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Working late



At last I managed to upload the blasted image.... :shakefist:

Damn you dA sometimes.... Or damn you internet... Whatever... :paranoid:

This is supposed to be a response to that [link] as my lovely :iconmiranthia: asked... Aveline worked late and fell asleep on the desk!! :XD: But Hawke was there to carry her... :flirty:

Noooow, I know its dark (and maybe comparing to your screen settings it may looks darker or brighter - I don't know >> I has an awesome screen btw :XD: <<) I just followed the room's lighting. You can't see it but theres a fireplace to the left. That's why all the 'warmy and blurry' atmosphere (you know - - heat!)

Anyway, by all means sweetie if you don't like it I'll change it even completely!!! Ok? Just tell me!! But at any rate I'll hope you 'll enjoy this one too!! :pray:

And what you think they don't have a story?? Hah... follow the ladies here please >>>> [link]
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