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Your heart was throbbing violently in your ears. Every inch of your body hurt and your throat had never been this dry before. You slowly opened your eyes, getting blinded by the sunlight coming through the windows in your room in Stark Tower.

You had been there several months now as an addition to the team, but mostly to keep an eye on Loki. After everything that had happened on Asgard Loki had been banished. The Asgardians had demanded his death, but his brother, Thor, had offered the God of mischief mercy, sending him back to earth to serve the very people he had so desperately tried to kill when he first arrived on earth.

When you had first learned of the real reason for your promotion you had been furious. Fury knew as well as anyone else what Loki had done to you. You could still hear his voice in your head sometimes, ordering you to kill innocent people. You had been under his spell, just like Clint, and there had been nothing you could do about it. You had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Something you could never forgive him. Or yourself for starting to fall for him…

Loki had proven himself to be a valuable asset however. None of the Avengers really trusted him, but over time they learned to accept his presence and even enjoyed the stories he told everyone about battles he and Thor had been in, back on Asgard.

You could always tell that he missed it: Asgard. He would never speak of it, but you knew. Loki was not as mischievous as he made himself out to be. The Avengers were slowly realizing that as well.

Tony had even invited him to a party he had thrown yesterday. You couldn’t remember much from that night and judging by your growing headache, alcohol had something to do with it.

You stretched your arms out in front of you and yawned. You still were feeling a bit tired. You turned around in your bed and laid your head back on your pillow. Your eyes slowly closed again, looking at the handsome God with raven black hair that was sleeping peacefully next to you.

Your eyes shot open, looking at Loki. You swallowed hard, lifting the covers a bit. A scream welled from your throat as you realized you were both naked. You pulled the covers over yourself quickly, the heat rising to your cheeks.

What the hell happened last night…

Loki softly moaned, hearing you scream. He licked his lips and slowly opened his eyes.

‘Morning, [Name]…’ he whispered, before closing his eyes again and returning to his dreamless sleep. A frown covered his face as he opened one of his eyes again. ‘[Name]?’ he asked surprised. ‘What are you doing in my bed?’

You swallowed hard, grabbing the covers even tighter. Loki pushed himself up a bit, revealing his muscled chest.

‘You’re in my bed, Loki… and you’re naked… What happened last night?’

Loki looked down, seeing his own nakedness. He wasn’t as ashamed as you were, but you could tell he definitely was uncomfortable with you lying next to him.

‘Did we? I-I mean… did we?’

‘That’s a good question,’ Loki responded, rubbing his eyes, trying to remember anything from last night. There was nothing. ‘I don’t think we did… Still, I’d like to know what got us here.’

You sighed relieved, loosening your tight grasp on the covers.

‘You don’t have to be that excited nothing happened,’ Loki laughed, reaching for his clothes beside the bed. ‘I’m a good lover. You would have enjoyed it.’

A smile curled your lips. He was probably right about that, but even though your stomach turned every time he came near you, you still hadn’t forgiven him.

‘We should probably look for the rest, maybe they know what happened last night.’

You nodded, quickly slipping back into your underwear and clothes.

‘I can’t believe I got that drunk… that we got that drunk.’

‘I wasn’t that drunk…’ Loki replied. ‘Which makes me wonder why I don’t remember anything. A night with you… I’d surely remember.’

The heat rose to your cheeks hearing him say those words. Was he implying he would like to spend a night with you? As more than a friend? Or was he merely stating the obvious? He was right though, you couldn’t remember ever drinking so much and you couldn’t imagine doing it now. If you had truly spend the night with Loki, you would have surely remembered. For more than one reason.

You walked out of your room together, hoping none of the Avengers would see you leave. You made your way to the kitchen, seeing Steve and Tony sitting behind the kitchen table, awkwardly.

‘Morning,’ you smiled, happy you weren’t the only one feeling awkward this morning.

Steve and Tony both didn’t say a word, not even looking up from their cup of coffee. You wondered if they even noticed you taking a seat at the table. They were acting strangely.

‘The lady bid you a good morning,’ Loki said in a threating manner, taking a seat next to you, watching Steve and Tony closely.

‘Morning, [Name],’ Steve mumbled, but Tony only nodded, swallowing hard.

‘Something happened last night?’ you asked hopefully, hoping one of them knew how you and Loki had ended up in one bed, naked.

‘No!’ they both cried out quickly, startling you. There was definitely something strange going on.

A laugh welled from Loki’s throat as he shook his head. ‘I’m guessing we are not the only ones to wake up next to a person we never thought we ever would…’

Tony and Steve looked up from their coffee, turning their gazed towards the both of you.

‘You too?’ Steve asked. ‘How…’

‘If you tell anyone…’ Tony continued, looking at you with a stern expression plastered on his face.

A smile curled your lips, imagining Tony and Steve waking up next to each other. You could only hope they weren’t naked as well. You suppressed a loud laugh and instead giggled softly.

‘This keeps getting weirder,’ you mumbled, trying to figure out what had happened last night. ‘Do you remember anything?’

Steve and Tony both shook their heads, clearly still shocked from the events of this morning. You couldn’t imagine spending the night with Loki yourself – even though you were definitely starting to develop feelings for him – but Steve and Tony spending the night together? Impossible.

‘We need to retrace our steps,’ you suggested. ‘Maybe we all did something… drank something?’

‘Morning!’ Bruce called out to all of you, walking into the kitchen.

‘Morning,’ you all replied bluntly, hoping Bruce would leave soon, so that you could continue your conversation. You had already had trouble with them finding out you had spent the night with Loki, but you could imagine Tony and Steve being even more anxious. They were probably happy they weren’t the only two unlikely people to end up in one bed, possibly naked.

‘What’s wrong with you guys?’ Bruce asked, frowning. He walked towards the fridge and got himself some juice. ‘Got up from the wrong side of the bed, did you?’

‘Just go back to your room, will you?’ Tony said agitated. ‘We’re in the middle of a conversation.’

Bruce looked around the room, feeling the tension that hung between everyone. ‘Did something happen last night?’

‘No!’ you all cried out, startling Bruce, hoping it would make him leave.

‘Oh, boy…’ Bruce sighed. ‘Who drank from the bottle Tony brought?’ Bruce asked, looking around the room, seeing Steve, Tony, Loki and you all put your hands in the air.

Bruce nodded. ‘And who ended up with whom?’

‘How’d you know?’ Steve frowned, looking at his hulked friend suspiciously.

‘Because Tony took the wrong bottle from his desk,’ Bruce sighed again, taking a seat at the table, sipping from the orange juice. ‘I’ve been working on some special drug that suppresses negative emotions and enhances impulses. It was meant for the army. I theorized it would make them less afraid of battle and more likely to take necessary risks to win a fight. I put it on your desk, Tony, because you agreed to take a look at it and test it.’

‘And I took the wrong bottle to the party…’ Tony filled in the blanks.

‘You idiot,’ Steve sighed.

‘What? If you want to blame someone, blame Bruce. He made the damned drug.’

‘Wait… if you knew he took the wrong bottle, why didn’t you say anything?’

A nervous smile curled Bruce’s lips. ‘Well,’ he started, rubbing his hand together. ‘I thought it would be good to see what would happen. I guess I was right about one thing: it suppresses negative emotions and enhances impulses…’

Loki seemed to be amused by the whole thing. He didn’t mind waking up next to you. He had started to care about you, the woman that was supposed to keep him in line, and even though he had never thought he would fall for a human, he could not help himself from searching for you in his dreams.

Steve and Tony on the other hand weren’t amused at all. They didn’t hate each other anymore, but they weren’t the best of friends either. The thought that something might have happened between them that night, was something they both dreaded.

‘You don’t think we… you know,’ Steve mumbled, nodding at himself and Tony, hoping no one had heard him.

‘Oh no!’ Bruce quickly responded. ‘Natasha, Clint and Thor and I had a great laugh watching the two of you hug it out, telling you were like brothers. So no, I don’t think you… you know….’

Steve and Tony sighed relieved, nodding to each other, finally being able to look each other in the eye again.

‘What about us,’ you asked, wondering if the same was true for you and Loki.

‘I-I don’t know actually. I told Thor to keep an eye on the both of you, but we were so busy trying to keep Steve and Tony from smashing the place to bits, pretending they were fighting HYDRA agents, that we didn’t notice you leave.’

‘Great…’ you mumbled, not knowing whether you should be disappointed or not. Had you not dreamed of spending the night with him? If only you could remember…

‘But I don’t think you should worry about anything inappropriate. The drug only enhances emotions and impulses that are already there.’

You and Loki both nodded, not really reassured. You didn’t know that you liked each other, but you did know your own emotions. Enhanced… anything could have happened.

‘I think I’m going back to bed,’ you said, pushing yourself from the chair. ‘You should probably know one of the side effects is a raging headache.’

‘Noted,’ Bruce said, looking at you apologetically. ‘I’m really sorry about all of this,’ he said, turning to everyone.

‘Just don’t do it again and we’ll forgive you,’ Tony laughed. ‘And let’s not talk about it, ever!’

‘Agreed,’ everyone nodded.

‘I’ll walk you to your room,’ Loki offered, following you out of the kitchen.

You walked through the hallway in silence, the tension clearly growing as you got closer to your room.

‘Loki, I…’ you started, once you reached your room.

Before you could finish your sentence, Loki took you in his arms and pressed a kiss on your lips. He pulled your body against his and your heart started to beat uncontrollably in your chest.

‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered when the kiss was over. ‘I just couldn’t help myself.’

You nodded, smiling while your body was shaking. ‘I guess the drug hasn’t completely worn off.’

Loki laughed softly, letting his hands caress the side of your body. ‘I’m not under the influence of any drug, [Name]. I kissed you because I wanted to. Because you wanted me to.’

You swallowed hard, wondering if he had read your mind. ‘I…’ you mumbled.

‘Shush,’ he said, pressing his finger against your lips. ‘No words are needed, except maybe mine. I am sorry for what I did to you. I truly am. If I could take back what I did back then, I would.’

You nodded slowly, not sure what to think. You never thought you would need to give in to your feelings for Loki.

‘Give me a chance,’ Loki whispered, brushing his lips against yours, asking for another kiss. ‘I promise I will do anything in my power to make you happy.’

A small smile curled your lips, feeing his slender fingers find their way under your shirt. He took the smile as an invitation and pressed his lips against yours again.

You liked the flustered feeling that was spreading through your stomach, but you also knew you wanted to take it slow. With Loki, you couldn’t be too careful.

‘Wait,’ you said, grabbing his hands and pushing them to your waist again. ‘If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it slow.’

Loki looked at you, his emerald green eyes glowing with something you had never seen before. Was it love?

Loki nodded. ‘As you wish, my lady.’ He pressed a last kiss on your lips and let go of you. ‘I’ll be in my room if you need me,’ he smiled, walking back to the elevator.

‘Loki?’ you called after him.

‘Hmm?’ he turned around, looking at you with the same glowing, emerald green eyes.

You both knew something did happen last night. You could feel it.

‘Want to come in?’

A broad smile spread over his lips and he followed you into your room. You both crawled into your bed, clothed this time, and snuggled together. He took you into his arms and pressed a kiss on your forehead.

‘Go to sleep, my dear. I will watch over you.’

You nodded, closing your eyes. You would probably never forget what he had made you do during the attack on New York, but he was a changed man. He no longer cared for only himself. That was all that mattered now.

A smile curled your lips, realizing that with Loki, anything was possible.

Hi everyone!

A new Loki x Reader one-shot. No idea where it came from, hehe, but I hope you like it :D (Big Grin)! If you do, please fave, comment, or watch :) (Smile). Would mean a lot to me!

EDIT: Please check out my group for Thor, Loki and the Avengers!! :iconthe-almighty-thor:

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Disclaimer: I do not own the picture or any of the Marvel characters, but I do own the storyline (I think...)
© 2015 - 2021 savrom
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I still want someone to tell me what happened that night...

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It's the middle of the night and I can't be quiet, I love that it was exactly Tony and Steve that thought they, you know lol. This is one of my favorite stories I have read, and when I say one of, I mean that right now I have two and this is one o of them.
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I love it 
very funny and sweet !!!
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I am keeping you! 
just kidding, really I'm kidding.

I love this story, very funny.
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Glad to hear it :)
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I really like that the bottle was actually a drug and not some sort of magical potion. The reasoning behind it made perfect sense, which really made the story more believable in the MCU!

I think the whole idea of Steve and Tony hugging it out is hysterical!
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I just could not stop laughing as I kept reading it.
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My friend and I laughed so hard at so many things. XD
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Hehe XD In a good way I hope!
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"you couldn’t never forgive him"

guys, i think there's a typo
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My bad! I fixed it :)
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Fun facts with silje:

1. Loki has like 7 children

2. Loki is a shapeshifter, he can become a focking dragon if he wants to

3. He can switch genders whenever he wants to

4. Have you seen the real deal? oh god. Here :…:

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Jesus christ, calm yourself
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I think I like movie Loki better XD
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Who doesn't? haaha
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I imagined shrek in this epic fic
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Can he ever not be serious?
By the way, I tend to act annoyed at the person I like, so I won't turn into a stuttering mess. I scream my head off at Loki at least fifty times a day. I am a queen of verbal abuse when I'm in love.
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So you're a tsundere, basically.
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Bless the poor soul that you fall in love with in real life XD
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Still as perfect as before 
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