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Mystiques OTA 1/2 *PEND*

By SavorAvery
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Edit 4/13// I've revamped their palettes a bit in hopes of getting them homes!


What are Mystiques?
Mystiques are digitigrade humanoids with magical abilities gained from the air they breathe. Like humans, Mystiques inhale oxygen to create and, hypothetically, exhale carbon dioxide. However, a magical element in their body splits the carbon dioxide's two oxygen atoms, and then clings to the carbon monoxide molecule to create myst to be exhaled through their vents. For a healthy Mystique, their magic nullifies the toxicity of the carbon monoxide myst. For an unhealthy Mystique, be it physically or mentally, their toxicity levels can rise, becoming a threat to anyone's health who comes within breathing distance of their myst.

These Mystresses have all common traits.

OTA! USD > art > characters

Cookie: CLOSED
Rose: PEND

Please refer to my Terms of Service, as you will have to agree to them before purchase. If your question isn’t answered in my TOS, then please ask!
(I will be making a Mystique-specific TOS and FAQ in the near future.)

Please comment to offer!
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Mystiques are a Closed Species created by SavorAvery. You cannot make your own.
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