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Hey my dear followers,

I'm sorry I haven't written any fanfiction in quite a while. As most of you know, that's because I'm writing my own work at the moment on Wattpad. It's going pretty good :) I learned this week that Wattpad decided to feature my novel A Crown of Lies for 2 weeks! Which is pretty awesome and not something I expected so early in writing the story. On top of that, the story ranked #514 in the Fantasy category. Which is also pretty awesome considering there are thousands of stories written in that genre. 

Anyway, it would mean the world to me if you could check the story out. You can find it here:…

Lots of love and happy reading! :love:
Hello everyone!

I've had quite the week last week because of my father's passing, but now I'm back! :) I already posted a Steve x Reader story two days ago, but I also plan to continue my own story a Crown of Lies. I'm quite happy with how the prologue turned out and I would love for you guys to check it out if you have the time :) 

You can find the story on Wattpad:

Are you still not sure if you want to read it, here's a little sneak peek!

At the Royal Castle of Albion, 47e year of the Second Age 

There was something serene about the silence that filled the castle. Most people were fast asleep this time of night, but Lucian still lay awake in the large bed in the royal quarters of the Albion castle, holding his wife in his arms. His fingers traced circles over the faded scars on her shoulder as he listened to her steady breathing, unable to find sleep himself.

     He often couldn't, but usually found peace in listening to the soft sounds around him. The flapping of wings as a bird found its way back to the large pine tree underneath his window. The whispers of the wind as it blew through the cracks in the castle walls. The countless hasty footsteps of servants preparing for another day echoing through the halls. He heard it all and more, calming his mind in ways no sleep ever could. Yet tonight, it had him on edge.

     More so for the things he didn't hear.

     He turned his gaze towards the single window in the large king's bedroom. It was far into the night, the shadows of darkness creeping across the brazier-lit walls. A sliver of moonlight shone through the curtains that swayed on the soft winter's breeze. The silvery blue light flowed across the floor and folded over his beautiful wife, illuminating her bare breasts.

     He took in a deep breath and kissed her forehead, feeling her stir underneath his touch. She didn't wake, even though the cold of night clawed at her exposed back. She only turned her body towards him and pulled closer towards his warmth. A content smile curled Lucian's lips. He took in a deep breath and savored the smell of her. A hint of jasmine and smoke filled his nostrils, taking him back to times long since passed.

     It had been five years since the wretched war with the lands across the sea. Five years since he had met his wife, lost his father and had become king of Albion. A war in which so many lives had been lost. A lot had happened since then. New alliances had been made, debts had been paid, and a united army had been forged to protect all people of Etheria from harm. But all of that hadn't stopped a new war from rising in its wake.

     A war that would be knocking on his doorstep one day or the other.

     That, among other things, was keeping him up at night.

     That, and the future of his daughter, who was soundlessly sleeping in her crib in the adjoining room. She was barely a year old, yet she had already stolen the hearts of the people in Albion. With her clear, light-blue eyes she could see to a man's soul and Lucian knew that the Truthseer gift––a gift that ran deep into his family's bloodline––was strong within her. It was Magic the Mother had given them long ago and allowed them to observe the past, the present and the future and See the Truth hidden within.

     In a world founded on lies, it was a valuable and dangerous gift to have.

     Lucian could only hope that world would be kind to her when she grew of age and would inevitably take the throne one day. It would be years before she was troubled with that responsibility, but the young king worried nonetheless. Knowing what he knew––what he had Seen––it was a miracle he got any sleep at all.

     There was a shift in the air––a slight vibration that could only be raised by Magic. Goosebumps crawled across Lucian's skin. He knew something was wrong before it even happened.

     The peaceful silence was abrupted by the sound of bells. Bells that hadn't sounded in centuries, but were so distinct, they had Lucian pushing himself from the warmth of his bed. Even though he himself had never heard the bells, he knew the sound all too well.

     It were the Albion Bells of War.

     Lucian swallowed hard, feeling his Magic rise into his chest as he quickly woke the sleeping woman beside him. The haze that lay over his eyes showed him someone had broken into the castle and had defeated his first line of soldiers without taking a second breath. That he had not seen it coming until now, could only mean one thing.

     The Wizard King was here and blood would pave the streets tonight.

     >>>

Hello my dear friends!

I just posted the prologue of my story 'A Crown of Lies' on Wattpad. If you have the time I would really appreciate it if you could check it out for me :). It probably still contains a few errors, but I really wanted to get it out today. It's been a bit hectic for me these past two days. My father passed away yesterday afternoon, so I'm still trying to get back into my normal headspace :).

Anyway, you can read the prologue here:

I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is always welcome :) Please be kind to me though! 

Lots of love,

Hey everyone,

I know you will all be disappointed to hear this, but I will be taking a break from writing fanfiction. I've decided I want to try to write some of my own work and with the limited time I have, that means I will need to make some choices. 

Not to worry though, I will post the story online for all of you to read! I really enjoy reading your comments and discussing plotlines with all of you. So, if you're into fantasy and enjoy my writing style, I invite you to read it. Here's a small synopsis that might trigger your interest :) 

To avoid war from spreading and the world from breaking, a young woman has to reclaim her stolen throne and expose the Truth before it's too late.

     The lands of Etheria have long since been plagued by war. A new age started when one king conquered the kingdoms around him and would not stop until all the lands yielded before him. Now, Magic is dying, a rebellion is rising, and the King is marching towards the last remaining free lands.

     Elora Atherton wants nothing to do with war. The dreams that haunt her at night show her enough of it to know its festering darkness, but she soon finds she is not as far away from its center as she thought. When the Black Guard comes for her on the night of Valmai, she finds out she is not only the lost heir to the Albion throne, but the last Truthseer as well.

     After Elora barely escapes with her life, the weight of a whole kingdom now rests on her shoulders. If she ever wants her throne back, she has to unite the once Loyal Houses of Albion, rally them against the Crownagainst the man that has taken everything from herand unravel the web of Lies the King has spun.

     But will the lands and people she barely remembers be worth the sacrifices that await her?

A Crown of Lies is the first novel in the Keepers of Truth series set in a world full of magic, love, and betrayal.

I'd like to hear what you think about it and if you'd read it of course :) If you're interested, you can follow me and the story on Wattpad:…
The story will be updated every two weeks (if I can manage) starting from October.

Oh, I am also looking for pre-readers for the story, so if you'd want to help me write this story and get it right :D send me a note!

Anyway, thanks for reading this and I hope to see you elsewhere on the web!

Lots of love,

Hey guys!

I'll be leaving you for about two weeks to go on vacation :D So for 2 weeks no stories I'm afraid :( But I have lots of story ideas to write when I'm back, so don't worry! :D

Anyway, thanks for the continuing support! That really means a lot to me :love:

Lots of love,

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the absence again, but I've been moving to my new home these past few weeks :) I am almost completely settled and have internet again, so I can put out some stories for you again!

Anyway, I hope to start the 2 series I talked about soon :) But if you have some ideas for one-shots for me to put out in the meantime I'll see what I can do!

Lots of love!

P.S. Have you seen the new Avengers Poster with Captain America?? OMG... *squeals* Can't wait to see it!! (for the curious ones:  Captain America by savrom)
Hey everyone (especially my watchers in the US)!

Happy 4th of July and of course happy birthday to Steve!! :D I hope you all have an awesome day! For that special occasion, I will post a special 4th of July/Birthday one shot with Steve in a few hours :) I hope you'll enjoy it.

If you have anything special you want me to write, let me know :hug:

Lots of love,

Your author
Hey everyone!

So, I've been away for a while, but I'm back :) for now at least. I feel like the Marvel fandom isn't as popular anymore and less and less people read my fanfiction. I have been thinking about leaving DA for a while and even though I still have lots and lots of ideas, I'm not quite sure if I will be staying :( Thank you though my loyal watchers and everyone that still reads my stories for sticking with me :) You have given me confidence in my writing :D 

For now, I've already posted a few one-shots and finished 2 series. I'm also working on 2 new series. One with a Stark!Reader and a 'Before I Fall'-like storyline and one with an Android!Reader. Both are for Steve of course ;) who else! I hope you'll like them. I don't know yet when they'll be posted or finished, but I will try to get them up as soon as possible.

So, while I'm still here, are there any things you would like to see from me? :) Let me know!

Anyway, thanks for everything and leave me a comment if you have any ideas and stuff!

Lots of love,

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being away for a couple of months. I had some personal stuff to sort out (I now have a new job and all) and I wanted some time to work on the ideas for my book(s). Though I did miss writing for you guys, so I will try to pick it up again :) don't know how much time I will have, because I do want to spend some more time on my own works.

Anyway, I'm writing the next chapter for Mr. Right as we speak and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week if not sooner. I will also look at everything you requested from me before I kind of disappeared on you hehe :D. But are there any things you think I should really continue or start? Let me know!

Also: how've you been doing? Anything I missed?

Lots of love,

Hi everyone!!

I'm still working on a few things of my own, but I thought since I'm nearing the 2000 watchers mark (thank you so much for the support :love: ), I'd ask my dear friends what they'd like to read :)

So you all know I'm a big Marvel writer, so you can ask me practically anything with that and I'm also a huge Dragon Age fan! Apart from those two I guess I could work with DC, as well as the new Star Trek (with Chris Pine and all). If you have any other things just ask and I'll let you know if I could work with that.

With the request the three things to keep in mind are:
1. I don't do OC's
2. I don't do lemons 
3. One shots only (I hope anyway XD)

Oh and please watch me if you make a request :D

Alright, thanks for everything and I can't wait to see your ideas!

Lots of love,

Your author
Hey everyone!!

Going on holiday for about 2 weeks :D so probably no stories and updates until then :( I hope you can survive that ;)

Anyway thanks for the ongoing support. Really means a lot to me :hug: and more will come soon!!

Lots of love,

Your author,
Hello my dear friends and watchers!

So I've been quite busy lately with getting my writing going again :) I hope you liked everything I have come up with. I truly appreciate all of your support:D usually makes my day :love:

Anyway! So for this week I hope to have another chapter up for Now we are free and United we stand. I also hope to finish the story where Steve is Hydra (or at least that's how it seems ;) Hail Hydra!!).

Besides that I have a few things on my mind which I want to write. I have three more one shots I want to right. One for Steve, one for Bucky and one for T'Challa, all after Civil War.

And of course I also have a few short series ideas. One for Steve and one for Bucky both inside the Civil War movie :) so yeah a lot more to come!! Let me know if you already want some details ;) might be good for me too to write some of them out!

Anyway have a great day!!

Lots of love,

Your author 
Hey guys!!

So as I said before: I was thinking about advancing the United we stand story into the Civil War storyline, but I also thought about doing it for the Face of Love one. Doing both is a bit much, so I was wondering which one you prefered:D 

Let me know!!!

Lots of love!

Your author,
Hey everyone!

I just went to Civil War tonight and all I can say is: YESH!! It's so awesome :D If you haven't seen it yet, you really should, but don't read any further because spoiler alert I have to get something off my chest about it!

Everyone that hasn't seen it gone? Good. So, I have already discussed this with some of you, but I just still don't understand the Steve and Sharon thing. Maybe in the comics they fit together, but in the movies... Gosh, it sucks. I mean the kiss? What the hell was that about!!! They just stood there eyeing each other and Steve was like: okay I guess I should kiss her now. So awkward XD but maybe it's just me and maybe I just want him all for myself ;) but in my opinion that was some bad story writing. As someone said to me, Sharon's character isn't deep enough (if you know what I mean). And I think that's the problem. It just feels so forced (like she's thrown in there just for that kiss) and empty. Steve deserves better!

Anyway, let me know what you guys think! About the movie and possibly about the whole Sharon thing ;) but only if you hate her too. Haha, no just kidding! You can tell me anything!

I will update my stories soon and also probably start something new for civil war, just because it was awesome and I have to write something better for the whole Sharon thing XD

Lots of love,

Your author
Hi guys!

It had been like 6 months since I last posted something for this story so I was wondering of people were still interested in it :D I read it again and was quite surprised that it was actually better than I thought it was when I stopped XD 

Anyway I would first update the first few chapters to get some plotholes out, but let me know what you think!!

Thanks in advance and lots of love,

Your author

Hey everyone!

As some of you know, I've had a not so pleasant encounter with someone that copied my work and posted it as her own on another website. This has made me think about the protection DeviantArt provides authors on the website from plagiarism and copyright infringement, which to my knowledge is nonexistent, even though other artist can protect their work through watermarks. As an author I would like to have this protection as well (and I'm sure many others would like to have it too), and to my suprise it is (seemingly) easy. Other websites (such as the one my work was copied on) prevent people from copying anything through the disablement of text selection. Wouldn't it be awesome if DeviantArt implements this in their website as well? We'd have to worry less about others stealing our stories!

Now how are we going to ask DeviantArt to implement this? We could of course all individually ask the staff (and drive them mad), but I don't think that is going to get us anywhere. So what I was thinking is to combine all of our voices into one and show DeviantArt how many of us out there are sick and tired of plagiarism and want DeviantArt to do something about it. Therefore, I made an online petition which you can all sign and when I think we have enough support I'll present it to the staff of DeviantArt :) I don't know of course if they will do anything with it, but at least we tried and showed our dismay.

So, please, if you want to stop plagiarism on DeviantArt, sign this petition, share it with all your friends by copying this journal or making one of your own :)

Thanks in advance!

Lots of love,

Your author

P.S. The text below is part of the petition, but you can use it for your own journal about plagiarism if you want:

Dear authors of DeviantArt,


Plagiarism can be described as the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.

However, how wrong and immoral as it may seem, the idea remains problematic with unclear definitions and unclear rules.

As authors we don't want our work copied by those who have bad intentions and want to (mis)use our work for their own benifits. Unfortunately on DeviantArt there is nothing protecting authors from plagiarism and/or copyright infringement, even though other artists are protected by the use of watermarks.

There are, however, other websites that do protect authors, by prohibiting visitors of the website (including members) to copy the work that has been uploaded. This not only prevents people from copying it directly, but also lowers the incentive and opportunity to do so indirectly.

Our request to DeviantArt? Disable the text selection for literature uploads. This would prevent people from directly copying an author's work and would give a lot of writers on DeviantArt some peace of mind when it comes to plagiarism.

If you agree with this and would like DeviantArt to disable the text selection, please sign this petition. We cannot guarantee the staff will listen to our plea, but we can try to make them see this is a serious problem and concern for many of the authors using their website.

Thank you for listening,


Your fellow authors

Hi everyone,

So this is going to be a little bit of a rant, because there are still people out there that believe it is okay to steal someone's work (fanfiction or not).

First of all, what inspired me to write this is the lack of respect that (young) people have nowadays for the property of others. Be it actual stuff like phones, money, cars, or things that are on the internet (which is called intellectual property). Stealing is never okay and plagiarism is a form of stealing in my opinion.

By no means am I unreasonable when it comes to people copying my work because they want to write themselves, but lack the knowledge or capability to do so. When I come across these people (which is not that often fortunately), I always try to be nice and ask them to take my story down (or mention me as the author when I'm in a good mood). And of course there is always some form of anger there, because I worked really hard on those stories and it is never fun to see other people taking credit for that. Yet, I ask politely, because sometimes they just forgot to mention me or are still young and stuff (though I'm not saying that's an excuse. It's wrong no matter what).

However, the other day one of you lovely people pointed out to me that someone copied my work somewhere, pretending it was her own. So I was: okay, not problem, let's check this out. Seemed like an okay person, maybe a bit young, but not unreasonable. I asked her to take the story from her account, since I wrote it here on DA and it wasn't hers. Expecting to get a mature and normal responds back, I put down my phone and went to do other things. Several minutes later I get a message from her asking me why I wanted to know, greeting me and telling me to go F**K myself.

You can imagine how I felt...

So, still trying to remain cool I wanted to answer her saying it was not really the responds I was hoping for and that immature behaviour wouldn't get her very far in this world. Anyway, it turns out she blocked me from her account, so I couldn't respond to her anymore. Really mature, again...

But the best part was that several seconds later she deleted the comment (of me going to F**K myself) and then she admitted knowing it was mine, calling me a B*TCH and saying she wasn't going to take it down, even sort of threatening me by asking me if I understood?

Well... She had me very, very angry at that point. It's one thing to steal someone's work and pretending to have written it yourself, but acting like this, is what's wrong with the world nowadays. The total lack of respect and hate coming from this girl (who I can only assume is like 10 years old or so) in my opinion is actually quite fascinating. She stole my story and then gets mad at me for pointing it out...

You get the irony.

Anyway, with the social media and platforms such as DA becoming so big over the past few years I realise that when posting your work on the internet it's not really safe. There will always be people trying to profit from your hard work and pretend they made the artwork you worked on for like six months or the story you spend days and nights on to perfect. It's not fair, but it's reality. Still I think as a community (or as people in general) we should not allow this to happen and especially not encourage people who clearly didn't write a story or made an artwork (which is most cases is pretty obvious).

I do want to pose a question though. To all those people out there stealing the work of others. What do you hope to gain? You know yourself you didn't write the story or made the artwork, so why post it in the first place? Do the positive comments make you feel good in some way? Because that would be a false sense of accomplishment considering you didn't write a word of that story (or painted a single brush of the artwork). You think people will hold you in high regard, think you're talented? I get that it could make you feel better about yourself, but it is all a false feeling, because at the end of the day you know you aren't any of the things people tell you you are. All you are is a thief and a liar, and I really don't understand how that could make you feel good. So please do yourself a favour and stop stealing. Stop trying to be someone you're not. Talk to your friends and find out what your true talent is. You may think you don't have one (which is the reason you need to steal the work of others), but please believe me when I say that you do. Everyone has one. Even you. Just try it. It will make you feel a lot better and me a lot less angry.

So... the girl who stole my story? I reported her for copyright infringement and hateful comments on the website she posted it. I don't know if anything will come of it, but since she wouldn't allow me to talk to her in a mature and normal way, I had to at least try and get my story from her account. She probably won't stop (considering she told me to go F**K myself), but I do hope that she reads this someday. Maybe when she's older, and she's found her talent, she'll understand it isn't nice to steal someone's work and very disrespectful to then call that person a B*ITCH for wanting their art back.

Anyway, thank you for reading this. It has worked kind of therapeutic in a way I guess. I just wanted to share with you that there will always be people out there trying to profit from your talent and also be rude about it. But don't let that discourage you. At the end of the day you might become an accomplished author or sculptor or painter or graphic artist and all the plagiarist has, is his false sense of belonging and accomplishment. I hope that makes them sleep better at night ;)

Lots of love,

Your author

Hee everyone!

First things first (although it's already half way through the first month of 2016): Happy New Year!! :) I hope you all had a great Holiday season with lots of food and presents and love.

Anyway, of course as anyone else I planned out a whole list of resolutions. Which of course (OF COURSE) contained the whole shedding some pounds thing and be a nicer person stuff (and I'm still waiting for my boyfriend to 'put a ring on it' - no just kidding ;)). But (!) I also wanted to start writing/planning my own book again. Which is why I've been a bit absent from DA (really sorry about that!)

As some of you know I've been working on my own (fantasy) novel. It's nowhere near finished, but I do have a great overall view of the story and characters and I do have a prologue written :).

Making a long story short: I do plan to write more for DA and continue the stories I've been working on, but it might be a bit slower since I have to divide my time between work, working out, writing my book and writing DA stories. I hope you understand :)

On a whole other point! I thought you might want to get to know me a little better (get to know the evil mastermind - mhuahaha! - behind the stories). I've seen a lot of those TAG things come and go the past few months and I've been a bit lazy to actually do them. But if you guys would like it, you can post some (or all) of your questions in the comments and in my next journal I will address most (if not all) of them!

Anyway, lots of love and I hope you have a great day/morning/afternoon/evening!

Your author,
Hey guys!

I've been thinking about maybe opening commissions and I was wondering what you think about that idea :D Would you be willing to pay me for stories?? :) With your plotline of course!! What do you think I should charge?

Let me know!!

Lots of love,

Your author
Hello my dear friends! 

So I've been incredibly busy unfortunately :( I have very little time as it is, but I try to write every day! I don't think I'll get something out this week, but next week a new chapter for Here for you and If tomorrow never comes will come out!! I also hope to continue Already gone soon, but it's going a bit slow because I have to write two chapters at the same time XD

I'm also working on some (long) one shots, but I don't know when those will be finished (if ever).

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me. I know I'm less frequent than I used to be, but I've already been doing this for over a year and I think that's pretty long as it is already :D Thanks for all the support over the past year you guys! You are awesome :squee:

Lots of love,

Your author