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End of the line (Steve x Reader) Part 2
At the old Avengers headquarters in New York
On your way to the captain’s old home, you had all introduced yourself properly. You still felt the lingering pressure of Wanda’s body against yours from where she had hugged you fiercely. The others hadn’t made you tell anything more than your name and where you were from, but with Wanda acting like she found something precious she had lost despite the situation, you assumed they had already formed an opinion about who you might be.
    Wanda, of course, did want to know everything that had happened. Instead of confronting you in front of everyone, however, she had simply laid her hand on your shoulder and she had closed her eyes. You had felt her energy slipping into your mind even before her voice in your head told you to calm down and show her everything.
    And so you had. From the day you had escaped the facility in Sokovia, to the day Hydra had f
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End of the line (Steve x Reader) Part 1
Authors note: This story takes place within the Infinity War storyline so spoilers up ahead! I mean it, not just simple mentions of the plot, but serious spoilers about EVERYTHING. So if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know anything yet, don’t read this yet :) Or do… I don’t care, haha!
2018, Edinburgh (Scotland)
The moon stood high in the night sky, spreading a silvery glow across the blackened horizon. You could feel the vibrations of your own hasty footsteps in your tired legs as you hurried across the street. The familiar tunes of your favorite music echoed in your ears, blurring out all other sounds except that of your own heart beating fast in your chest.
    It was only a few more blocks to your apartment and you couldn’t wait to be back in that small, filthy place you had come to call home. You had only been here a few months, but it was longer than you had spent anywh
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Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Final part
Day 5
When you woke up again from the sound of your alarm, you could feel the relief shoot through your body immediately. Your heart was thundering inside your chest and as you took in a shaky breath, you could feel the tears wet your cheeks.
    You had never felt so hopeless in your life. Seeing Steve there on the ground of the Hydra base, slowly bleeding out, something inside you had clicked back in place. The girl you had been for the past year had faded from your mind and you had vowed to yourself that whatever were to happen today, you would be yourself again. And if you were to die tonight, you’d at least take that damned Hydra agent with you.
    You pushed yourself from the comfort of your bed, knowing exactly what you needed to do today. You had been so self-absorbed the last few months, that you hadn’t even realized how much you had distanced yourself from everyone. Natasha and Wanda had been your friends before the
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Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Part 6
Day 4
A loud alarm echoed in your ears. Your eyes shot open, your heart beating fast in your chest. You looked at your phone beside the bed, seeing the time flicker before your eyes again.
    Six o'clock. Time to get up.
    Taking a deep breath you pushed yourself from your bed, thinking back on what had happened just before everything had gone dark. Time had stopped. It had literally stopped and rewound. Which meant keeping yourself out of the fight clearly wasn’t the solution.
    But maybe Steve was.
    You quickly changed into your workout gear, loosely tying your hair behind your ears. It only took you five minutes to get from your bed to the track that ran around the compound. You stretched your stiff muscles, feeling the strain the time loop was taking on your body. The headache was ever present, but over the last few days, you had learned to ignore it.
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Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Part 5
Day 3
You cursed loudly, hearing the familiar beeping of your alarm clock beside you. The images of the long, white hallway inside the Hydra base slowly floated to the back of your mind, reminding you of your failure to break the time loop. You pulled one of the pillows over your head and screamed.
    Why were you here in your bedroom again? You were supposed to finish the damned mission and return with Hydra's plans. Yet that didn’t happen. You had gotten further this time, though. You could still feel the warm copying device in your hand as you ran back to Steve, but that annoying dark-eyed agent had been there again, shooting you in the back this time. It was starting to get annoying.
    “What the hell am I supposed to do!” You yelled into your bed to no one in particular.
    You sighed when, obviously, there was no answer. You turned in the sheets, spreading your arms in the large bed. The heada
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Edge of tomorow (Steve x Reader) Part 4
Day 2
You shot awake, feeling your heart beat violently in your chest. An alarm was echoing through the room and the memories of what had happened in the Hydra base were fresh in your mind. A dull pain spread through your chest and you quickly looked down, expecting to see stains of blood on your gear. Instead, you only saw the light fabric of your pajama’s. The loud sound ringing in your ears was your phone beeping at you to get up.
    You sat up in bed, wondering what was going on. A headache was pressing against your temples again, but as quickly as you could, you stumbled toward the bathroom. Bloodshot eyes were staring back at you when you looked in the mirror. Otherwise, you were completely fine. You took in a deep breath, leaning on the sink, before splashing cold water into your face. I must have been dreaming… You told yourself.
    Somewhere in the back of your mind, however, you knew that wasn’t true.
:iconsavrom:savrom 39 16
Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Part 3
Day 1
Somewhere in the back of your mind you could hear the loud, ringing sound of your alarm.
    You groaned, turning in your sheets, folding your arms underneath your head. The vivid dream you had during the night slowly faded from your memory, leaving you with a nagging pain that pounded against the inside of your skull. You grimaced as you lifted your head to look at the time. Six o’clock exactly. You shifted in the bed one final time before reluctantly pushing yourself from the comfort of your sleep.
    Rubbing the fatigue from your eyes you got out of bed and made your way toward the bathroom to freshen up before your morning run. The cool water felt like a cold relief against your skin. You took in a deep breath, putting your hair into a ponytail before dressing into your workout gear.
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Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Part 2
Twelve hours earlier, inside the Avengers Headquarters
Your feet hit the gravel with a soft thud. You felt the small stones move underneath your shoes. Your own ragged breathing echoed in your ears together with the fast beats of your favorite music. The soft breeze whipped your hair back and cooled your heated cheeks, sending a shiver down your spine. You had nearly run two full rounds around the compound when you could sense someone else behind you.
    “Morning.” Steve nodded at you, taking his place by your side on the gravel road.
    You looked at him from the corner of your eyes, feeling the heat radiating from his body in the cool, morning air. His presence was familiar and yet made you feel uneasy. You nodded once, keeping your gaze ahead of you. When it was clear you weren’t going to talk to him, he let out a tired sigh and ran away from you. You watched him continue his way around the compound at a pace you wou
:iconsavrom:savrom 47 18
Edge of tomorrow (Steve x Reader) Part 1
Author’s note: This is a story one year after the events of Civil War in a universe where Steve and his team were acquitted of their crimes and allowed back on the Avengers after Hydra launched another attack to gain control of the world.
Inside one of Hydra’s Headquarters
The smell of blood filled your nostrils. Smoke blocked your vision, but you were more focused than ever. The rest of the hallway you had fought your way through was completely empty, leaving a clear path to the control room of the large warehouse.
    “I’m going in,” you whispered into your earpiece, keeping your eyes on the white door that hid the room where Hydra kept their plans to bring the world under their control.
    “Don’t be an idiot, [Name].” A voice echoed in your head. “Steve will be right there.”
    “I have a clear opening,” you hissed back at T
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At the old Avengers headquarters in New York


On your way to the captain’s old home, you had all introduced yourself properly. You still felt the lingering pressure of Wanda’s body against yours from where she had hugged you fiercely. The others hadn’t made you tell anything more than your name and where you were from, but with Wanda acting like she found something precious she had lost despite the situation, you assumed they had already formed an opinion about who you might be.

    Wanda, of course, did want to know everything that had happened. Instead of confronting you in front of everyone, however, she had simply laid her hand on your shoulder and she had closed her eyes. You had felt her energy slipping into your mind even before her voice in your head told you to calm down and show her everything.

    And so you had. From the day you had escaped the facility in Sokovia, to the day Hydra had found you again, and any other day in between and after that had earned you the scars that now adorned your body like little pieces of art.

    Wanda hadn't said a word since only nodding once and mumbling something that sounded like ‘I'm sorry you had to go through that’. You, in turn, bit your tongue, knowing she hadn’t had it much easier. Especially not after losing Pietro. The image she had shown you of his broken body amongst the rubble of the destroyed city of Sokovia made you walk through the Avengers headquarters with a heavy heart.

    You followed Steve and his team through the building, the glass panel walls guiding your way forward as they strode through the halls. All with an equal determinate gaze set on their faces. Eventually, the twisting halls led you toward a room that seemed to be a lab, or some other kind of workspace. Two men were arguing about something you didn’t quite understand, but as soon as the captain stepped into the room, they turned toward him.

    “Mister Secretary,” Steve said with a clenched jaw, his eyes locked on the hologram of a grey-haired man that could be no one other than Thaddeus Ross. The same man that had deemed the captain and his team criminals for not agreeing with the Sokovia Accords. Despite all the hardship you had gone through, you were glad you hadn’t been around when everything had gone to shit for the Avengers. You had heard it hadn’t been very pretty.

    It probably still wasn’t, judging from the tension in the room that was almost tangible.

    You curled your fingers in the fabric of your jacket, watching the faded blue image of the secretary walking up to Steve. There was no energy radiating from the man’s skin, which told you he was definitely not here. He couldn’t do anything to harm them. Or you for that matter.

    Traces of surprise lined Thaddeus’ eyes, but he quickly hid all of his emotions behind a trained mask of neutrality. You could only imagine him ball his hands into fists behind his back as he addressed the former head of the Avengers and his loyal friends.

    “You’ve got some nerve,” he eventually said, glancing at each and every one of them, stopping at you for just a moment before resting his eyes on the captain, “I’ll give you that.”

    “You could use some of that right now,” Natasha retorted instead, staring him down.

    The secretary only barely narrowed his eyes at her, but you still caught it, swallowing hard underneath his scrutiny that wasn’t even directed at you. He walked a few steps closer to Steve and tilted his head just a little higher. Not that it really mattered. You didn’t think much of him to begin with. None of them did.

    “The world is on fire and you think all is forgiven?” he asked, which to you didn’t really sound like a question he wanted answered. Steve of course, still did.

    “I’m not looking for forgiveness and I’m way passed asking for permission.” His lips were pressed into a thin line and you could see the tension in his whole body, feeling it roll off of him like a crashing wave. “Earth just lost its best defender… so we’re here to fight. If you wanna stand in our way, we’ll fight you too.” Steve took a step toward Ross, meeting his gaze with equal resolve, not backing down for even a second.

    “Arrest them,” the secretary said, turning to the dark-skinned man behind him.

    Heavy braces were wrapped around the man’s legs and an unreadable expression covered his face. You hadn’t heard that much about what had went down here two years ago, but you did know who he was. You had seen Colonel James Rhodes on pictures only, but you had always been good with faces.

    “All over it.” Rhodes nodded, though instead of listening to his superior, he swiped at the image of the secretary, making the hologram disappear. It was silent for a moment as the words that had been spoken still lingered between the walls. “That's a court-martial.” He eventually continued, a small smile curling your lips. “It's great to see you, Cap.”

    “You too, Rhodey.”

    The tension in the room disappeared as Steve and Natasha walked up to him, clasping his hand like old friends would. The others smiled as well and you let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding.

    You watched them in silence, observing their banter as they got reacquainted. Rhodes joked about how they looked like crap and must have had a rough couple of years. Sam, in turn, commented that the hotels they had been staying at weren’t exactly five star. You swallowed hard, knowing exactly how it felt to be on the run––having to look over your shoulder all the time. You glanced at Steve, realizing he was looking back at you.

    There was a look on his face you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Something between interest and suspicion. Your heart started beating fast in your chest, but before the captain could decide on how he felt about you, someone walked into the room, making everyone turn their heads.

    The man that entered the lab looked vaguely familiar. His hair was slightly graying at the roots, dark eyes examining the group of people around you with hope rather than hesitation. It took you a moment to register his features and work out who he was. But eventually, you did. He was no one other than Bruce Branner, the Hulk himself.

    By then Natasha had already spoken his name, doing nothing to defuse the awkward tension that hung in the air like a heavy blanket, almost suffocating you. Whatever had happened between them, it was probably for the best if you stayed out of it. Of course, when Bruce started to explain why he was back and the captain and his team saw the connection between what had happened to Bruce and what had transpired a few hours ago in Waverly Station, eyes eventually turned to you.

    Luckily for you though, they were too focused on coming up with a plan to defeat whoever Thanos was to grill you for more than the three sentences of explanation you gave Bruce and Rhodes about your presence. Steve’s eyes were on you the entire time though, his eyes scanning your face for some more clues about the past you were withholding from them. Your cheeks flushed red and you quickly evaded your eyes from him, focusing on the conversation around you.

    “We gotta assume they're coming back, right?” Rhodes said after hearing the entire story from both Bruce and Wanda. He had listened to everything without asking much questions, but you could see the confusion burning behind his eyes.

    It was exactly how you felt. The attack on New York was one thing, but this Thanos guy was something else. What did he even hope to gain? No one was going to thank him for killing half the Universe. So it wasn't praise he was looking for. Mabe it was retribution? Salvation?

    You could only guess...

    “And they can clearly find us,” Wanda said, waking you about your thoughts of impending doom and the end of the world. Her brow too was knitted together in thought. Everyone in the room seemed to try to wrap their heads around what was going on but were remarkably calm about it all. Which meant you had to be too.

    “We need all hands on deck. Where's Clint?” Bruce asked, looking around the room as if to find the missing link in their team somewhere behind a chair.

    “After the whole Accords situation, he and Scott took a deal. It's too tough on their families so they are under house arrest,” Natasha said.

    “Who's Scott?”

    “Ant-Man,” Steve answered, making you feel as left out as Bruce did as he worded your unspoken question.

    “There's an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man?” No one answered and you listened in silence as Bruce continued. “Okay, look... Thanos has the biggest army in the Universe. And he is not gonna stop until he... He gets...” he mumbled, hesitantly looking toward the other side of the room. “Vision's stone.”

    “Well then, we have to protect it,” Natasha said determinately.

    “No, we have to destroy it.” Everyone whipped their heads toward Vision and you swallowed hard at his words, spoken so matter-of-factly that you thought he was talking about swatting a fly that was annoying him. “I've been giving a good deal of thought to this entity in my head, about its nature,” he said, pointing at the yellow stone on his forehead, burning as brightly now as your hands had several hours ago. He still had his fingers clenched around the wound on his side, looking equally miserable as determined. “But also, its composition. I think if it were exposed to a sufficiently powerful energy source, something, very similar to its own signature, perhaps...” He slowly walked over to Wanda, letting his eyes shift over her face, knowing exactly what he was asking her to do. You could feel it in the shift of energy coming from him, a sadness filling your heart with it. “Its molecular integrity could fail.”

    “And you, with it.” Wanda shook her head, staring up at her partner as he took her head into his hands. “We're not having this conversation.”

    “Eliminating the stone is the only way to be certain that Thanos can't get it.”

    “That's too high a price.”

    Vision shook his head, clearly trying to get her to see his reasoning. “Only you, have the power to pay it. Thanos threatens half the Universe. One life cannot stand in the way of defeating him.”

    You evaded your eyes from them in that moment, knowing fully well that Wanda wasn’t the only one with powers derived from Vision’s stone. With his reasoning, that meant you might be able to destroy the stone as well. You could only hope they wouldn’t turn to you if––when––Wanda refused to kill the man she loved. You didn’t think you could do it either.

    “But it should,” the captain spoke, taking in a deep breath. You breathed with him, knowing the prospect of losing a friend after everything he had been through was hard to swallow. “We don't trade lives, Vision.” He looked around the room, saying those words to everyone else as much as to Vision. His eyes rested on you for a moment, until Vision caught his attention again.

    “Captain, 70 years ago, you laid down your life to save millions of people. Tell me, why is this any different?”

    It was silent for a while and you could feel the energy in the room shift. Steve clearly didn’t know what to say to that and the others followed his example, sharing his silence. You couldn’t help but think about the stone on Vision’s forehead and the soft glow that filled your peripheral vision. The powerful force reached out to you with slithering tendrils, caressing your skin tentatively like it knew your powers originated from it.

    That wasn’t all you felt, though. There was something else radiating from the red-skinned man. Something that was intertwined with the stone, but still very much there and completely his own. It wasn’t until then that you realized you had been reading all of their energy without thinking about it. It was becoming natural now. Which meant you were unconsciously using your powers.

    You didn’t really know whether that was a good or a bad thing.

    “Steve didn’t have much of a choice,” you mumbled eventually, biting your lip in thought.

    “What was that?”

    You quickly turned your head at Bruce’s voice, realizing you had spoken out loud. Every set of eyes in the room was on you now and you could feel your heart race underneath their narrowing gazes. “W–well, maybe Vision’s situation is different. He might have a choice...”

    “What do you mean?” Wanda asked, her interest clearly spiked. You couldn’t really blame her. If this was about the man you loved, you couldn’t only imagine what you would do to avoid his death.

    “What if the stone could be removed?” You asked, feeling a little more confident as you talked. “The stone is only a small part of Vision. If you separate the stone from him, it can be easily destroyed without harming him…” you said, gesturing wildly with your hands. When you noticed their eyes were still on you, you quickly stuffed them in your pockets and swallowed hard. “But that’s just speculation. It’s probably not even–”

    “No, you’re right.” Bruce interrupted you, rubbing his chin in thought. “Vision’s mind is made up of a complex construct of overlays. Jarvis, Ultron, Tony, me, the stone. All of them mixed together. All of them learning from one another.”

    “You're saying Vision isn't just a stone?” Wanda asked, her voice infused with hope that was surging through her body. She looked from you to Bruce and back.

    “I'm saying––I mean we’re saying––that... If we take out the stone, there's still a whole lot of Vision left. Perhaps the best parts.”

    “Can we do that?” Natasha asked, looking from one friend to another. Even though she didn’t once look at you, you could feel the hope radiating from her body. Despite the tough mask she had put in place, she clearly cared a lot about the people in this room.

    Bruce shook his head. “Not me. Not here.”

    “Well, you better find someone and somewhere fast,” Rhodey sighed, rubbing his eyes in tired thought. “Ross isn't just gonna let you guys have your old rooms back.”

    The hope that had swelled inside of them quickly deflated. Even you felt a little disappointed despite not knowing any of them except Wanda before today. It was nice being part of something again even though you had no idea if they even wanted you to come along on their mission. Until now you had only been here because they hadn’t known what to do with you yet.

    “I know somewhere.” Steve suddenly cut in. “I’ll have to make some calls, but I think I know someone that might be able to help.”

    Everyone nodded and it was Natasha who replied first. “We'll prepare everything while you make the call.”

    People started to disperse and that’s when you realized they knew exactly what to do and you had no clue what you could do to help them. Now, or later for that matter. You had powers, yes, but you had no idea what you were doing with them half the time, let alone be useful in the war they were throwing themselves into. Perhaps it was better if you just let them do their thing and make yourself scarce when they went off to fight.

    You tried to keep your thoughts to yourself, but you felt your lips moving before you could think about what exactly you wanted to say. “What–uhm–what about me?” Seven sets of eyes turned to you and you couldn’t help but feel small all of a sudden. Smaller even than before. “Y–you dragged me all the way out here. What am supposed to do?”

    They were all quiet until Steve cleared his throat and turned his attention to you. “If Bruce is right about Thanos’ army, we could really use your help,” he said, his clear blue orbs taking you in, assessing your worth as they shifted over your face, “but we won’t force you to come… We’ll leave in fifteen minutes after I’ve made the arrangements. I hope that’s enough time for you to decide whether you want to come with us.”

    With that said he walked away, taking his phone from his back pocket. As if on cue, the others continued their tasks, collecting whatever was on their lists to get before going back on that jet and go wherever Steve told them to. The only one that seemed as out of place as you, was Bruce. He rubbed his hands together nervously, looking around him as everyone else made themselves useful. Eventually, even he found something to do, although looking at Vision’s wounds again probably wasn’t any more productive than it had been half an hour ago.

    You took the peace and quiet to think about what Steve had said. If the army Thanos was bringing to earth was really as big as Bruce made it out to be, they were going to need all the help they could get. But you already knew that. The question was: did you want to risk your life for a world that was probably doomed with or without our help?

    Taking a deep breath you paced through the room. You bit on your nails, trying to get your thoughts straight. If the world was going to shit either way, why not try to stop it? You couldn’t keep running away from your problems. Enough was enough. Maybe it was time you showed Hydra what their experiments had done to you––what kind of weapon you had become.

    “Where's cap?” Sam asked, startling you. “Has he made the call yet? We're almost ready to leave.”

    You quickly turned on your heels, looking at the former soldier in the doorway. The others were also walking back into the lab, placing everything of use they had found on the table in the middle of the room.

    “I–I don’t know. Do you want me to find him while you prepare everything?” You offered, knowing you couldn’t stand another moment of twiddling your thumbs while they ran through the facility to collect every weapon they could carry.

    Natasha checked her watch and let out a tired sigh before nodding at you. “He's probably in his old room. Follow that hallway all the way to the end and then turn right. His room is the second one on the left.”

    You nodded, already moving before she had finished giving you instructions. It was only a short walk through the unfamiliar halls and within a few minutes, you had found the right door, giving access to the captain’s room.

    The man himself was standing in front of a mirror. His shirt was tucked all the way up to his shoulders as he tried to reach the entire bruise that had formed along his side and parts of his back. Courtesy of the blue-haired alien he had fought earlier to protect you. It looked quite bad and you could only imagine the pain it must cause him. Even though you knew you should clear your throat or knock on the door, you couldn’t help but admire the way his muscles flexed as he moved. You swallowed hard, watching him unsuccessfully try to patch himself up.

    When he noticed you in the doorway he quickly pulled his shirt back down, taking his well-defined form and bruises from view. “Is something wrong?”

    “N–No… T–The others are ready to go and you were gone, so I–uhm–I volunteered to look for you… A–Are you okay?” you asked as he tucked his shirt back into the pants, grimacing at the movement. “That bruise looked pretty bad.”

    “I'm fine. I've had worse injuries.”

    “Maybe, but you should really dress it to stop from swelling. If you leave it like this you'll only make it worse. Let me help you.” You pushed yourself from the doorway and told him to pull his shirt back off. His emergency kit was plain in sight on the small desk beside him and you moved with trained precision as you laid everything out on the wooden surface with care.

    He laughed shortly, the sound rich and pleasant, before nodding his head, allowing you to touch him. A hiss of pain left his lips as soon as your fingers caressed his soft skin. “You're a doctor too?”

    “Not really,” you admitted, working on covering the bruises as best as you could. “When you've been in as many fights as I have, you learn a thing or two about patching yourself up." You said the words carelessly. It even took you a second to realize your mistake. You slowly looked up to Steve, seeing the curiosity flicker in the clear blue of his eyes.

    Steve noticed your discomfort though and gave you a reassuring smile. “You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. We all have a past we’d like to forget…”

    You took in a deep breath, looking into his eyes a moment longer before turning your attention back to his side. Your hands moved across his body with care, trying to keep your mouth shut, but just like with your last words, you were already talking before you realized what you were telling him. “No, if I'm going on this mission with you, you should know who I am––what I’m capable of.”

    “So you’re coming with us?” There was warmth in his voice that you could only describe as hope and you slowly nodded your head, forcing yourself to look at him again as you continued your work on his side.

    “I don’t know how much good I’ll be, but yes.” You managed to smile with those last few syllables. “Even if I can only help a little in the fight, I think it would worth it to try, right?” A warmth spread through your shoulder and you had to try really hard not to shiver from the captain's sudden touch. His hand was almost scorching hot, even through the layer of clothes that separated your skin from his. You still weren’t completely used to being near people again, let alone any physical contact.

    “I think you're much stronger than you give yourself credit for. I saw what you did back at the station. If you even have half of Wanda’s powers, that would make you more powerful than any of us. And those fighting techniques…” He smiled, probably remembering how you had fought in tandem like you had been partners all of your life. Even you had to admit that working with Steve had almost felt like second nature. “Where did you learn those?”

    You let out a hot breath at his words, at the question you had dreaded hearing again. “Well,” you clenched your teeth, very aware of your hands that were still on his body and the intense, curious look he gave you, “you’re probably not going to like it.”

    “We just fought two aliens that report to a man that wants to destroy half the Universe… I think I can handle it.”

    “I was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent,” you blurted out, feeling your heart thunder inside your chest. “Before everything happened in Washington and people learned Hydra was still active. I even trained under Nick Fury himself…” you snorted, shaking your head at the irony of it all. You had been his star pupil, but all of his praise hadn’t done you any good. It had only made you cocky and despite all of your strength and wit and skill, Hydra had still captured you and broken you down until nothing was left of the woman you had once been.

    If Nick would see you now, he would probably be ashamed.

    “That… explains a lot, actually,” Steve said, not a trace of the judgment you had expected to find on his face. “What happened?”

    “Right after the attack on New York, Nick sent me on an espionage mission. I had it all under control at first, but then I found some files I wasn’t supposed to. I sent them to Nick and things spiraled out of control after that. A man started to follow me around and I knew it was really bad when Nick pulled me off the mission and told me to lay low for a while. I don’t think even he could have predicted what happened once I reached the safe house.”

    “Bucky…” Steve whispered, letting out a soft breath as he removed his hand from your shoulder. “He took you to Strucker, didn’t he?”

    You nodded once. “That’s why I know Wanda.”

    “They experimented on you… [Name], I–I’m so sorry.”

    “Don’t be. It wasn’t your fault. There was nothing you could have done to save me. I knew the moment I sent those files to Nick that they’d be after me. I didn’t expect to be a prisoner for the next year, but… at least with my warning Nick knew something was going on within S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    “Still,” the captain said, letting his eyes shifting over your face as you finished up your medical work. He pulled his shirt down, thanking you for helping him. “You shouldn’t have had to go through that.”

    “I felt sorry for myself for a long time, Steve, I don’t need you to feel sorry for me too. It’s in the past and perhaps it was meant to be.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well, if it wasn’t for everything that happened with Hydra, Vision wouldn’t exist, Wanda and I wouldn’t have had our powers and nothing would stand in Thanos’ way to destroy the Universe… I–I lost a lot of confidence the past few years, but today, fighting by your side, I felt like the old me again.” You laughed a little, putting the medical supplies back into the box in front of you. “Just being here with you makes me feel stronger, more confident... I don’t know if we’ll be able to stop Thanos, but fighting him together will definitely slow him down.”

    “You seem more confident now than in that lab.” It wasn’t meant to be mean, just a statement and when you looked into Steve’s eyes, there was nothing but kindness there. The skin around his eyes wrinkled just a little as he smiled at you. “You really lifted the team’s spirit by coming up with the idea to split the stone from Vision.”

    “Bruce would have figured it out on his own.”

    “Probably, but you figured it out first. You’re still smart and you still have your strength, both mentally and physically. Hydra didn’t take that away from you. I think they only made you stronger.”

    “Thanks, I think so too…” you mumbled, following him out of the room as he strode through the doorway with his long legs. “Just out of curiosity, where exactly are we going?”

    Steve threw you a look over his shoulder, grinning slightly before answering your question as he walked back into the lab where the others were already waiting. “We’re going to Wakanda.”


End of the line (Steve x Reader) Part 2
Hello everyone!

I hope most of you have seen the movie by now! If not, I'm deeply sorry for your loss... Anyway, here's the second part for my new Infinity War fanfic :) It's taken me a while to finish it, for which I'm sorry, but you know how life can get sometimes! I also have a new idea in my head for a story before Infinity War with a reader that is (ex) Hydra. So expect to see more from me soon!

Anyway, I hope you like it! If you do, please comment, fave and/or watch me :D Would mean a lot :love:

Previous chapter:
Next chapter: coming soon!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Marvel, but I do own the story! So, please don't copy it and pass it off as your own.

And sorry for any mistakes :D
Hey everyone!

The next part for 'End of the line' will come out this week! :) Hope you've enjoyed the first chapter :love:

Authors note: This story takes place within the Infinity War storyline so spoilers up ahead! I mean it, not just simple mentions of the plot, but serious spoilers about EVERYTHING. So if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know anything yet, don’t read this yet :) Or do… I don’t care, haha!


2018, Edinburgh (Scotland)

The moon stood high in the night sky, spreading a silvery glow across the blackened horizon. You could feel the vibrations of your own hasty footsteps in your tired legs as you hurried across the street. The familiar tunes of your favorite music echoed in your ears, blurring out all other sounds except that of your own heart beating fast in your chest.

    It was only a few more blocks to your apartment and you couldn’t wait to be back in that small, filthy place you had come to call home. You had only been here a few months, but it was longer than you had spent anywhere the past three years. Traveling the world had always sound appealing to you when you were younger. Being on the run, however, had made you long for home.

    Or something to call home anyway.

    It had been a long time since you had seen any of the Hydra soldiers that were hunting you after you had escaped their hellhole of a facility in Sokovia. You could never be too careful, though. They had found you once and you knew they could easily do it again if you didn’t watch your step. You had barely been able to get away from them both times and your skin still bore the marks of those fights. That was why you kept your head down, your face hidden inside the shadows of your hood––your body blending into the darkness of night.

    Memories of the time you had been held captive by Wolfgang von Strucker flooded your mind. Your hands trembled from the excruciating pain his experiments had put you through even now, the blood in your veins burning every time you remembered that smug smile on his face. His voice still echoed in your mind, telling you he would make you the greatest weapon Hydra had ever seen. A cold shiver made your skin crawl.

    Walking into Waverley Station you made sure to bury those feelings under a thick, trained layer of determination and anger. The wind blew through the cracks in the old stones of the building, spreading the musty smell of history through the large, open space. It was quiet this time of night, nothing but the sound of the air bellowing around you filling the empty subway station.

    You took in a deep breath, stuffing your hands into the pocket of your jeans as you kicked at small stones before you. In this life, even though it kept you safe, there wasn’t much time or space for making connections. With each passing day that made the knot inside your stomach grow tighter, filling your heart with more loneliness you thought it was capable of.

    As a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent you had always kept a part of yourself hidden from the people you cared about, but at least then you had colleagues, friends even, to keep you company. Now, you only had yourself and the comforting tunes of music to keep you sane.

    For a part at least.

    A train roared past you, waking you from your thoughts, your heart jumping in your chest again. With a hand on the gun tucked in the back of your jeans you turned around, your eyes scanning the space behind you. Nothing. You frowned, knowing for sure you had felt something. Something other than the subway that tugged at the loose strands of hair sticking from your hood.

    The ground beneath your feet rocked, making you clench your teeth in anticipation. That didn’t bode well. A second later the sound of shattering glass filled your ears. You watched in silent horror as a flash of red and gold shot past you, crashing to the ground a few feet away from you and coming to halt against the fence surrounding one of the platforms.

    “What the–” you wondered out loud, your head tipping slightly to the side as you took in the people pushing themselves from the ground with a grunt. “How did they–” Your eyes shot up to the glass ceiling, spotting the missing panels easily. The lights from the station almost seemed to get sucked into the darkness. The contrast of bright light stark against the dark night sky.

    You returned your attention to the strange looking man and his partner quickly. The feeling of familiarity nested into your stomach and you took a few tentative steps forward, wondering who they were.

    “Come on,” the woman said, her hands pulling at the man beside her. “Come on, you need to get up. We need to get out of here. Come on…” Her voice trailed off as the man reached out to her, his fingers brushing her cheek.

    Your eyes flashed between the red-haired woman and the man, his skin a color you had never seen before. His body seemed to phase between solid and translucent. When you looked at the woman again, tracing her features with your eyes, recognition clawed at the back of your mind.

    “Wanda?” You breathed softly, your voice almost nothing but a whisper. She still whipped her head around, narrowing her clear orbs at you, her hand reaching out to protect herself. A red glow spread across her fingers, her brow knitted in anger.

    Just as her expression softened with the same confusion you felt, the sound of more shattering glass echoed through the station. The force dropping to the ground knocked you back. You lay there on the dirty floor, unable to keep your mouth closed as you stared at the two figures that had dropped from the ceiling––creating yet another hole of black against the bright lights.

    Their form was human, but their faces were not. The figure on the left seemed female. Long blue hair framed sharp features that would have been beautiful were it not for the dark mark covering her entire forehead and the horns adorning the top of her head, sprouting from her temples. Her eyes glowed brightly against her grey skin.

    You couldn’t tear your gaze from her until the man beside her twirled his sharp fighting staff in his hands, slowly sleeking forward. If the woman’s features hadn’t scared you, his certainly did. He was as pale as death itself, his face twisted into a mean snarl. A hood hid most of his head, but his long face with scrunched up nose and crow like eyes burning like embers made you swallow hard, leaning back just a little.

    What the hell were these creatures?

    You didn’t have time to think about it for long. With barely a moment to breathe, they advanced on Wanda. She, in turn, pushed herself from the floor, positioning herself between them and the man she had been crouched beside. Her hands glowed with a strange red energy again and you knew whatever Hydra had tried to achieve in that facility in Sokovia over three years ago, they had succeeded.

    They had created living weapons.

    Wanda glanced at you for a short moment. The determination burned bright and hot in her eyes, making you feel a little more confident than you had before. You knew her. You had been friends with her––you had bonded over a shared pain. You had no idea what she was doing here, but at least you knew she wasn’t here for you.

    None of them were.

    They were here for the dark-red man with the bright, yellow gem on his forehead. For some reason, the energy radiating from that glowing stone felt familiar to you. Safe even. Whatever it was, you could feel it possessed great power.

    The foreign, alien looking creatures seemed ready to attack until a subway train thundered past behind you. They both seemed distracted by something on the other side of the track, which gave you time to compose yourself, scrambling to your feet awkwardly. You followed their gaze to the end of the station, the silhouette of a man only barely visible in the shadows shrouding the platform.

    “Look out!” you yelled without thinking as the alien woman switched her stance and threw her spear, emitting a vibrant blue light from the six-pointed tips, toward the man.

    Whether it was because of your warning or because of some insane reflex, he was able to dodge the heavy weapon. He even caught it with his right hand, making the blue haired alien narrow her eyes in surprise. If she worried about it, she didn’t show it, instead turning her attention to you.

    Oh, fudge cake… you thought, reaching for the gun on the back of your pants. You shot at her. Once. Twice. Until the haunting click of the empty ammo pack sounded off the walls and you were left with an even angrier alien cocking her head at you in displeasure.

    “Crap,” you cursed, slowly moving back toward Wanda and her friend. You dared to look over your shoulder to the man on the other side of the station, wondering if he was here to help or simply observe.

    When he stepped into the light, you couldn’t help a little gasp from escaping your lips. His features were familiar–– handsome even if you allowed yourself to think like that––and apart from the beard adorning his chin, he still looked exactly the same as several years ago. Maybe a little worse for wear, but he clearly was no one other than Captain America himself.

    The moments after that almost seemed like a blur. Without any warning a man swooped in from the shadows, flying over your head. Using his momentum he knocked the female alien back, sending her sprawling through a glass window and into an empty café. From the corner of your eyes, you could see a light-haired woman sprint through Waverley Station, heading straight for the male alien that was still advancing on Wanda.

    The swish of small missiles being fired filled your ears before you registered what happened. The man wearing military issued falcon wings fired at the ember-eyed alien while his partner engaged him with two, short fighting sticks. Your eyes followed their movements, knowing they could be none other than Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson––the captain’s team members.

    Steve himself threw the six-pointed spear their way to strike at the ugly, elf-like figure. Whatever he had intented, however, didn’t work out as he had planned. The alien simply dodged while fighting Natasha and Sam, seeming almost pleased with the challenge they posed. The spear hit the wall instead, leaving it completely open to be picked up by the female figure walking from the café.

    She didn’t seem hurt at all, only incredibly angry, looking at you and the captain that had reached your side with murder in her eyes. Wanda behind you still protected the red-skinned man from the fight that took place a few feet away.

    Steve stood protectively before you, keeping his eyes on the female alien as much as you did. His hand rested on your arm, a sense of urgency in his touch as he slowly pushed you back.

    “Run on my mark,” he whispered, his lips set in a thin line, jaw clenched tight.

    “What?” You had barely time to register what he said when he yelled at you to move and he himself ran toward the strange woman with his hands balled into fists.

    In a blink of an eye, he was on the other side of the station, throwing punches left and right each chance he got. Despite his strength, he couldn’t get a clear hit and when his opponent tried to jab him with the pointy side of her spear, all he could do was wrap his hands around the steel, trying to keep her from driving it into his side.

    “What are you still doing here?” He exclaimed, turning his attention to you for a moment. The confusion was set in his eyes, brow dipped in concentration. It was obvious he thought you were a simple bystander––a useless civilian. “Go!”

    The shift of focus proved to be a mistake. The female creature slammed her spear into his ribs with great force, making hij gasp in pain. Knocking him back with a simple kick, she smiled, glancing your way with an ember of victory burning in her light orbs.

    “Steve, no!” Wanda cried out, using her powers to shoot blasts of red energy the alien's way.

    None of them reached target, but did give the captain time to crawl further back, closer to you. His hand was wrapped around his side, a hiss of pain leaving his lips. He didn’t seem to be bleeding, but judging by his expression at least a few ribs were broken. You were still frozen in place, not used to this kind of situations anymore, while he was down on the station floor.

    A shake breath filled your lungs and you could feel an all crippling fear nest inside your chest. With it you shivered, your fingers twitching for you to act––for you to join the fight and unleash what you had been holding back ever since you had started running.

    A cry echoed through the building, the female alien charging at Steve once again as he unsuccessfully tried to get back on his feet. Before she could reach him, you could feel yourself move from your place. The fear in your veins replaced with something different, something stronger.

    You couldn’t let her kill him.

    “Stay back!” the captain yelled at you, breathing heavily as he propped himself up on one knee and fist, clutching his side. His eyes locked with yours, quickly following your gaze toward the horned woman that grinned at him smugly, raising her weapon to strike him down.

    With clenched teeth you moved forward, dropping to the ground and sliding before him like your S.H.I.E.L.D. training told you to. Even after all these years, you still knew what to do. You raised your hand up as the alien slammed the sharp, six-pointed staff down with all her strength.

    “No!” Steve’s voice rang in your ear, his arms reaching out to pull you into his strong, protective hold. He tried to keep you from harm, the muscles in his arms tensing against your waist. The moment you could feel his breath on your neck a bright, yellow light erupted from your hand and a shockwave shook the ground underneath you.

    You felt the power surge through your body, setting every single nerve on fire. The woman attacking you was knocked back against the wall with incredible force. Cracks appeared on the old bricks, dust raining down on the groaning woman. Your chest heaved as you struggled to control your breathing, your hands shaking from the sudden outburst of power.

    The captain’s touch kept you from collapsing right there. The warmth of his body seeped into yours, steadying you. Slowly the trembling stopped.

    “That…” he mumbled, his fingers still curled into the fabric of your jacket, his heart beating fast against your back. “I didn’t expect that.”

    “N–Neither did I…” You stared at your still tingling hand. Hairlines of bright yellow light slowly faded back to smooth skin and you swallowed hard. You had never used your powers in a fight like this. Not with this much effect anyway. You had never dared to.

    Until now.

    “How did you-" The captain started his question, but before he could finish it, the bright-eyed alien charged for you again, her lips curled to the side in a snarl.

    You were still lying on the ground in Steve's arms when she closed the space between you in a few quick strides. Her spear came down for both of your heads, but instead of scared you were simply angry. Reaching out both hands now, you met her mean stare with equal determination, pushing yourself up from the floor fast.

    Your movements seemed to surprise her and Steve both. The moment her spear slammed into you, your fingers curled around it, your entire forearm and hands glowing with that same brightness you had only seen a few times before. You put as much strength in your hold as you could, matching hers even though it was very clear she was much, much stronger than a normal human.

    But you weren’t normal.

    Not in the slightest.

    A grown escaped your lips as she pushed against you, her head now only inches away from you. Her eyes burned with an unearthly power. But you didn’t flinch, you didn’t shiver. You just gritted your teeth, watching Natasha and Sam best the other alien together, stabbing him with his own fighting staff.

    The female alien noticed the tremor in your arms even before you did. Before your knees caved, however, a familiar warmth surrounded you and strong, callused hands closed around yours, helping you gain the upper hand.

    You moved in tandem with Steve, ducking beneath his arms even before he told you to and using your powers to send another shockwave toward the alien. Her grip on the weapon loosened and the captain pried it from her, attacking her with it before she could recover. You, in turn, willed the build-up energy into your arms and legs and made sure that any openings in Steve’s defense were cover with hard and incredibly fast blows or kicks.

    You weren’t even winded when you finally managed to knock her back. The captain tossed you the spear and you pointed it at her face, daring her to make another move. She quickly scrambled to her feet, crouching beside her partner that was still down.

    “Get up!” She told him, keeping her eyes on all of you. It was clear she knew better than to continue the fight. They were severely outnumbered.

    “I can’t…”

    “We don't want to kill you,” Natasha said, nothing kind in her eyes, “but we will.”

    “You’ll never get the chance again.” The horned woman narrowed her eyes at all of you, resting her gaze on you, something like curiosity flickering through her bright orbs. You could only guess what that might mean.

    Before any of you could retort, a blue light emerged from the ceiling, creating what you assumed could only be a tractor beam. They were lifted up from the ground and transported into the darkness of night, taking them from view. It looked kind of like something out of a science fiction movie, but then again, you shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore after everything you had been through––everything you could do.

    You felt a tug on your arm and without any warning, the spear you still had clutched in your hand was pulled from your hold. Everyone stared at it until the light disappeared and you were left with nothing but the silence amongst you and the hammering of your heart in your ears.

    You stood there for another moment until Steve and his two partners turned around toward Wanda. There was nothing left for you but follow them in silence.

    “Can you stand?” Sam asked Wanda’s friend, who grunted as he was pulled to his feet.

    “Thank you, captain,” the man nodded, now leaning heavily against Sam, his arm draped over the soldier’s shoulders.

    A small smile curled Steve’s lips, only shortly acknowledging the gratitude before finally speaking. “Let’s get you on the jet.” They all moved toward the exit of the station, already taking several steps away from you, leaving you in an awkward position.

    You didn’t even know how exactly you had gotten involved in all of this. You had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


    “I guess that’s my cue to go…” you mumbled, stuffing your hands into your pockets, trying to stop yourself from fidgeting with your fingers.

    The captain turned around, his arm clutching his side again where the blue haired alien had really done a number on him. A frown dipped his brow, his eyes scanning your face as if he was trying to find something in the tension in your body. It was Wanda, however, who spoke first.

    “What do you mean? Aren’t you coming with us?”

    You laughed at that, glancing at all of them until you saw the genuine worry on her face. “Oh, you’re serious?”

    “Of course. Right?” She looked at Steve for approval.

    Clear blue eyes bore into your own, reading the fear on your face you tried to hide. A sigh left his lips soon after and he nodded once, jerking his head to the side for you to follow them as they continued their way out of the station. “It’s too dangerous to stay out here alone. We’ll figure out what to do with her once we’re somewhere safe.”

    “Right, and we totally couldn’t use her powers on the team…” Sam added. “Just saying.”

    Natasha seemed the only one truly suspicious of you, looking you down as you all walked toward the jet. “Where’d you learn how to fight like that?” she eventually asked when you and Wanda passed her to step into the small plane.

    You swallowed hard, looking at the blanc expression on her face. If she had already made up her mind about you, you couldn’t read it from her features. You were just about to answer, trying to remember one of your cover stories, when Wanda came to your rescue. Sort of, anyway.

    “That’s not important,” she said, turning to face you. “What happened to you, [Name]? Strucker told me you were dead.”

    Great, now they all knew about the one part of your life you had tried to forget for the past few years. You could feel the captain observing you from the other side of the jet, listening to your answer as much as your old friend was. Weighing your next words carefully, knowing any wrong move amongst them could as easily get you killed as one amongst the Hydra agents, you finally spoke again.

    “It’s… a long story.”


End of the line (Steve x Reader) Part 1
Hello everyone!

Here is another story from me :) It's set in the storyline of Infinity War I so spoilers will be present. Anyway, that being said I will change a few of the details here and there, like the fight between Corvus and Natasha, which wasn't every realistic to begin with considering he's from the Black Order and stuff. So in this story the reader is an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got captured by Hydra. She was sent to the research facility in Sokovia and was then experimented on by our dear Baron von Strucker. Which gave her powers derived from the mind stone. 

Just to make it easier for you, those powers are amongst others creating shockwaves, energy shields, energy blasts and storage and relocating of energy throughout her body to make her stronger and faster. If that makes any sense :)

Anyway, I hope you like it! If you do, please comment, fave and/or watch me :D (Big Grin) Would mean a lot Love

Next chapter:

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Marvel, but I do own the story! So, please don't copy it and pass it off as your own.

And sorry for any mistakes :D (Big Grin)


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