone his freaky obsession for me and doing all this for attention! He's been tagging me on everything about this crap. So that's proof he has a FREAK OBSESSION for me at it's worst.*ugh*

Tell me this, Where's this so-call proof of his? I can't see it. Can you?

Also to Nicholas, where's the so call 'HATRED' comments made by me and those YOU tagged them on showing the hatred comments about YOU??? Show it publicly right now! C'mon! I'm waiting! If you refuse to show it publicly, Then your wasting everyone's time and fabricating this shit up.

Where's the hated comments made by me and those YOU wrongfully tagged?
Can you see it??
Hey, neither can I. So it's all lie from The-Sakura-Samurai

That's because we never did and he is doing this for attention! And shows he's got a bad obsession for me to put the wasted effort to call me out like that.

 I can't see any. This status here can't be classed as hatred to him, if it is, than he is delusional. this is more of calling him out for the RIGHT reasons on his false slander and narcissist remarks he fabricated.
 Nor can see any, It's all fabricated from him everyone. :hmm:

If your going to use this status I put as evidence as hatred. Then guess who's the real hypocrite? And it ain't me.

He also stated about the word narcissist and looked up the wrong meaning on his part.
this is what a Narcissist is. I didn't call him a narcissist cause he wanted to makepeople laugh or entertaining them, that's his personal choice and he has the right to entertain people that he does on his stuff.

Anyways The REAL reason I called him a narcissists IS because HE WAS ACCUSING me of allogations he fabricated, going around and saying that I wished he was dead or rot in hell and suffer when that is NOT true,

Seriously, Am I that sort of person to say these horrid things? If you think so and believing his lies. Well you don't me that well and don't know me by a bar of soap.
So, Nicholas. Provide that proof with a URL Link NOW! PUBLICLY! Not by Discord.  Otherwise stop this manipulative narcissist remarks YOU fabricated. DO ME A FAVOUR, think before you bloody open your damn mouth!

what's sad is  after I did confronted him on that,  he still sticking to his beliefs and  believes his own lies and thinks the world revolves around him. It doesn't!

here's the real meaning of that word below means.
noun: narcissist; plural noun: narcissists
  1. a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.
    "narcissists who think the world revolves around them"

    That sums up what he is.
...I want to fight.EDIT 2:...Well...took you long enough didn't you.
So one of the pictures in my gallery has gotten a copyright claim and had to be removed.  The picture in question isn't one that I made but one of the pictures I've commissioned.  It's one of the many Sakura Kinomoto LAMA pictures and the person who drew this is the same person who filed a copyright claim to have it removed from my gallery which is :iconsavyisjoshoarts:
I do admit this caught me by surprise as I've had this picture for more than 5 years and all of the sudden it has been taken down but at the same time I could understand the reaction of not wanting someone you don't like to have one of your artworks on the gallery hence why the copyright claim and I'm surprised you decided to take this action against me now.  But here's the thing, it is true, you drew the picture that is a fact.  But what's also a fact is that I was the one that commissioned you to draw that picture.  I paid real money to se
Hey gang.
I want to take a chance to say thank you all who contacted me for moral support after the passing of my Uncle that died on New Years Day. x

I'm slowly getting back on my feet. I'll be sure to soon get things back on track. Your support through this difficult time means a lot to me. So Thank you. :aww:
You guys may be asking about my dA Icon change, It's nearly the same as the last one but added a Remembrance Day poppy with the Australian Army symbol in honour of my now late Uncle who has served in the Australian Army.

Stand Down soldier, Your duty is done.
Lest We forget.. Icon - Poppy 

Not the phone call I wanted to hear.
I not only lost my God father, But my beloven Uncle, This is not the best start of the year at all.

Words cannot desrctbe how sad, how heartbroken I really am. and very shaken severely

Thinking of my family heaps through this very difficult time..
You're no longer in pain now Dear Uncle Steve. You're now reunited with Nan and Aunty Margaret in the pearly gates up in the sky...

Thank you for being there for all of us. And been there like a father figure for myself and my brother. We'll miss your sense of humour.

Most of all, We love you forever xxxxxxx
R.I.P Uncle Steve 
10/6/1959 - 2/1/2019
2019, You can go suck a big one.


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