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Using Adobe's Clean font everywhere, thanks to the limited wonder of Adobe Media Player.
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WoW, looks really good! but one question I think is warranted and many people have is;
you show up many nice screenshots of your themes, but never released come?
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hi savoury, is it possible to share with me your greyshellstyleimage? thx ( i love your work!!) ;)
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i've sent you my actual work by email and i'd like to join the LonghornReduxGroup.
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I've been spending AGES! Looking for a method to extract this font. (as you can see, I first commented on this weeks ago!)

I can't see an explination anywhere on google of how to extract a font resource from an swf then, convert it to ttf or even fon.

Is there no way you'd be willing to simply share this font? Or even better, your GDI++ config too (assuming it's a custom config)

Because this is really busting my balls. Please please please


I have a large selection of fonts if you're willing to exchange...
Dang youre good, tried to remake ur shellstyle, failed.
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Ah, maybe u can share that wall too? Seems pretty interesting.
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Really great work, what program do you use for the Dock and skin?
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great shot man!! That font it's looks great. =D lovely firefox icon, where could I get it? thanks in advance.
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Linked below, can't remember the artist, but it's a very pleasant icon:
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thanks :) yeah, I like it because it keeps the way of the original one. Thanks, apprecoated.
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Can you sent me the theme?
Personal use only of course.
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I think savoury, that it would be nice if you publish a theme( for!!), cause you've always somes good ideas!!
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Amazing!! ( how have this firefox mod?)
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OMG its not real.
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Now, now...of course it's real. As is no doubt obvious, it doesn't do anything that hasn't already been seen in lots of other themes before.

Firefox theme is just a Longhorn mod of Spewboy's Strata 4.0 theme, which in turn is based on the 3.7 concepts that Mozilla published recently.

I've just installed Win7 today, so it will be interesting to see the theming differences.

Of course, I'd be more than happy with some assistance in translating this to Win7, but the problem is I have not had time to skin all the elements not shown in the shot (tabs, menus, certain buttons etc.).
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and can i have this mod, please( lh mod for FF)?
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ok, but where can i find this mod for FF, please?? Is it possible to share it or put a link? ;)
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i search with LH buttons, cause i've sunbeam theme and its quasi the same!!
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this is my lh mod [link] but if i can put yours, it would be nice!!
dafmat71's avatar
thx, but i will say with Longhorn buttons!! ;)
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Plz send it to me... maybe I can help you too then with something. Please. Its so gorgeous.
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Finishing the APNGs for the buttons, then will release, provided that I get permission from Spewboy (not intending to change all the settings/dialogue icons and buttons).
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